8 feb

USA/Nato/väst försöker nu i sitt info-blad måla upp en uppsminkad bild av Syrien-läget, nästan som att ”rebellerna” skulle ha lyckats ta över landet, inför den väntade överenskommelsen mellan USA och Ryssland som ska få ett slut på striderna. För även om (om) den bild Syrian Perspective ger är överdriven på andra hållet så är det nog ingen tvekan om att de väpnade gängen har det allt motigare.

Även Syrian Observatory for Human Rights tycks ha förändrats, den här notisen anklagar väl ingen annan än de väpnade grupperna – english.ruvr.ru – Syria factory bombing kills 50 – watchdog

More than 50 workers at a military factory in central Syria were killed in a bombing earlier this week, an opposition watchdog which monitors violence in Syria said on Friday.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 54 people died in Wednesday’s explosion which struck their bus as they were preparing to return home at the end of their shift, and the number could rise further.

Syrians back Assad’s government despite shortages: Randy Short, interview with Randy Short, a member of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization – se videon under citatet

Press TV: When we hear about Syria, we always hear about continuing violence. We always hear about the government retaking areas. How do you assess where the Syrian crisis has reached at this point?
Short: I have to say to you if the government is still in control, it is still in control… in spite of all the forces who raid against them, in spite of neighboring countries supporting this. They have managed for close to two years to not lose control.
The people have not risen up in spite of the services being cut, food production being down, infrastructure like hospitals and schools being destroyed and yet there has not been a move by the masses of people to oppose the government that says that the government – although it is besieged – it is still strong.

Press TV: Right, I wanted to actually talk to you about those proposed talks as well. What do you feel are the chances of success of such talks?
Short: You know, one sign that they might have a chance of succeeding is that President Obama, a very interesting personality in and of himself, has refused to put, supply certain amounts of arms to the opposition. So perhaps Washington is getting tired of constantly sending more and more resources and yet they have not won.
So there may be a warming here in Washington to talks because they have not been able to defeat the Syrian military or the Syrian people that support President Assad in battle. They have continued to hold the people off.

Press TV – No truth to reports of Israel targeting convoy, Syrian envoy says

The Syrian ambassador to the UN says there is ‘no truth’ to the reports that the recent Israeli attack on a research center near Damascus targeted a convoy heading to Lebanon.
“Syria emphasizes that there is no truth to the media reports asserting that the Israeli aircraft had targeted a convoy that was heading from Syria to Lebanon,” Bashar al-Ja’afari stated in letters to the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council and the UN secretary general. The letters were circulated on Thursday.

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Eight Terrorists of Foreign nationalities have been captured by Special Armed Forces in Homs, including 6 from Saudi Arabia, one from Libya and one from Egypt, with known Terrorist ”Yasser Al-Sabah Adnan” among the arrested…
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