12 feb

‘US-backed militants fail to achieve any victory across Syria’, interview with Ala’a Ebrahim, a freelance journalist and analyst from Damascus

Press TV – Militants systematically destroying Syria’s infrastructure: Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says foreign-backed militants fighting against the government are systematically destroying the country’s infrastructure.
The Syrian president made the remarks at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday following the oath-taking ceremony of the new government.
He also called for ”collective action” by the state and Syrian citizens to limit the negative effects of the country’s crisis.
Since the beginning of unrest in Syria, militants have attacked and damaged many industrial and public infrastructures, including facilities providing electricity which have caused power cuts.
Repeated terrorist attacks on oil and gas pipelines have also resulted in fuel shortage in Syria.

Nizar Abboud – Russians Glimpse Light in Syrian Darkness

The Americans have come round to the view that events in Syria could trigger a never-ending conflict with no winner. If this is the case, the US could sustain unimaginable losses given its many assets in the region, from energy sources to military bases.
For that reason, according to a senior Russian official who spoke to Al-Akhbar, Washington’s reaction to Syrian opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib’s call for dialogue differed from many of its regional allies who are still banking on toppling the regime.

The Russian official did not think a summit meeting between the US and Russian presidents could help resolve the crisis in Syria, remarking that “the conflicting parties are not under the control of Moscow or Washington.”
Nor did he agree that the civil war was merely the outcome of the regime’s crackdown on peaceful protests. “In the beginning there were peaceful demonstrations, but there were also elements that used them as cover for sabotage. They carried out armed attacks on government buildings,” he said. “At that stage we put pressure on the government and urged it to hold a dialogue with the opposition and change the constitution. They did that, but [it wasn’t] enough to address the opposition’s fears…Subsequently, the peaceful protest movement retreated and the gunmen came to the forefront.”
The fact that many of the gunmen in Syria are non-Syrian is proof of regional and foreign involvement in the conflict, the official said.

West misuses Syria displacement crisis: James Jatras

english.ruvr.ru – Russia and Algeria call for political, diplomatic settlement in Mali, Syria

Russia and Algeria have confirmed adherence to political and diplomatic methods of resolving the conflicts raging in Mali and Syria.
This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the heels of a meeting with Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika.

alalam.ir – Al Alam airs exclusive images of Syrian army ops

Syrian army has cleared the mountainous regions in the countryside of “Latakia” province, near the Turkish border, of armed terror groups…

“Hossein Morteza”, Al Alam News Channel’s correspondent in Syria who accompanied army forces in this operation, emphasized in a report on Thursday that “in this operation, Syrian army cut the communication routes of armed groups, and now it is advancing to clear the other regions”.

thedailybeast.com – Did the CIA Betray Syria’s Rebels?

In mid-August, a well-connected Syrian activist drove to the border city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey to meet two officers from the CIA. The officers had set up shop in a conference room at a luxury hotel, where representatives from a handful of opposition groups lounged in the lobby, waiting for their turn at an audience.
The activist, who had been a journalist before the conflict, came with three colleagues from Aleppo, the Syrian commercial capital that had recently turned into the main theater of the war. Inside the room, two casually dressed Americans were rolling up maps from the previous meeting. The Americans introduced themselves as CIA officers and said they were there to help with the overthrow of Syria’s authoritarian president, Bashar al-Assad.
The activist declined to be named for this article, because he didn’t want to be connected publicly to U.S. intelligence…

Tycker mig ha sett den här intervjun tidigare, men den är värd att se igen – en kortare version finns här – Almayadeen TV interview with Aisling Bryne

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