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Christof Lehmann – Kerry after Friends of Syria Meeting clarifies, US determined to initiate World War III in Syria

The results of the “Friends of Syria” meeting in Rome and the subsequent statements, are sending both implicit and explicit signals to the international community; all of which imply and aggravation of the illegal aggression, a continuation of the explosion of international law at its very foundations, and ultimately, the signal that the US/NATO, together with its Gulf-Arab allies, Israel, and other, are determined to set the region ablaze as stage no. one of the attempt to wage world war three in manageable stages of low-intensity conflicts.
Even though the Kerry has chosen his words wisely, and even though the Obama administration is doing its utmost to keep up the appearance, that it is not directly waging a war on Syria, the statements of US Secretary of State Kerry are nothing but a thinly veiled declaration of World War III.

The words of Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who said:
“Russia opposes the practice of legalizing the replacement of governments in various countries by foreign intervention”… . “Contradictory processes that are unfolding in the world mean that resolute action is needed on our part”
“We will continue to oppose attempts to legitimize change of regimes under the flag of a ‘responsibility to protect’ and we will continue to advocate solutions to problems by politico-diplomatic methods, with respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and equality of all nations” (ibid
And finally the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who not only stated that the crisis in Syria had reached a critical point. Lavrov stated, that not delivering weapons to the insurgents dows not exempt the USA for responsibility for the insurgents war crimes, as long as the USA fails to assert its influence over its allies, i.e. Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, who would not be able to provide weapons to the insurgents without the active or passive approval from the USA.
These, and many other recent signals from Russian top-diplomats indicate, that Russia has realized, that a critical point had been reached, where failure from the side of the USA to stop the aggression would be identical with an implicit declaration of war on Russia. Kerry’s and Terzi’s satements in Rome are a de-facto declaration of war.

Ännu en mycket insiktsfull och värdefull artikel från Christof Lehmann – The Dynamics of the Crisis in Syria; Conflict versus Conflict-Resolution (6/6)

For the USA and any of its allies, the best possible advise is to listen to the voice of reason and to begin open and frank discussions with Russia, with China, with the BRICS, ASEAN, ALBA, about how to develop a “real” New World Order”.
President Bashar al-Assad, the Optomologist who never wanted to become President of the Syrian Arab Republic and who took the responsibility of the Presidential Office on him after his brother was assassinated, was absolutely right in his evaluation, that an open attack on Syria would ignite a war from Africa to the Pacific Ocean. Syria “is” the key and there is an enormous responsibility resting on the people of Syria to solve “their crisis”, brought upon them or not, peacefully.
In fact the colossal responsibility that rests on the Syrian peoples shoulders can only be compared to the responsibility of the American citizens, who need to take their government back from those who have usurped it. The rest of us are best served with supporting both the Syrian and American people at precisely that.

english.ruvr.ru – Western countries block delivery of Russian weapons to Syria’s legitimate government

Western countries, while arming the Syrian opposition, are trying to block the delivery of Russian military equipment to the legitimate government in Damascus.
This was announced on Friday by the director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin.
”A war has been declared against us. Our transport is arrested. Our ships are lured into ports and subsequently arrested there under various devised pretexts. When the ships are at sea, any insurance is canceled – thus, all attempts to deliver the contracted goods are obstructed” – said the official.

‘US gives ‘wink & nod’ to supplying arms to Syrian Rebels’ – Russia’s UN envoy

‘US fanning flames of civil war in Syria’, Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, an American author and political expert in Madison, Wisconsin

‘US in no position to decide Syria fate’, Ala’a Ibrahim, Freelance journalist from the Syrian Capital city of Damascus and Lawrence Korb, with the Center for American Progress from Washington D.C.som text

Press TV – “Friends of Syria” decision to up aid to militants encourages extremists

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said on Friday that the promises of aid to the Syrian opposition made by the US and other countries in the meeting of the so-called ”Friends of Syria” in Rome will encourage further violence rather than a negotiated solution.
”The decisions taken in Rome…directly encourage extremists towards precisely a violent seizure of power, despite the suffering of ordinary Syrians,” Lukashevich said.

Nile Bowie – Syria: West duplicity at its worst

Western and Persian Gulf states have proven their double standards by enabling radicals elsewhere – lest we forget the presence of Libyan military commander Abdulhakim Belhadj, former leader of the militant Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (officially designated as a terrorist organization by the US State Department), who was sent to Syria to aid the Free Syrian Army on orders of the entity formerly known as the Libyan National Transition Council (NTC). The track record of allied Western and Gulf states shows that they are more interested in enabling terrorism for their own purposes rather than preventing it.

english.al-akhbar.com – Lebanon minister says Syrian rebels posing as refugees

Russia Today – $60 million Syrian opposition aid attempt to ‘make it popular among the civilian population’

The US has for the first time provided direct aid to the rebel fighters in Syria. John Laughland, from the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, believes the move is an attempt to prop up a movement that has failed to take root among the Syrian people.

Ultimately, I do not think that a lack of weapons is their problem. Their problem is their lack of political consistency, the fact that they’ve made them unpopular in Syria itself, and that after all they are not a state, but a rebel group and that they can’t provide living conditions for the people who have come under their power.

Ki-moon Warns against Military Option to Resolve Crisis in Syria

United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned against the repercussions of a military option to resolve the crisis in Syria, saying that such an option will fragment it.
In a press conference in Geneva, Ki-moon said ” I urge all sides in Syria to sit around the dialogue table….the horrors of recent months do not permit any doubt that a military solution will lead to the fragmentation of Syria.”
In a previous press conference, Ki-moon pointed out that he will meet in Switzerland the UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi in the framework of annual meetings between the United Nation Secretary General and the special envoys and representatives who are managing 30 UN peacekeeping or political missions around the world.
He considered that there is a small window of opportunity to move towards a political solution in Syria, referring to the idea of holding a meeting between representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition.

Darayya, a Damascus suburb, has become, over the last several months, a hotbed for many hardline Islamist groups, such as al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra, which turned the town into a launchpad for terror attacks, with huge tunnels dug in the ground to facilitate the smuggling of terrorists and weaponry as well as major buildings and facilities that were utilized as hideouts for snipers.
The battles that have been going on in Darayya have led to the death and fleeing of most terrorists. This video footage from News ANNA (Abkhazian Network News Agency) from Feb 27, 2013 shows – through a camera lens mounted on a Syrian Army tank – what the town has become, a place of desolation and destruction. Not a single building has been left intact. The video shows some Syrian Army soldiers preparing for clashes with remaining terrorists.

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