13 jan

Press TV – Russian FM says Assad removal ‘impossible’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s removal from power is not part of past international agreements and is “impossible” to implement.
”This is a precondition that is not contained in the Geneva Declaration (agreed by world powers in June 2012) and which is impossible to implement because it does not depend on anyone,” Lavrov said on Sunday.
The Russian foreign minister also referred to the plan proposed by Bashar al-Assad to resolve the country’s crisis on January 6, 2013, saying that the initiative forwarded by Assad “will probably not look serious to some,” but they “are offers.”
“If I were in the opposition’s place, I would present my counter-ideas about establishing dialogue,” Lavrov added.

Russia will not cave into US over Syria: Dr. Webster Tarpleysom text

english.ruvr.ru – Arab League’s Secretary General for sending peacekeepers to Syria

The Arab League’s Secretary General Nabil El-Arabi says that the world community should be ready for a peacekeeping contingent to be sent to Syria.
Mr. El-Arabi said this at a meeting of the Arab League’s Council of Foreign Ministries, which is currently under way in Cairo.
The meeting was convoked on a demand from Lebanon, because every day, hundreds of Syrians flee to the neighboring Lebanon to escape the civil war in their country.

english.ruvr.ru – Damascus’s suburbs now controlled by government

In Syria, the government’s forces have taken all the suburbs of Damascus under their control.
The Syrian government attaches special importance to the fact that Daraya, a town not far from Damascus, is now under the government’s control.
The main forces of the Syrian opposition had been concentrated in Daraya. From there, the opposition had planned to attack Damascus.
It took the Syrian army several weeks of fierce fighting to repel the rebels from Daraya.

Intervju med Vyacheslav Matuzov som förekom i en video i förra inlägget – english.ruvr.ru – Ceasefire in Syria is necessary – expert

Well, the peace plan suggested by President Assad to world community, to Lakhdar Brahimi, to the US, to the Russian Federation is absolutely clear. And the most important point is the end of supplying weapons to Syrian nongovernmental structures because the main sources of the current disturbances in Syria is transit of a huge quantity of different kinds of weaponry to Syria through the Turkish territory. To stop fire it is necessary to begin with stopping the supply of materials that provide firing.

I think there is a lack of cunstructivity in the Western position dictating the behavior to oppositional leaders in Syria and in the surrounding countries. My opinion is that without a decision made by the US representative and Russian Federation in presence of Lakhdar Brahimi we cannot coordinate efforts to achieve the stated goals of peaceful solution of the Syrian crisis. Till now we are not certain about American approach. We face now changes in American administration. It is the period of changing of old administration of Barack Obama to a new administration.
Maybe there will be found out new political figures on the American political scene, like John Carry who is intended to replace Hilary Clinton. We can have the same change with the Minister of Defense, with Minister of Finance of the US – the key figures in the American Government. And I think that it is now up to now to await that any decisions could be made on the transitional period in the American administration. It is very pity to say but American internal policy protects us from progress and achieving some political goals in the ME, in Syria.

Franklin Lamb – A Cri de Cœur from a student at Damascus University, “Mr. Obama, Tear Down These Sanctions!”

Today in Syria, from the streets and cafes to the Universities, a main subject of discussion and one that is nearly universally judged immoral and illegal are the US-led sanctions that in effect, are targeting the civilian population.
Partly as result of these brutal sanctions, today four million people in this country need of some type of humanitarian aid and as of today, there are 637,958 registered refugees inside Syria who are in need of emergency help, a 57,000 person increase from last year at this time.

As a result of the sanctions, food prices have soared beyond the means of much of the Syrian civilian population. Too many of the young, old, infirm, and impoverished are dying monthly, according to Nizar, an English literature major, as a direct and foreseeable consequence of these sanctions.

Nizar takes another view. “If terrorism is the killing of innocent civilians for political goals, then your government, the world’s claimed expert on terrorism is very guilty of massive terrorism and doesn’t need to lecture anyone on this subject because this is exactly what they are doing with their sanctions in my country.”

Syrian students follow local and regional events closely and a common view is that from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and even some on capitol hill in Washington, are coming multiple signals that all are in consultation via their intelligence services with Syria’s government in order to reach a solution because they finally concede that, despite funding and aiding the rebel panoply with guns, money and training, these countries, including Egypt, that the regime will survive and that the al Nusra type salafists would not be satiated by the fall of Syria but would quickly turn on Doha, Riyad, Amman, the UAE and other countries in the region.

Press TV – US, France plan attacks on Syria airports: Report

The US and France are reportedly behind the attacks carried out by foreign-backed militants on military airbases and civilian airports in Syria.
Citing a fugitive Syrian army officer, Palestinian Arabic website al-Manar said that attacks on airports had been planned by France and that the raids on airbases and air defense command posts are being carried out by militants under direct supervision of American military officers.
The officer went on to say on condition of anonymity that the American officers are training the militants in Turkey and Jordan to carry out such attacks.

Assad enjoys support of millions across Syria: Mimi al-Laham

english.farsnews.com – German Journalist: West-led Armed Opposition in Syria will Fail

German journalist and magazine editor Manuel Ochsenreiter believes that the Western powers along with the regional countries are backing and financing terrorists and insurgents in Syria, because each of them have certain interests linked to the disintegration of the Syrian government and the removal from power of President Bashar Assad.

A: These are not just rumors. Groups related to Al-Qaeda have admitted to fighting together with the FSA a “Jihad” against the Syrian government; what means in reality to kidnap and kill civilians, security forces and religious authorities and to place bombs in civilian areas.
These groups like Al-Qaeda, but also other armed militias that have infiltrated Syria during the course of the past year now fight the proxy war of the big powers. For Ankara, Riyadh, Washington or Doha it is much more convenient and also cheaper to use (or abuse) those insurgents instead of having a conventional war against Damascus. You have always a supply of men and arms. You just have to pay and to give support by means of intelligence, logistics and training. These groups like al-Qaeda themselves follow completely different ideological agendas. Maybe they even oppose their financers. For example, for the authorities of al-Qaeda, the West is the “useful idiot” by making them strong; while the Western officials similarly think that the al-Qaeda fighters are the “useful idiots.” What comes out at the end is what we have witnessed in countries like Afghanistan, where the West supported radical Sunni militias against the Soviet occupation.

reuters.com – Insight: Foreign fighters seek Islamic state in post-Assad Syria

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