19 jan

Läs vad jag skrev i början av inlägget 17 jan, om den massaker som västmedierna gick ut med stora rubriker om. Titta sen på den här videon och lyssna på vad de som bor i området har att säga om vad som inträffade!

World must condemn terrorist attacks in Syria: Kamel Waznevideo

Wazne: I think the international community [has] been absent for all the crimes that is taking place in Syria. Actually [it] has been helping those criminals committing these acts of terrorism against innocent people especially against the students at the University of Aleppo and I think the United Nations and the Western world and some Arab countries [have been] aiding the terrorists by weapons and by governing the crimes that is taking place in Syria.
I think what we saw, what we witnessed is a crime that the world has to condemn and everybody knows who is behind the bombing and the money that is coming into Syria to keep this fighting going on.
I think it is time for the United States, for Ban Ki-moon and for the Western world and for those Persian Gulf countries especially Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey to know that the level of death has reached a level that exceeded everything that we can imagine and it is time to dry the money and the weapon to these people who are committing these acts of terrorism against innocent people.

Det är dags att vara tydligare i fördömandet av de västmakter, och Gulfstater, som beväpnar, stöder och organiserar de barbariska väpnade gäng som spridit ohyggligt lidande i Syrien länge nog nu! Alla vet att dessa länder ligger bakom, det duger inte att hymla om det längre.

english.ruvr.ru – Dragging Syria to ICC ‘counterproductive’ – Damascus, Moscow

Damascus has joined Moscow in describing the Swiss-led attempt by 55 countries to take Syria to the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes as counterproductive and smacking of double standards at work.
In a statement issued by the Syrian Foreign Ministry Saturday, it condemned the initiative as an attempt to whitewash terrorists and question Syria’s right to protect its citizens.

UNSC briefed on grim situation in Syria,
”I have urged the Security Council to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court for investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity on the part of all parties engaged in this conflict,” Pillay told reporters after the UNSC meeting.

Webster Tarpley – N Syria learns to hate FSA occupation, NATO errs to add new front

When the history of the NATO destabilization in Syria finally comes to be compiled, this past week may be regarded as the turning of the tide against the foreign death squads and in favor of the Assad government. On the one hand, official Washington – the principal sponsor of the foreign fighters – has been deeply shaken by reports coming from circles close to the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) which depict a rising wave of hatred in northern Syria against the catastrophic misrule experienced under the death squad occupation there. Ordinary Syrians of all backgrounds are increasingly disgusted by the corruption, incompetence, and oppression of the FSA regime. The rebel chaos is contributing to a significant increase in the popularity of Assad and his regime, which had guaranteed stability and freedom from the worst privations for decades.

Bashar al-Assad defies the odds, Since the eruption of the unrest in Syria almost two years ago and the predictions of Assad’s downfall have begun. Many gave ultimatums of two months or three months or the beginning of the year, but Assad appears to have defied all these odds and now is perceived as being even in a stronger position as many saw through his last speech. Until now there has been no repetition of the Egyptian, Tunisian or Libyan models. What factors have kept Assad in power?
Danny Makki (Makki’s del som text), cofounder of the Syrian Youth in Britain, Franklin Lamb, international lawyer and Osman Bakach, from Hizb Attahrir

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