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Christof Lehmann – Russia’s Top Diplomats signal increased assertiveness regarding Syria, Africa and NATO

The Russian Interfax news agency today quoted the Russian ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko, who said,
Someone here in Brussels made a most profound point by saying that if you are holding a hammer, you should not think that every emerging problem is a nail. We think the world has ample opportunity to engage in energy cooperation and to ensure energy security without making use of military-political organizations as an instrument”.
The statements of Vitaly Churkin and Alexander Grushko could indicate that Russia has begun to address the core issues to the Syria crisis more overtly, more directly, and with more assertiveness.

Analysts, including the scribe, have previously warned, that a resolution of the Syria crisis would not be possible without addressing some of the core issues which have led Qatar and the USA to manufacture the “Arab Spring” in Syria since 2007, that is, the fact that a completion of the PARS gas pipeline project from Iran, via Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean would have a significant impact on a cohort of sensitive issues, the primary ones being;
The PARS field is the worlds largest known gas reserve and shared between Qatar and Iran; A completion of the pipeline, which is completed to the outskirts of Damascus, would boost the total amount of gas delivered to the EU over the coming 100 – 120 years to 40 % – 50 %; this would give Iran considerable leverage over EU policies regarding issues such as Palestine;
Loss of US dominance over the primary energy source for the coming 100 years would severely weaken the US-Dollar, a problem that would be aggravated by the further integration of the EU-Russian economies and energy sectors.
The desperation of Qatar and the USA are, among other demonstrated by the fact that Qatar, in 2007, has send 10 billion USD to the Freedom and Justice Party of Turkish P.M. R. Tayyip Erdogan. The money was earmarked for preparing the subversion of Syria. 10 billion USD is what the construction of the entire Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline costs. One could say that the signal Qatar sent in 2007 was that the pipeline must be stopped at any cost.

Intervju med Rysslands FN-ambassadör Vitaly Churkin

Christof Lehmann – Russia’s UN Ambassador Churkin; US not exempt from Responsibility after Declaration of Non-Involvement in Arming Syrian Insurgency

The US-announcement not to arm the opposition in Syria does not absolve the USA from its full responsibility for what is taking place in Syria or the practices of the opposition, said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN in an interview with Russia Today. Churkin’s statement is following up on a series of statements by Russian top diplomats that indicate a new Russian assertiveness. Russia has drawn a line in the sand of Syria.
Russia’s UN ambassador continued by emphasizing the great influence which the USA exercises over countries like Qatar, which is the main source for support and for providing weapons. He continued by stating, that if Washington had adopted a strict policy in this regard, it could be able to influence these countries.

videon som text – Foreign-backed militancy losing momentum across Syria: Dr. Webster Tarpley

This is the first weekly report from Eretz Zen Channel. The report is referred to as SHAMSEIN (Secular Home of Alternative Media from Syria – Exclusive & Independent News) or ‘Two Suns’ in Arabic.
This week’s stories are:
00:10 Victories of the Syrian Army in Key Towns Across Syria… Liberation of: Aqraba, Busra al-Harir, Daraya Key Areas, Hayaleen, Soueida, Jarniya, Budairij, Teebat al-Imam
10:55 US Admits Weapons Support to Terrorists in Syria & Now Favors Political Solution
13:41 The Quweiq River Tragedy & the Usual MSM Lies
16:21 Christians of Saidnaya, Syria Stand Strongly with Syrian Govt Against FSA
18:39 Women Fighting on Both Sides of the Conflict in Syria
22:46 FSA Terrorists Fail to Infiltrate Damascus
25:33 Tour of Several Syrian Army Checkpoints
27:42 FSA and Syria’s Lost Childhood
34:22 Islamists Killed Chokri Belaïd: Secular Leader who Spoke the Truth about Syria
38:48 Belgian MP Laurent Louis Exposes Western Goals in Mali & Syria
41:06 Abu Hafs, the Sword-Waving Jihadist, Makes an Appearance in an Aleppo Mosque
42:20 FSA Terrorists Shoot at a Passenger Airplane… AGAIN!
43:53 FSA Terrorists Beat Women in Deraa, Syria

The newly appointed Syrian cabinet ministers will continue President Bashar al-Assad’s policies to win the war that has been imposed on Syria.., interview with Alaa Ibrahim, a journalist and political commentator from Damascus

nyhetsbanken.se – Moskva väntar på syriska fredssamtal

Under den syriska krisen har redan över 20 delegationer som företräder både Damaskus och oppositionen besökt Moskva. Förutom Ryssland arbetar Kina på samma spår medan övriga permanenta medlemmar i FN:s säkerhetsråd, liksom många arabiska och europeiska länder har valt att ignorera Damaskus.
Detta är kanske en av de viktigaste anledningarna till att det ännu inte blivit möjligt att få alla parter i konflikten att sätta sig vid förhandlingsbordet, säger ”Rysslands röst”.
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