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Christof Lehmann – Syria: 132 Tunisian Insurgents Killed in Aleppo, Tunisia developing into Salafist Hot-Bed

On Thursday, 14 February 2013, Tunisian radio and TV sent several reports, stating that as many as 132 Tunisian nationals have been killed in and around Aleppo. The northern Syrian city has, over the last one and a half week, seen fierce fighting, after insurgents succeeded at securing greater parts of the city. Syrian military forces have since been in fierce battles with the insurgents, and succeeded at clearing most of the areas that were taken by the insurgents.

The reports about the massive Tunisian casualties demonstrate, that the influx of insurgents is organized from abroad.

The fact, that the deployment of insurgents is well-organized, has been well-known since the onset of the armed insurgency. During the failed June-July 2012 campaigns to secure Homs as seat for a transitional government, the Libyan LIFG commander, and since the regime change in Libya, Tripoli Military Governor, Abdelhakim Belhadj, commanded some 20.000 insurgents under the banner of the Free Syrian Army.
After the decisive defeat of the Free Syrian Army the influx of Salafist, often Al-Qaeda associated mercenaries to Syria, is predominantly being organized by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The assassinated Syrian journalist Maya Naser documented, that Turkey released convicts, who had been sentenced for terrorism from jail, to fight in Syria.

A classified official Saudi-Arabian document which nsnbc published in 2012, documented, that Saudi Arabia deployed hundreds of convicts from Arab and African countries, whom Saudi Arabian courts had sentenced to death by decapitation. The convicts were given the choice between execution and fighting a “Holy War” in Syria.The deployment constitutes a flagrant breech of the Geneva Conventions, which guaranty the war-time rights of civilian and military prisoners. Forced Use of Prisoners is considered a serious warcrime.

Press TV – 150 killed in clashes over Aleppo international airport

Press TV – Damascus blasts Turkey’s ”destructive” role in Syria unrest

The Syrian government has sent a letter to the United Nations blasting Turkey’s ”destructive” role in the conflict that has ravaged the country for the past 23 months.
In the letter, the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s has accused Ankara of publicly supporting and financing terrorists fighting against the Syrian government and allowing its soil to be used for training and housing anti-Damascus terrorist groups, AFP quoted state media as saying.
”Turkey has turned its territory into camps used to house, train, finance and infiltrate armed terrorist groups, among them the al-Qaeda network and the al-Nusra Front,” said the letter.

Sharmine Narwani – What the Syrian death tolls really tell us – En intressant kommentar under artikeln som kan vara värdefull att ha i minne när massakern i Hama 1982 förs på tal, av Arabi Souri:

Saud Faisal, the Saudi minister of foreign affairs for the past several ‘centuries’, at least, have raised the figure over night to 90,000, as the BBC reported US minister Kerry said that Faisal told him..!
Out of all the agencies and organizations working on the ground, the Saudi ancient minister knew most, he just raised the figure 50% further from 60k to 90k. If this tells you anything, it should tell you that this is a political manipulated game to heap further pressure against the Syrian government, while at the very same time the same prehistoric minister officially states he’ll be increasing weapons to insurgents..!
Have we not noticed how many times just before any international meeting on the Syrian issue how a massacre would occur, get immediately broadcast on all NATO media, don’t ask me how they get the info so fast, and then after several days after the western parties fail in using the massacre in their efforts against the Syrian state, after several days only we discover that some extremists were behind the massacre. Remember Houleh? Taldo? Darayya? among others..
Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest privately owned farm with over 23 million slaves in it, can be the last country on our planet talking about human rights, democracy and transparency. They’re still trying to find out what the amount of money late Sultan, the king’s brother, who died June 16 last year, he left to his heirs, initial estimates put the figure around $272 Billion.. read that right, it’s 270,000,000,000 Dollars, enough to feed the entire planet for the coming couple of decades.
USA can be the second after the Al Saud farm to talk about humanitarian losses especially after killing millions in Iraq and Afghanistan and still doing so unashamedly. Then think who has the upper hand in the UN bodies.
Then think again if a fail opposition would introduce correct figures to the public against the ‘regime’ they’re fighting..
How about the foreign mercenaries killed in Syria by the Syrian Army or in in-between clashes over distribution of stolen materials? Tunisia itself confessed the existence of thousands of Tunisian youth fighting in Syria, how about Libyans? Yemenis released from jail and sent to Syria? Saudis and other Al Qaeda members freed from prison in exchange of fighting in Syria? Don’t depend on the Syrian media, go ahead and check all western media for these fighters. Those killed of them, are they included in the count? I don’t recall hearing or reading any news station mentioning them at all.
Foreign Policy published a report declassified by the US DIA after 30 years counting the infamous Hama city casualties, we heard the western media over 3 decades talking about figures from 13,000 to 40,000 civilians killed by the Syrian regime then, well guess what? After 30 years the US own agencies tell the truth: 2,000 out of which were 400 terrorists, and including government officials and their families, Syrian Army men fallen and security officers in that figure, and the stupid part is the west use of Hama massacre to remind the Syrian state of ‘previous crimes’ while the 2 main contributors to the Hama story are Rifat Assad & Abdul Halim Khaddam, the first was the Army commander in charge and now living in Spain, the second was the one to write the report to the UNSC then explaining what happened in his position as the minister of foreign affairs, he’s now living in Paris, the stupider part is both these men are now financing and supporting the ‘revolution’ against Bashar Assad because of a crime they committed, and both are polished by the western mainstream media, while Bashar was only a school kid that time..!
Read FP report and don’t claim you’re shocked, especially you’ve been a Sheeple for the past several decades: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/files/fp_uploaded_documents/DIA-Syria-MuslimBrotherhoodPressureIntensifies.pdf

Kommentar på svenska av Narwanis artikel – nyhetsbanken.se – Falska dödssiffror förvärrar konflikter

Russia’s Lavrov may meet US State Secretary Kerry in March

John Kerry Has No Plans to Visit Syria – US State Dept.

slut på uppdateringen ________________

Från facebook

Media sources: the American foreign minister John Kerry will visit Damascus on the next week to meet with President Assad

nyhetsbanken.se – Obama släpper kravet på Assads avgång

Förhoppningar om att seriösa förhandlingar om Syrien ska komma igång växer.
Konflikten i Syrien har pågått sedan mars 2011, och har krävt nästan 70 000 människoliv, enligt FN: s beräkningar.
Samtidigt kommer rapporter från Washington om att utrikesminister John Kerry ska ägna sin första utrikesresa åt Syrien. I ett tal i tisdags talade Obama om att ”hålla uppe trycket på Assad” men nämnde inte något krav på hans avgång.

Press TV – Iranian FM discusses Syria with Turkish, Egyptian counterparts

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has exchanged views with his Egyptian and Turkish counterparts on the latest developments in the region.
Salehi held separate telephone conversations with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amron and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday.
The major topic of the telephone conversations was the issue of the crisis in Syria, which began nearly two years ago. Many people, including large numbers of Syrian security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.
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