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Press TV – Syrian President Assad appoints seven new ministers

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has appointed seven ministers in his cabinet and issued a Legislative Decree that establishes two new Ministries.

Syria Tribune Editor discussing the latest Syrian updates on RT:
Clashes between rebels, common goals, fragmented Syrian opposition, and supporting the people not the regime.

Aurobinda Mahapatra – OIC Summit at Cairo and the Syrian Crisis

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit at Cairo indicates that the 57-member Islamic body has endeavored to evolve a dialogue format to resolve the crisis in Syria. Despite differences among members on sectarian lines, the summit, held on 6th and 7th of February 2013, posed a common front in urging the Syrian government and opposition to engage in ‘serious dialogue’ for the resolution of the conflict.

The OIC has sent a clear message that the conflict in Syria can not continue for long. Now the question arises: how to deal with this conflict, which has been made complicated with passing months. The OIC may play an active role to distance the conflict from any ethnic or sectarian tangle, and mediate between the conflicting parties as an honest broker for peace, stability and development in the Arab world.

english.ruvr.ru – Russia presses for a negotiated solution to the Syrian conflict

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem and the opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib will soon be coming to Moscow for talks with the Russian leadership. An announcement to this effect by Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov came shortly after Damascus rejected the opposition’s terms for much-needed peace talks.
Russia is making a strong effort to persuade the Syrians to end the bloodshed, prevent the destruction of their country and put their heads together to find a mutually-acceptable solution to the conflict.
This week’s attempts by Russia and China to bring the conflicting sides to the negotiation table fell through after al-Khatib told Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Munich that the opposition would not walk back on its key demand for President Assad to step down before the peace talks can actually start.

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian authorities ready for dialogue with opposition without preconditions – Minister

The Syrian government is open for dialogue with the opposition, but without any preconditions. This was announced on Friday by the country’s Minister of Information Adnan Mahmoud.
”The door is open; we welcome any Syrians who want to talk with us. However, if someone tells me: “either we discuss the issue, or I’ll kill you, ”this is not a dialogue,” said the Minister, appearing on national television.

Från facebook

WASHINGTON, (SANA)_US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Washington is considering diplomatic steps to take to deal with the situation in Syria.
In his first press statement since assuming his office, AFP quoted Kerry as saying ”We are making an assessment of the situation to decide on what steps to take, diplomatic particularly, to reduce violence and deal with the situation there.”
”There is too much killing and too much violence, and we want to find a way forward,” Kerry said, adding ”It is a very complicated and very dangerous situation .”
Commenting on the news about splits within the US administration on Syria, Kerry said ”I’m not aware what happened during talks at the White House and who said what…We have a new government now and a second term for President Obama…I’m the new Secretary of State and we will go from here.”

Franklin Lamb – US officials confess to targeting Iran’s civilian population

In reality, the sanctions target the civilian population and the “Iranian regime” won’t be much affected. The same applies to Syria. Despite the public relations language that “food and medicine are exempted form the brutal US-led sancitons, as OFAC well knows, the reality is something else. They know well the chilling effects of the sanctions on international suppliers of medicines and food stuffs with respect to a targeted country. The US Treasury department has thousands of gigabytes of data confirming that the boards of directors of international business do not, and will not allow their companies to risk millions of dollars in profits by technically violating any of the thousands of details in the sanctions — many of which are subject to interpretation — for the sake of doing business with Iran or Syria. This is why there are severe shortages of medicines and certain foodstuffs in these sanctioned countries and to state otherwise is Orwellian News-Speak.

If ”terrorism” means, as the United States government defines it as the targeting of civilians in order to induce political change from their government, what is it called when the American government itself applies intense economic suffering on a civilian population, causing malnutrition, illnesses, starvation and death in order to induce regime change?
The US-led sanctions against Iran and Syria are illegal, inhumane, ineffective, immoral and outrageous. They must be resisted every day by every person of good will, everywhere, until they are withdrawn.

‘Syrian militants train child soldiers’

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