Syrian rebels attack in several places

The so-called Syrian Free Army is trying to take control over the military airport of Taftanaz in the province of Idlib, near the border with Turkey.
Since the early morning, the rebels are fighting against the government detachments that guard the airport.
Fierce fighting is also under way near the city of Maarat al-Numan on the way from Damascus to Aleppo.
In the valley of Vadi Deif, a rebel group that is linked with Al Qaeda is attacking a government military base.
On Wednesday, about 20 explosive devices were demined in Aleppo.

Press TV – Syrian army repels militants trying to attack airport in Idlib

Terroist Stronghold Destroyed: Syrian government troops chasing armed extremists in the suburbs of Damascus

Terrorist strongholds were destroyed and dozens of mercenaries were killed and wounded during an operation in the Daraya, Diyabiya and Babilla neighborhoods, the Syrian television reports.
Fierce clashes continue in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus following an attack by Al Qaeda militants, according to the Al Mayadeen TV channel.
The Jermana Christian neighborhood adjoining the road to the Damascus international airport has also come under fire.
In separate incidents, militants have attacked army posts in Sabena and Aysh Wurur north of Damascus.

US, Russia, Brahimi talks on Syria scheduled for mid-January

A new round of talks on Syria in the format U.S.-Russia-Brahimi might be held in mid-January, spokesperson of the United States Department of State Victoria Nuland said on Wednesday.
“As you know, we said before Christmas we expected another rounds of those consultations”(the so-called three Bs conversation, the dialogue between U.N./LAS special envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, and U.S. Deputy Secretary William Burns), she said. We’re now working to schedule something sometime in the middle of January.”

She once again reiterated the United States’ position on Assad being part of the transitional government or process. “We’ve been clear for more than a year: Assad has to go. We don’t see any role for him in a transition. That has not changed,” she said.

Press TV – So-called Free Syrian Army is a group of terrorists: IHCR

The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) says the so-called Free Syrian Army is just a group of terrorists, stressing that Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are granting money and weapons to the terrorists in Syria.
In an interview with the Syrian Arab TV on Wednesday, IHRC Chief Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan said the IHCR condemns terrorism across the world without any discrimination, adding that media reports by Western countries and certain Persian Gulf littoral states about the developments in Syria are ”untrue.

Video 30 min med intervjun med Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan, från föregående citat.

larouche.se – Lavrov och Brahimi om Syrien: Utan en lösning kommer världen att få ett helvete

Undrar hur mycket sådana som Mark får betalt för att ställa upp på detta – expressen.se – Mark lämnade Sverige för terrorstämplad grupp i Syrien

Svenske jihadisten Mark lämnade sina två fruar och tryggheten i Sverige för att slåss på terrorstämplade gruppen al-Nosrafrontens sida mot regimen i Syrien. Hans högsta mål är att återupprätta muslimska kalifatet i Syrien.
– En av mina fruar uppmanade mig att utvandra till Syrien för jihad – annars skulle hon lämna mig, säger Mark Abu Usama al-Swaidi i en propagandafilm som nyligen sändes på en algerisk tv-kanal.
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