4 jan

Press TV – 11 killed in Damascus gas station attack

At least 11 people have been killed and 40 others wounded in a car bomb attack that targeted a gas station in Damascus.
People were queuing up for much-needed fuel when booby trap attached to a car went off at the station in the Barzeh al-Balad district of the Syrian capital on Thursday, Reuters reported.

On Monday, militants blew up a section of a gas pipeline near the city of Deir el-Zour in the oil-rich eastern region of Syria, which resulted in the loss of some 1.5 million cubic meters of natural gas.
The militants fighting the Syrian government have repeatedly attacked the country’s oil infrastructure. Last week, the militants said they had seized the al-Tanak oilfield also located in eastern Syria.

Syrian Perspective rapporterar om framgångar för syriska armén.

Från globalresearch.ca, intervju med Nile Bowie som tillsammans med Tony Cartalucci givit ut pdf-boken War on Syria: Gateway to WWIII – som kan läsas eller laddas ner – HÄR – eller – HÄR

Russia Today – RT correspondent injured in Damascus crossfire

english.ruvr.ru – New round of Syria talks planned

UN and Arab League special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi expects to hold a new round next month of three-way consultations on Syria, involving Russian and US representatives.
A spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Thursday that the sides were already discussing the details of the upcoming meetings.
Last week Mr. Brahimi was discussing the matter in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar Assad and on Saturday he was in Moscow for talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Från facebook-grupp

National Movement for Syria’s Rescue: New Secular Syrian Coalition Representing Silent Majority
Published on Jan 3, 2013
A new Syrian coalition by the name of ”National Movement for Syria’s Rescue” has been announced today (Jan 3, 2013) in Beirut, Lebanon. It is comprised of Syrian figures from the opposition, regime loyalists, and the ”silent majority”. The group claims to speak on behalf of Syria’s silent majority, which does not want a Sharia-based Islamist-run state but rather a democratic and secular state. This meeting was first in a series of meetings that this coalition will be holding in Cairo, Damascus, and Tunis. Those meetings’ aim is to get enough support to counter what they referred to as the Muslim Brotherhood project whose center is Istanbul, Turkey.
Some of the issues the new coalition will be working on is to reach out to as many external and internal forces as possible to engage in a national dialogue and to uncover any links that exist between the ”Doha Coalition” (Syrian National Coalition) and the al-Qaeda Wahhabi Takfiri groups currently fighting on the ground. The statement also stressed that the Syrian Army is a ‘red line’.
Source: RT Arabic

Press TV – US, Arab monarchies arming al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq: Intifad Qanbar, Interview with Intifad Qanbar, Iraqi political analyst

Yes, it is a proxy war. We have major powers in the world who are sending weapons and intelligence and fighters also, fighters such as al-Qaeda and sending them to Iraq and to Syria to create mayhem and to create instability

Om den libanesiske politikern som avslöjats vara djupt involverad i att förse de väpnade gängen med vapen och annat stöd – Syria: Preparations for Suing MP Saqr before European Judiciary

Both media and judicial authorities wait Future MP Okab Saqr’s reaction to the holidays gift he received from the Syrian TV: new recordings that included no infant’s milk or blankets but rather new devices and military aids.
As both media and judicial authorities expect that Saqr will blatantly deny the accusations and claim that the new recordings are forged, they predict another party of insults and political obscenity similar to that that the public opinion witnessed in the 1st recordings.
Meanwhile, well-informed Syrian media sources look forward to Saqr’s response because according to them, the more he talks, the more he will fall.
”Saqr is involved in the Syrian crisis to his core,” the sources mentioned, and noted that ”he leads the Syrian militants from Turkey under the commission of the head of the Future Party Saad Hariri.”
However, Turkey and Saudi Arabia Kingdom blamed Hariri over the new recordings, and asked him to contain the implications of what happened.
On the judicial level, al-Ahed news site learned that more than 85 lawyers working in the field of human rights are preparing for a complaint file supported by around 71 documents.

Patrick Cockburn, 30 dec – Syria is many conflicts rolled into one. It is also at the centre of two regional struggles

The difference in perceptions inside and outside Damascus is explained partly by the way the international and regional media describes the war. There are few foreign journalists in the Syrian capital because it is difficult to get visas. By way of contrast, the rebels have a highly sophisticated media operation – often also foreign-based – proffering immediate details of every incident, often backed up by compelling, if selective, YouTube footage.
Understandably, the rebel version of events is heavily biased towards their own side and demonises the Syrian government. More surprising is the willingness of the international media, based often in Beirut but also in London and New York, to regurgitate with so little scepticism what is essentially good-quality propaganda.

Press TV – Australia warns citizens against fighting in Syria

Australia has warned its citizens against fighting alongside militants in Syria, saying the Australians who take part in the conflict will face up to 20 years in jail.
A spokesman for Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said on Friday that the government has received reports that over 100 Australians are involved in the ongoing violence in Syria.
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