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‘World powers seek dialogue in Syria’, interview with Feroze Mithiborowlasom text

The situation is now beginning to turn around on the ground as well as in the political domain where the calls for a political solution, the calls for a political dialogue are now making sense to the global powers as well as the opposition within Syria…

english.ruvr.ru – Lavrov, Kerry discuss Syria, N Korea

Speaking on the telephone Sunday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart John Kerry looked into ways to stop violence and start up a dialogue in Syria and deal with the defiant behavior by North Korea.

Från – Eretz Zen ChannelIn this second weekly SHAMSEIN report, the following 13 stories are discussed:
00:10 Syrian Army Cleansing Operations Continue
07:25 UK & Netherlands Express ”Concern” about Jihadist Blowback in Europe from Syria’s Fighting
10:10 Disagreement about Number of Casualties in Syrian Conflict
11:45 People of Aleppo Refuse Turkish Products
13:32 Turkish Press Correspondents Show Solidarity with Syria & its People
15:04 Jordanian Delegation Shows Solidarity with Bashar al-Assad
16:22 Syrians Defy Cold Weather of Paris to Show their Support for Syria
17:40 UAE Offered Syria’s Government $30B to Break Ties with Iran
21:36 Briefly Why Israel Supports the Rise of Radical Islamists
23:48 Daraya’s Huge Underground Tunnels Dug by Jabhat al-Nusra
25:20 Jabhat al-Nusra Teaches a Kid to Sing Praise Songs for bin Laden & to Slaughter Alawites
28:50 Brave Syrian Girls Tell why they Decided to Enlist in the National Defense
30:20 Pro-FSA Lebanese Protest Fuel Export to Syria

Shocking Facts Exposed… A Syrian Infiltrator Behind Enemy’s Lines

The following is a rough report by a Syrian young man who made the dangerous visit to Turkey for a month and came back to his city Idleb vowing to defend it against the coming Islamist (not Islamic) Wahhabi Jihadists after discovering the below very disturbing facts which we present un-edited except for a touch up and the indicative images.

Lång intervju med Rysslands utrikesminister Lavrov om Syrien – Interview of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia S.Lavrov for the documentary film on Syria by Hubert Seipel for the German channel ARD, on the air on February 13

Question: The envoy Brakhimi came back just recently from Damascus, what did he tell you about the situation?
Lavrov: Well, he is not optimistic. He says that he is trying to send a message about the need to start working on the basis of Geneva, that he wants to see the regime showing flexibility. The regime does not say ”No”, but basically does not say ”Yes”. The message which the regime gives to Brakhimi, as Brakhimi told me, is ”You first deliver on the opposition, because the opposition does not even want to accept the notion of a dialogue. We, the regime, we are ready for the dialogue with those who are not in favor of outside interference, who are patriotic opposition, who think about their own country and so on and so forth.” Then Brahimi as you might have heard offered to have a meeting between Russians, Americans and himself and we met with Hillary Clinton in Dublin in the margins of the OSCE Ministerial Meeting. It was a brief meeting but the suggestion from Brahimi was for us to try in this format to find some way to implement the Geneva communiqué. No one denies the Geneva communiqué, everyone accepts it but some people say it is subject to interpretation. What kind of interpretation I don’t know. It is a very blunt statement: “stop violence, designate negotiators, compose on the basis of mutual agreement this transitional governing body, prepare for the elections period”.
People who say that this requires interpretation again raise the issue of President Assad must go, Security Council must adopt sanctions against the regime and so on and so forth, which is non-starter. The Geneva paper is absolutely unambiguous and it requires only political will of all those who can influence all Syrian parties in combination. The Action Group assembled in Geneva is the right group of people to tell the people who are fighting the same thing and with the same vigour, and it will work. After that, there were two more meetings between Russian and American diplomats together with Brahimi. We presented this vision but we had an impression that some people believe that in this format the main goal is to persuade Russia to change its position. And when we ask: “What kind of change do you want?” “Well, you must tell Assad that he must go”. We answer that Assad’s fate must be in the hands of the Syrian people. That it is not our tradition, not our manner to engage in the regime change. This is political principle. But apart from this, in purely pragmatic terms, he is not going to listen to anyone. This is a fact which is recognised by all those who have any contacts, direct or indirect, with Damascus. So, therefore, the longer people insist on having his departure as a precondition for any dialogue, the more lives will be lost.
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