10 jan

english.ruvr.ru – Heavy fighting continues in Mliha near Damascus

Armed extremists of the Jebhat-al-Nusra attempted to capture a command post of the air defence force. Their attacks were repulsed and many militants were killed. The government forces are hunting militants on the outskirts of Damascus.
According to daily al-Hayat, about 4,500 rebels have gathered at the approaches to Damascus.

Press TV – Iran’s FM, UN-Arab League envoy Brahimi discuss Syria unrest in Cairo – almanar.com.lb – Salehi in Cairo: for Finding an Internal Solution for Syrian Crisis

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and UN-Arab League special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi have met in Cairo and discussed Syrian president’s roadmap for peace as well as Iran’s 6-point plan to settle the unrest in the Arab country.

Russia Today – ‘Take Syrian president’s ideas into account’ – Moscow

As Russian and US diplomats prepare for a meeting with the international mediator for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, Russian diplomats are calling for a balanced approach to settling the 21-month political crisis.
­”The Russian side expects that the search for forms of international support for the settlement process of the acute domestic crisis in Syria…will take into account the ideas expressed in a speech by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
Syrian President Bashar Assad pledged in a televised speech on January 6 that he would halt military operations once fighting and foreign aid to the militant opposition stopped.

english.ruvr.ru – Russia open for 3-party dialogue on Syria

Russia’s foreign spokesman Alexandr Lukashevich has declared his country ready to broker a dialogue between Syria’s opposition and the Assad regime.
“Russia’s stance has remained unchanged. We are interested in adding more substance to the talks about the importance of the Geneva communiqué agreed on by the Action Group on 30 January 2012 in order to put a prompt end to the internal Syrian strife,” Mr. Lukashevich told journalists Thursday.
He commented on US Department of State Spokesperson Victoria Nuland’s statement who said the upcoming three-way Geneva meeting on Syria would serve as an opportunity to push Syria’s President Bashar Assad to step down.
Mr. Lukashevich stressed it was up to the Syrian people to agree on their country’s future – and them alone.

What release of Iranian pilgrims signifies for Syria? interview with Alaa Ibrahim, a journalist and political commentator in Damascus

Video – Syria News 10.1.2013
* Salehi Thanks Syrian Authorities’ Efforts for the Release of Kidnapped Iranians
* China: We Support Any Efforts to Speed up Solving Crisis in Syria
* Bogdanov: Sending Patriot Missile Systems to Turkey Raises Moscow’s Concern
* Russian Foreign Ministry: Russian stand towards crisis in Syria remains unchanged
* Snow Covers Most Syria Governorates

Fler tecken på en ändrad hållning från Saudiarabiens sida! – M K Bhadrakumar – No one has the last word on Syria

The Russian and American diplomats are to hold joint consultations in Geneva on Friday with the United Nations special envoy on Syria Lakhdar Brahimi. Is the crunch time coming?
What is apparently on the cards is a process of formation of a transitional government in Syria. Here, the question is framed in such a way as to imply whether Bashar Al-Assad would step down to pave the way for the transition or will preside over the transition.
To my mind, Bashar will remain where he is through this year and into the early part of next year when his presidential term ends. The next big question will be: Will the Syrian opposition countenance Bashar’s continuance? The odds, again, are that they will.
Such an impression becomes unavoidable from the joint press conference by the Egyptian and Saudi foreign ministers last week at Riyadh. What the Saudi FM Prince Saud Al-Faisal didn’t say struck me as very meaningful: he didn’t repeat the Saudi demand that Bashar should forthwith step down.
On the other hand, what Faisal actually said was rather interesting; he said the way out of the crisis in Syria and “the conditions for a solution are the responsibility of the Syrian people.”

Thus, the short point becomes clear: Russian and American diplomats meeting in Geneva on Friday cannot pretend that they own Syria. An Iranian expert recently noted, “It is true that Russia and the US are the two influential powers in Syria’s developments. But this does not mean that if they agree on an issue, it will be certainly implemented in Syria. Of course, both these powers play determining roles, but they do not control all developments in Syria. A general conclusion must be reached based on all the views within Syria and those of the countries which impact the trend of the crisis, including France, Iran, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

dailystar.com.lb – Syria says Turkey involved in looting northern factories

Syrian on Thursday accused neighbouring Turkey of involvement in looting factories in the industrial city of Aleppo, in letters sent to UN chief Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council that also urged swift action.
”Some 1,000 factories in the city of Aleppo have been plundered, and their stolen goods transferred to Turkey with the full knowledge and facilitation of the Turkish government,” the foreign ministry said in the letters.

Bilder från ett snöigt Syrien – Photos From Syria

larouche.se – Dags att ändra den svenska hållningen i Syrienfrågan? Säpo varnar för att svenska jihadister kan slå till här i Sverige

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