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Christof Lehmann – Israel attacked Syrian Research Facility, killing Two, Injuring Three. Syria may have “surprise” in Store. Attack has been widely condemned

Analysts, including the scribe, evaluate the Israeli attack as an attempt to provoke a response from Hezbollah or Syria which could be used as a pretext for widening the conflict and a military aggression against Syria or southern Lebanon.
Recent developments indicate that the attempts to subvert Syria by means of mercenaries and terrorism are failing. A military “intervention” based on a Security Council resolution has so far been prevented by Russia and China. Meanwhile, the Syrian national reconciliation and reform process is picking up momentum.
Israel´s early dawn attack may be a last and desperate attempt to create the facts on the ground that force stakeholders into an open war.

Michel Chossudovsky – Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: “Break Syria into Pieces”

Israel is now actively involved in the war on Syria, following the Israeli bombing raid of a Syrian research center on January 30, 2013.
The following article published last June focuses on the covert role of Israel in fostering sectarian divisions within Syria as well as supporting “jihadist: terrorist formations within Syria, in liaison with the US, NATO and the Gulf States.

Press TV – Syria says UN Security Council must condemn Israeli airstrike

The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter to the rotating presidency of the Council in regards with the airstrike, Syria’s state news agency SANA reported on Thursday.
According to the report, Damascus urged the Council to issue a “clear condemnation of the flagrant Israeli attack on the territories of a sovereign state and the Israeli violation of the UN Charter, the international law, the Disengagement of Forces Agreement in 1974 and the relevant UNSC resolutions.”

english.ruvr.ru – Israel preemptively strikes Syria, why can’t Syria do the same? – interview

Voice of Russia regulars Rick Rozoff and Alon Ben-Meir, NATO and Middle East experts respectively, both gave their views on the air-strike by Israel on the sovereign territory of Syria near the capitol Damascus. Their views on the matter are almost diametrically opposed with both giving solid arguments

Press TV – Israeli airstrike failed to drag Syria into war: Ridwan Rizk

An analyst says the recent airstrike carried out in Syria by the Israeli regime has failed in its purpose of trying to provoke Damascus to retaliate and thus reveal secret military information.

Press TV – Kian Mokhtari – Raid on Syria raises serious questions

‘Israel will emerge as loser of Syria war’, Franklin Lamb , an international lawyer with Americans Concerned for Peace, Mr. Bashar Mohammad, journalist, writer and activist from London, and Mr. Nabil Mikhail, professor at George Washington University, Washington

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