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Syriska armén hade lagt beslag på avancerad israelisk utrustning som användes av de väpnade gängen, några dagar innan den israeliska attacken. Materialet förvarades på det forskningscenter som bombades, och väpnade gäng hade tidigare gjort försök att attackera centret men hade slagits tillbaka. Detta enligt voltairenet.orgFSA and Israel attack Syrian research center

An unofficial Syrian source told Voltaire Network that a few days earlier the Syrian Arab Army had seized some sophisticated Israeli material used by the Contras, which it stored in the research center where it was to be taken apart and analyzed.
This is probably the material that the Israelis intended to destroy before being taken to Russia or Iran. The Center was first attacked by ground commandos of the Free Syrian Army who were pushed back. Then, the Israeli Air Force intervened directly to carry out the work that the Contras were unable to achieve.
Israeli planes flew in very low from Lebanon. They soared from behind Mount Hermon and penetrated Syrian airspace only very briefly.

Foreign-backed death squads facing collapse in Syria: Dr. Webster Tarpley

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian opposition in turnaround on dialogue?

The Syrian opposition indicates readiness to drop its intransigence and enter into a dialogue with the regime.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke about this to reporters in Munich Saturday after emerging from a meeting with the leader of the National Opposition Coalition of Syria Muaz al-Khatib. He admitted, however, that the coalition is so disparate that it will have difficulties putting together a single negotiating team.
The Russian Minister said he had offered regular contacts to Mr Khatib.

english.ruvr.ru – Syria’s chemical stockpiles ‘under control’ – Lavrov

Russia is in close contact with the US over the issue of chemical weapons in Syrian hands. It is 100% confident that the Syrian regime has not lost control of its chemical weapons stockpiles.

nyhetsbanken.se – Israels attack mot Syrien

I onsdags angrep israeliskt flyg ett militärt forskningscentrum i Damaskus, samtidigt som regimen inlett en stor operation för att utplåna rebellerna i stadens förstäder.
Även om det inte finns skuggan till avtal mellan Israel och den väpnade oppositionen gör Israels attack tydligt att de alltmer terroristiska rebellerna framför allt spelar Israel i händerna genom att försvaga den huvudkraft som står emot Israel i regionen.

english.al-akhbar.com – US gave Syrian rebels $50 m in non-lethal assistance: Biden

The US has provided ”more than $50 million in non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition and are working alongside our partners to help them become more inclusive and cohesive,” US Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday.

sana-syria.com – Tunisian Terrorist Participated in Massacre in Aleppo, Tunisian Newspapers Says

A Tunisian newspaper revealed that a Tunisian terrorist from Jabhat al-Nusra group was responsible for the killing of scores of Syrian civilians from Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood in Aleppo.
In its issue on Thursday, al-Tunisiya newspaper quoted source as saying that a Tunisian terrorist nicknamed Hafs Abu Islam, who is a member of Jabhat al-Nusra, participated in a massacre against scores of Syrian civilians who were shot dead and thrown in Queiq River in Bustan al-Qasr in Aleppo.
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