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Christof Lehmann – Syria Crisis; Half-baked Diplomacy and Failure to Address Core Issues

The Syrian government has outlined a plan to solve the country’s conflict, starting with halting international support of ”al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups”. The plan proposes a new constitution and government as well as national reconciliation, including one more general amnesty for those who have been arrested during the crisis. The proposal was made shortly after Syria criticized the report of the International Commission of Inquiry in no uncertain terms for being biased and for failing to address core issues such as state-sponsored terrorism.
The quire of international diplomacy has responded by singing the expected canon, starting with the Assad must go ensemble on one side, the neutral stick with international law ensemble in the middle, and the we assist peaceful reconciliation and reform ensemble on the other.
Regardless which ensemble the individual singers belong to however, the Syrian government included, non of them has yet addressed the core issues at the root of the conflict. Unless these core issues will be addressed it can be expected that the bloodshed and the half-baked farce of diplomacy, which have dominated the discourse over the last 22 months, continue while the world is heading toward an inevitable disaster.

In fact the entire international dimension of the problem could be reduced to a few points; no need for distractions here, no need for telling us about freedom, democracy, human rights or international law. Not much has changed since the times of the Barbarians other than the fact that we now can blast the entire human species and all other species together with it to kingdom come.
So here we go:
Natural gas has become the primary energy source for the coming 100 – 150 years.
Iran and Qatar share the worlds largest gas field in the Persian Gulf.
The EU receives currently more than 20 % of its gas from Russia.
If the Pars gas pipeline, from Iran, via Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean goes on-line and Russia and/or Iran also take part in developing Syrian and Lebanese offshore gas fields in the Mediterranean, then Russia and Iran would stand for approximately 40 – 50 per cent of the gas the E.U. will need over the next 100 – 150 years.

The USA is panic stricken over the fact that failure to secure dominance over the Pars gas field would be equivalent to an end of the Petro Dollar and here we get to the really sensitive issue. China is not interested in the collapse of the Dollar either, at least not yet, and neither are Russia, nor the EU.
With all due respect, but the world needs real diplomacy and an open discussion about the core issues behind the so-called crisis in Syria. The situation is too sensitive to ignore the core issues and too volatile to deliver a half-baked farce rather than competent diplomacy.

Syrian Perspective

We have just received an e-mail from Wael in Latakia. He writes that the situation in Aleppo has just improved by 80% with the encirclement and vaporization of over 316 rats in Al-Ashrafiyyeh, Aleppo. Wael adds that after yesterday’s debacle, English terrorists in Incirlik recommended a deployment of 400 rats as reinforcements so as not to lose the old quarters in the city. Whoever is commanding these rodents should have his head examined. Wael says they walked into a turkey shoot.

Press TV – Palestinian refugees urge Syria militants leave Yarmouk camp

Palestinian refugees in the Syrian capital have demanded militants to withdraw from the Yarmouk camp as fresh fighting flares at the Damascus-based refugee site.
Four residents died when a shell fired by the foreign-backed militants struck the camp on Tuesday. Another person was shot dead by a sniper.
Meanwhile, new footage posted on the Internet shows militants shooting down a civilian airplane in the eastern Deir ez-Zor governorate.
There were no immediate reports on the number of casualties.
Militants from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front have also reportedly executed three Syrian soldiers kidnapped in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor.

sana-syria.com – Information Minister: Opposition Forces are invited to Participate in National Dialogue

english.ruvr.ru – Syria starts preparations for implementing Assad’s roadmap

According to the Information Minister Omran Zuabi, organizing and holding national dialogue is important step on the way towards the implementation of the roadmap.
He said that the government had invited all the oppositional forces which are advocating for the country’s sovereignty and are against foreign interference into its home affairs to take part in the national dialogue.
The roadmap proposed by president Bashar Assad envisages the formation of an interim government in Syria which will comprise the representative of the current authorities and the opposition, holding parliamentary and presidential elections.

Press TV – Dutch, German troops arrive in Turkey to operate NATO missiles

US-led NATO seeks an excuse to wage war on Syria: James Jatras,
James Jatras, ex-Senate foreign policy analyst from Washington D.C (Jatras del som text )
Bruce Gagnon, political commentator from Maine and
Huseyin Bagci, professor of the Middle East University from Ankara

China calling for a peacefull solution to Syria unrest

Video 3 min från Press TV – West shuns President Assad’s call for peace

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – The Tower of Babel

Assad speaks. The reaction from the international community in general and the General-Secretary of the UNO in particular underlines the fact that the world community of nations does not speak the same language, does not follow common values and appears more like a Tower of Babel than a community, with everyone shouting at each other and nobody being able to understand a message. Is this the message we want as our epitaph for 2013 even before the year gets under way?

