9 jan

Det här är väl en ganska sensationell rubrik! – Press TV – Saudi Arabia mulling over changing approach to Syria: Report

The consolidation of Syrian military’s positions across the country and the withdrawal of foreign-backed militants from their strongholds have fuelled speculations that Saudi Arabia is considering shifting its policy towards Syria, a report says.
A recent report released by the Lebanese As-Safir daily has suggested a likely withdrawal of Saudi Arabia from among the list of foreign states that are funding and supporting the Syrian opposition.
The Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah’s recent meetings with Syrian officials along with Jordanian intelligence officers seem to have provided apparent proof for the case.
The paper touches upon Riyadh’s worries over the intensification of the crisis across Syria and the Egyptian and Saudi foreign ministers’ willingness for a political resolution of Syrian crisis, which is deemed as a major shift in the two states’ stance on Syria.
Communication is currently under way between Riyadh and Damascus with an Egyptian security delegation visiting Syrian officials in the capital, according to the report.

english.ruvr.ru – Brahimi to meet US, Russia envoys in Geneva soon – almanar.com.lb – Second Russia-US Talks with Brahimi on Syria Due Friday

This week, Geneva will host a three-way Syria consultation between UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, Russian deputy foreign chief Mikhail Bogdanov and US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.
The gathering is slated for January 11, Mikhail Bogdanov told a Russian news agency today.
The first meeting of this kind, dubbed the “Triple B meeting,” was held in Geneva on December 10.
According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, its participants were unanimous in their opinion that it was necessary to prevent the further development of the conflict in Syria into a war scenario.

Press TV – Syria lambasts West’s response to Bashar al-Assad’s plan

Syria has taken a swipe at the West for rejecting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s proposed plan for ending the ongoing violence in the country.
Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zu’bi criticized the United States and its allies for calling for Assad’s ouster and rejecting his initiative ”before even having the time to translate it.”
The Syrian minister made the remarks in the capital, Damascus, on Tuesday following a meeting with cabinet ministers to review the means to implement Assad’s proposal.

Press TV – New videos show Syrian militants committing war crimes

One of the videos, posted on the internet recently, shows heavily armed men shooting down a civilian airliner in the city of Dayr al-Zawr in eastern Syria.
Another video uploaded to a social media website shows a militant attack on the Taftanaz military airport in the northwest of the country.
The footage shows militants firing truck-mounted weapons and a tank on fire.
Another video shows militants from the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front executing three Syrian Army soldiers, who were reportedly captured by the terrorists in Dayr al-Zawr.

US ignites factional violence in Syria: Michael Chossudovsky

garisullivan.co.uk – Analysis of The Assad Speech

Syrian Perspective ger sin analys av presidentens tal nyligen.

Rodney Shakespeare kommenterar angående den video som det tipsades om i en kommentar här (till inlägget 18 dec) för ett tag sen – ‘Syrian Girl’ reveals truth behind Syria crisis

At present Syria has no debt from the IMF. It only has loans from friends such as Russia. It is therefore becoming a target for American and NATO aggression.
Let nobody make the mistake of thinking that national bank independence does not matter. If a country is free from foreign financial control, it can have an independent foreign policy.

Syria has laudably resisted the entry of foreign companies. The desire to make everybody the same is really a cunning way of preparing people for enslavement by the global elite and one world government. The cry of Free Syria is really the desire to Enslave Syria, and everybody else in due course.

John Robles – Syria must be defenseless for America to illegaly invade, Rated:XXX

The West continues to debate what the United States should do in Syria and the US what options it has to bring about another interventionist invasion yet is continuing to have problems in bringing about the conditions it needs to give the green light to military forces staged and waiting to pounce.
The arrogance of those debating the fate of Syria from thousands of miles away, as if they even have a right to in the first place, is mind boggling. Who told the United States that they are responsible for deciding the fate of Syria or the Syrian people? No one. Who told the United States that they have some right or some mandate under international law to “intervene” wherever they desire? No one. Yet that is what they are doing.

Why hasn’t the US invaded Syria yet? One reason is you and I. Every false flag plan they come up with, we are there to expose it. Every false and sanctimonious move they make to allow them to invade and rape another country we are there to document. We know they are funding terrorists and mercenaries and that the Syrian people themselves do not want America. Lastly Russia is stopping it, by giving the Syrian people what Libya and Iraq did not have, the tools and the ways and means to defend themselves and defend their country.
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