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Press TV – US military training of militant gangs in Syria ‘underway’

The training mission, “already under way,” represents the “deepest” US intervention to date in the internal Syrian crisis and will accompany “for the first time” direct funding and supply of “nonlethal assistance and equipment” to the armed gangs that are evidently engaged in terror and destruction across the nation in a bid to bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad, a New York Times report says on Thursday.

“Another major goal” of the surging US intervention in Syrian affairs, the report notes, is to “jump-start negotiations” over a “political” transition by sending a message to President Assad that militants gangs on the ground “would ultimately prevail.”

almanar.com.lb – Behind the Scenes: Syrian Opposition to Talk with Gov’t without Preconditions

Well informed sources in the Russian foreign affairs confirmed the information that the Syrian opposition is ready to go into negotiations with the Syrian government without preconditions that President Assad should not be part of the process. The Russian sources say that opposition is displaying a more realistic approach after the recent achievements of the governments on both military and political levels.

Tony Cartalucci – US Policy Vs. Syria Indicative of Exhausted Legitimacy

It was evidently clear, even in 2007, that extremists would play a leading role in any future armed conflict to overthrow the Syrian government, and now, years later, that engineered conflict has been executed verbatim and to horrific consequence – consequences the West not only refuses to take responsibility for, but seeks to further compound with increased aid to the forces of armed sedition it itself created.
Absurdity of Kerry’s Narrative Only Outdone by Proposed Solution
The solution Kerry proposes is to flood Syria with more cash, equipment, training, weapons, and other aid, either directly, or laundered through proxies such as Al Qaeda’s chief financiers and arms providers, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Washington Post’s report states:
The goal of the new money is to counter the increasingly effective network of services provided by militants.
Unfortunately, the so-called ”Syrian Opposition Coalition” handcrafted by the US, and founded in Doha, Qatar, is led by an extremist, Mouaz al-Khatib, who openly embraces Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra front in Syria, credited with some of the most heinous atrocities committed during the 2 year conflict, as well as systematic abuse, oppression, and subjugation in all areas along Syria’s border with NATO-member Turkey it controls.

The exhausted legitimacy of the West, punctuated by unhinged hypocrisy, and rapidly unraveling financial and military might, would seem a perfect opportunity for the United Nations to prove its relevance or legitimacy by condemning the purposeful expansion of an already intolerable proxy war initiated by Western interests. Instead, it remains silent, or worse yet, complicit in the premeditated, documented assault on Syria under the increasingly tenuous guise of ”democracy promotion,” ”revolution,” and ”humanitarian concern.”

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Patrik Paulov – Stoppa vapenleveranserna och börja förhandla!

Ena stunden säger USA att de är att emot skicka vapen till de syriska rebellerna. I nästa stund stoppar USA en FN-resolution som fördömer ett av de värsta terrordåden på länge i Damaskus, och utrikesminister John Kerry lovar förnyat stöd till den väpnade oppositionen.
Ena stunden säger den utlandsstödda Syriska nationella koalitionens (SNC) nyvalde ledare Muaz al-Khatib att den eventuellt skulle kunna tänka sig att förhandla med vissa personer i Syriens regering. I nästa stund utpekas regeringen som ansvarig för all terror i landet…

Ben Schreiner – Washington’s Strategic Policy Shift on Syria: Edging Closer to Direct Military Intervention?

Writing in Foreign Policy, Christopher Chivvis of the RAND Corporation and Edward Joseph, a senior fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, argue that the threat of Western military intervention is what is needed to bring Russia around to supporting the “regime change” line.
“Changing the Russian position means changing Moscow’s calculus on Syria,” Chivvis and Joseph write. “And that means presenting the Kremlin with an alternative that it finds more unpalatable than the status quo: a NATO-backed, Turkey-led military coalition invited by the Arab League to intervene in the Syria conflict.”
And here we have the bankruptcy and hubris of the American foreign policy elite. It’s all rather transparent: capitulate to our demands, or face the brunt of military force. Only war is serious.

english.ruvr.ru – EU agrees to allow some non-lethal aid for Syrian opposition

The European Union said it amended sanctions on Syria on Thursday to permit the supply of armoured vehicles, non-lethal military equipment and technical aid to the Syrian opposition, provided they were intended to protect civilians.

english.ruvr.ru – Extremists attack Damascus University, 3 students wounded

Scott Creighton – Sec. Kerry is Just as Much of a Warmongering Liar as Clinton Was – What’s the Difference Between Them and the Myth of bin Laden?

Recently, John Kerry stated that Syria’s leader, President Assad, “must go”. Cynically, Kerry stated that the people of Syria deserve to live without fear of death or bombings and so he and his UK counterpart were continuing to call for forced regime change in that country. He has also said that we must now openly support the terrorists with arms and munitions in the effort to oust or murder a leader of a sovereign state.
How is that any different than what Bush accused bin Laden of doing? Did the Seals not “execute” bin Laden in Pakistan for his involvement in organizing and funding 9/11? Isn’t that the official story? So how is it that we are training, supporting and now calling to openly arm terrorists using terrorism in Syria and it isn’t the exact same thing bin Laden was accused of doing?
Well, here’s one difference: bin Laden didn’t do it. But we sure are.

sana-syria.com – Terrorists Torture Children in Aleppo to Blame the Army

Terrorists impersonating the Syrian Arab Army committed acts of torture against a number of children at Baraket al-Hajar area in Masaken Hanano neighborhood in Aleppo.
The terrorists filmed the operation to have the footages broadcast by the channels involved in the shedding of the Syrian blood so that to accuse the Army of committing this crime.

sana-syria.com – Al-Jaafari: Syria Needs Real Aid Not Just a Highlight

He lashed out at some Security Council member states that, even after two years now, ”still ignore many of the important data,” noting that the Syrian government has so far sent around 300 letters to the Security Council, some of them include the names of 143 foreign terrorist along with information on their nationalities and the date on which they entered Syria across the border.
He referred to reports published by Reuters and the New York Times on shipments of advanced weapons, including from Croatia, making their way to the terrorist groups in Syria across the border, demanding that the Security Council focus on these facts.
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