So let us suppose that the citizens of the USA, France or the UK woke up tomorrow morning with a new reality, which goes something like this… a massacre takes place in Maryland, in Bretagne or in Kent, perpetrated by some seven hundred bearded young men armed with rocket propelled grenades and machine guns, who overpower the local police and military personnel and establish what they claim to be a Caliphate, declaring themselves the enemies of the Governments in these countries. How do Obama, Hollande and Cameron react? By stepping down?

Press TV – Syria’s new defense strategies thwart militant progress: Nabil Mikhail

Previously, we have witnessed onslaught assaults by the opposition on the suburbs and the outskirts of big cities like Aleppo and Damascus, and sometimes that led to them capturing military bases.
What we’re seeing now is a total reversal of the military, basically, conductive operations. We’re seeing an effort by the troops loyal to Assad or the Syrian regular army to thwart the advance of the military component of the Free Syrian Army by stopping their progress along highways.
This is a very important and significant military development. I can tell you that most military planners in the defense establishment including in the Department of Defense in the United States are studying these tactics because they are new, they are changing the outcome and it’s an important lesson how tactics can lead to a potential new strategy.

Video – Syria News 8.1.2013
* Parties: President Al-Assad’s Speech Contributes to Finding Way out of Crisis
* Information Minister: Cabinet Discusses Implementing President al-Assad’s National Program
* Mehmanparast: No Country Can Impose its Will on Syrian People
* Armed Forces Confront Terrorists, Confiscate their Weapons
* Iraq: Al-Qaeda Organization claims responsability for deadly terrorist attacks

cnn.com – Analysis: Study shows rise of al Qaeda affiliate in Syria

A jihadist group with links to al Qaeda has become the most effective of the different factions fighting the regime, according to a new analysis, and now has some 5,000 fighters.
The group is Jabhat al-Nusra, which was designated an al Qaeda affiliate by the United States government last month. It is led by veterans of the Iraqi insurgency ”and has shown itself to be the principal force against Assad and the Shabiha,” according to the study.
CNN obtained an advance copy of the analysis, set to be released Tuesday by the Quilliam Foundation, a counterterrorism policy institute based in London.
”The civil war in Syria is a gift from the sky for al-Nusra; they are coasting off its energy,” the lead author of the report, Noman Benotman, told CNN.

Tony Cartalucci – 2013 – The State of Syria in the Dawn of a New Year, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s speech crushes NATO hopes for capitulation – conflict drops from headlines

A global proxy war waged upon Syrian soil has now dragged on from the beginning of 2011 to the early days of 2013. Planned many years ago, with US, Saudi, and Lebanese officials admitting to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh as early as 2007 their plans to overthrow the nation of Syria with a regional army of sectarian extremists, the conflict has cost many thousands their lives and has jeopardized the stability of not only Syria and its future, but nations beyond its borders as well. The West’s assault on Syria is in fact one of many steps along the path of war with Iran.

The West is not just attacking Syria. It is waging a political and economic war against China and Russia and militarily occupying nations across the African continent via AFRICOM under the guise of fighting terrorism. Whether the days of Anglo-American global hegemony are over or not is debatable, but the fight the West is engaged in to cling to its ill-gotten global power, if not to expand it, is very much real and ongoing.
The crossroads of this fight are currently in Syria with Western eyes gazing toward Iran and Russia’s Caucasus Mountains next. Sowing socioeconomic instability inside China is also on the agenda. If the West fails in Syria, it will be the beginning of rolling back their sprawling ambitions globally. If they succeed, fiercer battles yet will be fought, and the price for defeating these special interests will rise exponentially higher.
A growing number of people are becoming aware of this geopolitically, economically, and locally. A paradigm shift is coming spurred by technology-driven alternatives, and so too is the time for the wise to begin divesting themselves and their destiny from the Wall Street-London enterprise. The 2 year ”bump” in the road Western interests are going over in Syria, is just one of many yet to come.

jinge.se – Rebellpojke halshugger män – Patrick Cockburns rapport från resa i Syrien

ibtimes.co.uk – Syrian Jihadist Al-Nusra Militants Execute Three Assad Soldiers [VIDEO]

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