23 feb

Christof Lehmann – Lavrov: US Veto of UNSC Resolution to Condemn Damascus Blasts Indicates Double Standards

Foreign Minister Lavrov´s condemnation of the US veto underlines a previous statement, in which he explicitly held the USA accountable for acts of terrorism in Syria, because even if the USA officially proclaims that it no longer will support armed insurgents, it still fails to use the influence it has over its allies, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who do support the armed insurgency.
International lawyers and analysts are warning of a rapid deterioration of international law at its very foundation since the onset of the war on terror in 2001. In a 2012 article by Black, Fetzer, Mezyaev and Lehmann, the authors warn about the gravest possible consequences this explosion of international law at its foundations has for international, national and individual security.
The Russian and Chinese unequivocal condemnation of the terrorist attacks and the US-American veto could however, signal that this abuse of international law and international institutions by the USA and NATO is increasingly met by a more assertive Russian and Chinese opposition.

In this third weekly SHAMSEIN report, the following 9 stories are discussed:
00:10 Jabhat al-Nusra Claims Responsibility for Damascus Bombings after Fabricating Lies about al-Hayat Hospital
03:32 Developments in Syria’s Occupied Golan Heights: 03:40 Israel Preparations for Incursions into the Golan 04:38 Israel Wants to Build Field Hospital to treat FSA 05:45 Oil Drilling Operations in Occupied Golan Heights Approved by Israel 06:08 Syria Shot Down Israeli Drone over Lebanon, close to Golan Heights 07:37 Occupied Golan’s Druze Standing Strongly with Syria, their Homeland
08:25 West Prepares War in Lebanon after Syria, as FSA Vows to Eliminate Hezbollah from Lebanon: 08:34 FSA & Alleged Hezbollah Clashes in Qusayr, on Syrian-Lebanese Border 09:43 FSA Gives Ultimatum to Hezbollah and Vows to Eliminate it 12:10 Salafi Cleric & Lebanon’s Agent Provocateur Wants to Fight against Hezbollah 13:58 UK to Train Lebanese Troops Amid Fears of Syria Spillover
14:14 Update on Syrian Army Cleansing Operations in Syria
16:21 Athletes Targeted by FSA: Football Player Talks about Losing his Colleague
18:11 Jabhat al-Nusra’s Sectarian Slogans: Calls for Killing of Shia Muslims & Demands for Islamic Caliphate
19:30 Syria’s Sunni Grand Mufti on Turkey’s Policies & Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood
22:01 Lebanese Interior Minister Says Turkey Can Secure Release of Lebanese Pilgrims Kidnapped by FSA but Won’t Do it
23:38 FSA… the Grendizer Warriors

Franklin Lamb – Israel instructs Obama: “Iranian and Syrian Sanctions are Not Painful Enough!”

Zionist prospects for Syria aren’t any better at the moment. Tel Aviv’s to intimidate the White House into invading Syria have not worked. Plan A has failed miserably according to the Israeli embassy people attending the Engel-Ros Litinen’s informal conflab. Neither did the “how about we just arm the opposition” plan that originated last year with David H. Petraeus and was supported by Hillary Clinton while being pushed by AIPAC. The goal was to create allies in Syria that the US and Israel could control if Mr. Assad was removed from power. Moreover, the White House believes that there are no good options for Obama. It has vetoed 4 recent Israeli proposals including arming the rebels and is said to believe that Syria is already dangerously awash with “unreliable arms.”
The recent shriveling in Israeli prospects for a dramatic Pentagon intervention in Syria reflect White House war weariness. And also Israel’s predilection to bomb targets itself in Syria, as it did recently to assassinate a senior Iranian officer in the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Hassan Shateri. Contrary to the false story that Israel attacked a missiles convoy, some unassembled equipment was damaged but that was not the primary target according to Fred Hof, a former U.S. State Department official. Gen. Shateri was.

Stephen Lendman – Washington Backs Syrian Anti-Government Terrorism

Press TV – ‘Erdogan policy on Syria grave mistake’

The leader of Turkey’s main opposition party Kemal Kilicdaroglu has described as “grave mistake” the policy of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan toward Syria.

maverabloggen.wordpress.com – Israel vill söka efter olja på Syriens territorium

Från en dansk sida som ger upplysning om propaganda i danska nyhetsmedier. Precis en sådan behöver vi i Sverige. Den här artikeln är några månader gammal och handlar om granatbeskjutningen in i Turkiet som kom från Syrien och dödade ca 5 människor. Mediabevakningen verkar vara mycket lik den i Sverige vilket understryker hur väldresserade och styrda västmedierna är. medieoplysning.dk – Den syrisk-tyrkiske krise og pressens knæfald for krigstrommerne

Alle de vestlige medier, jeg ser episoden beskrevet i, følger imidlertid en bekymrende endimensionel og farvet nyhedsdækning. Så mangelfuld og fordrejet, at det svært at se pressen som andet end en forlænget arm for Vestens og NATO’s ønske om en militær intervention i Syrien, ligesom man ønskede det i Libyen, i Irak, i Afghanistan osv.
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