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english.ruvr.ru – Syrian opposition becomes more inclined to compromises – Lavrov

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that he has a feeling that the settling of the Syrian conflict has moved from a dead point, the Voice of Russia correspondent reports.
He said this after coming back from Brussels, where he met with the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the EU Catherine Ashton.
Mr. Lavov says that representatives of the Syrian opposition, who earlier said that they would start talks with the Syrian government only if President Assad promises to resign, are not putting forward this condition any more.

english.ruvr.ru – Russian humanitarian aid arrives in Syria

Two panes of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations have brought 46 tons of humanitarian aid to the Syrian city of Latakia. The aid contains tents, electric power generators, glassware and food.

english.ruvr.ru – Bashar al-Assad to stay in Syria even if not re-elected in 2014

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that he will not leave Syria in 2014 regardless of whether he stays in politics or not.
Receiving a Jordanian delegation in Damascus on Tuesday, he unveiled his plans to run for re-election after his term expires in 2014.
He confessed that what is happening in his country hurts him immensely.

Does the media paint an accurate picture of the conflict in Syria? – Truthload
The conflict in Syria has been going on for nearly two years and yet perceptions of the conflict vary hugely from country to country. There are those who wholeheartedly support the opposition in their goal of overthrowing the Assad regime. The United States and the United Kingdom both have publicly called for Assad to step down, but the question of what comes next hasn’t been answered. Russian media has been much more sympathetic to the Assad regime. Adding to that uncertainty there have been signs the that factions fighting against the Assad regime are splintered with some suggesting that once Assad goes, anti-Assad forces may continue to fight amongst themselves.
Throughout all of this, there are Western opinions on what is taking place there. How accurate are they? Do we have a simplified understanding of the conflict with the FSA on one side and Assad on the other? How accurate is our understanding and what do the people who have been to Syria think?

Press TV – Russia sends four more warships to Mediterranean Sea near Syria

A flotilla of four Russian warships is heading to the Mediterranean Sea near the Syrian waters, Russian Defense Ministry says.

Press TV – Three civilians killed, 20 injured in car bombing near Damascus

Press TV – Syrian troops drive militants out of more areas

The Syrian Army says it has purged more areas of foreign-backed militants who are fighting against the government in different parts of the country.
Syrian government forces launched attacks against militants in the governorates of Homs and Idlib on Monday and killed a large number of them, the official SANA news agency reported.
In addition, the Syrian armed forces captured many machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and missiles.

Press TV – Obama unlikely to alter his Syria policy with new national security team

The US may reconsider its current policy of not directly arming foreign-backed rebels fighting the Syrian government, though it seems unlikely President Obama’s next national security team will adopt a policy shift.
As developments in Syria continue to move against the long-held American desire for a ‘regime change’ in the only Arab country that has backed Palestinian resistance against the Israeli regime, a senior US official says Washington may reopen “the debate” over supplying weapons to “select members” of anti-Damascus rebels in efforts to “break the impasse” in Syria, The New York Times reports Tuesday.

Press TV – Russian ambassador to Lebanon calls for political solution in Syria

Alexander Zasypkin made the remarks at a meeting with a delegation of Lebanese political and civil society leaders in Beirut on Monday.
He said a political solution is needed to restore stability in the country, adding, ”Foreign sides should halt supporting and financing armed groups that are sabotaging Syria, as a prelude to the start of the internal political process.”

Video 1 min – Syrian Women Joining the National Defence Forces, Syrian women have always been able join the armed forces. But there has recently been a giant influx of women joining the ”National Defence Force” Similar to a reserve army or a peoples militia.

nyhetsbanken.se – Bildt vs. Hague

Storbritannien kämpar med stöd av en handfull EU-allierade för att häva EU:s vapenembargo för att legalisera sina vapensändningar till den syriska interventionsarmén av utländska rebeller som enligt regeringen i Damaskus nu uppgår till 75 000 man..
På EU:s utrikesministermöte idag måndag, krävde den brittiske utrikesministern William Hague ändringar i den befintliga vapenembargot ”så att vi kan erbjuda ett bredare utbud av stöd till den syriska koalitionen.” ”Vi ger dem ett starkt politiskt och diplomatiskt stöd. Vi måste också ge dem stöd i form av utrustning för att hjälpa dem att försöka rädda människors liv”, tillade han. ”Jag tror att det finns ett bredare utbud av utrustning som vi kunde ge dem.”
Men Storbritannien fick inte mycket stöd på mötet.

‘ICC enemy of liberty, Syria war crimes trial will replay Yugoslavia scenario’, Srdja Trifkovic, foreign affairs editor at the Chronicles magazine

Syria News 19.2.2013, Russia keeps the warships in the Mediterranean,
* Assembly debates focus on economic situation
* Army Units Confiscate Two Cars Loaded with Weapons in Homs Countryside
* Russian Airplanes Carrying Humanitarian Aid Arrive in Lattakia Airport
* Iran Condemns Some Countries’ Continued Support to Terrorism in Syria

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