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‘US-led groups sabotage peace in Syria’Press TV has conducted an interview with Eric Draitser, the founder of stopimperialism.com

Angående dagens uppgifter om 60 000 dödade under Syrien-konflikten, så fördes ett resonemang på en facebooksida för några dagar sen utifrån ett möte som Sharmine Narwani ska ha haft nyligen med den berömda mannen i London, Rami Abdulrahman och hans Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), varifrån uppgifterna om antalet dödade kommer. När det påstods att dödstalet var 44 000 ingick ca 11 000 regeringssoldater i den siffran. Det påstås i citatet nedan att man från tidigare konflikter kan räkna med att 8-10 rebeller dödas per regeringssoldat, det skulle innebära 80-100 000 dödade sk ”rebeller”. Är det så att mr Abdulrahman inte räknar in de utländska legokrigarna i sina dödstal? Och hur många av de som återstår när man dragit ifrån regeringssoldaterna är vanliga civila, som inte tillhör de väpnade gängen? Hur många av dessa har brutalt mördats av de väpnade gängen av bilbomber eller massakrer (som medierna då ofta skyller på regeringsstyrkorna), och hur många har kommit i vägen för striderna mellan de stridande parterna?

And one more fact: the media present the information about the number of victims (over 44,000 now) to readers in a way that they think it’s all the people killed by ”regime”. BUT as was told by Rami Abdulrahman his list contains Syrian soldiers (over 11,000 now) and civilians (pro and anti government). When was the last time you saw that the media mentions the number of dead soldiers or that the number contains victims among soldiers?
So we have 33.000 victims among pro and anti government civilians. So-called armed rebels, who were killed by army, and civilians, who were killed by FSA gangs are also in the list of civilian victims. Thousands of civilians were killed (in explosions or were shot) by FSA gangs. And now imagine how many armed rebels (Syrians) were killed in the fighting, when 11,000 soldiers were killed.??? It is known from history that the ratio between the number of victims among the soldiers of the regular army and the armed ”rebels” is from 1:8 till 1:10. It is looks like joke for sheeple when ”activists” and media claim that ”rebels” killed dozens of soldiers and lost only 8-10 FSA members in this day, but other dozens of victims were civilians (it’s as if the media every day reports that the Taliban killed 40-50 of NATO soldiers and lost few of its members).
So we can calculate (approximately) that the number of dead ”insurgents” may be about 80-100 thousand, but SYRIAN rebels among them are about 20-25 thousand (SOHR don’t counts foreigners). By the way, some media already wrote that the number of victims can be more than 100,000, but of course they don’t describe who are these thousands of victims.

moonofalabama.org – They Make Up Numbers

Video – Syria News 2.1.2013
* Russia: Military drills will be conducted by end of this month
* Iran: Armed forces conclude successful navy drills
* 2012 Marks a turning point in Parliamentary life in Syria
*Al-Halqi: Terrorism, Sanctions Affected Economic Sector
* Armed Forces Eliminate Most Dangerous Terrorists in Aleppo
* Governor of Aleppo and Secretary of al-Baath Arab socialist Party in Aleppo visited the Military Hospital on the occasion of the new year.

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Press TV – Militants attack hospital near Damascus

Press TV – SNC demands more arms for Syria militants

Syria’s main foreign-backed opposition group has called on the international community to provide more weapons to militants fighting against the Syrian government.
George Sabra, the chairman of the so-called Syrian National Council (SNC), made the remarks in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Tuesday.

voltairenet.org – Mossad agents in the Al-Qaeda unit that attacked the Yarmouk camp

The battle that raged starting December 9 in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp (south of Damascus) has revealed new alliances.
The strategic objective was to involve Palestinians in the war in Syria, mobilizing them on a sectarian basis (they are mostly Sunni) against the secular regime.

After a week of heavy fighting, elements of al-Qaida, Mossad-included, retreated and the camp was declared a ”neutral zone.” Of the 180 000 inhabitants, about 120,000 had fled the camp at the request of the Syrian authorities and were relocated by them to Damascus. Most are now back home.

Artikel med många viktiga uppgifter. Carla Stea – Will Syria Become Another “Failed State”? The Role of the United Nations

Of extraordinary significance is the fact that UN Ambassador Hardeep Puri of India stated, explicitly that
“As early as May, 2011, the Syrian opposition was discouraged to engage with the government, and the armed groups started receiving support ostensibly to defend themselves.”
Ambassador Puri’s reference to armed opposition groups in Syria, already functioning and receiving support as early as May, 2011 raises serious questions about the actual composition of the so-called peaceful demonstrations which began on March 18, 2011, a mere six weeks earlier. The speed with which organized armed groups, already receiving outside support, joined the so-called peaceful demonstrators indicates extraordinary preparation and organization, and the sudden speed with which violence erupted raises further serious questions. Three United Nations draft resolutions followed, condemning the Syrian Government for attacking its own people. All three were vetoed by Russia and China , and later information revealed that many members of the armed opposition were not even Syrians.

On October 19, 2012 United Nations Syrian Ambassador Dr. Bashar Ja’afari presented to the Security Council, with a copy to the UN Secretary-General, a letter listing the names and nationalities of 108 foreign individuals who had entered Syria illegally, and were engaged in terrorist activities in Syria .
Many on the list of those arrested were members of Al Qaeda. They were nationals of: Iraq , Egypt , Palestinian/Lebanese, Palestinian/Algerian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Tunisian, Libyan, Australian. Ambassador Ja’afari advised me, in a press briefing, that these letters were never acted upon by the Security Council, and the protracted delay in translating them from the Arabic to English was unexplained. The letter contains explicit information about the organizations and specific terrorist acts in which each individual was involved.

On June 21, 2012, the front page of the New York Times headlined:
“CIA Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Rebels. A small number of CIA officers are operating secretly in Southern Turkey , helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers…

Within four weeks, a spectacular and devastating escalation of the conflict in Syria took place: the terrorist attack on July 19, which murdered four of President Assad’s closest aides, and was obviously intended to assassinate President Assad, himself. The terrorist attack was executed with precision, sophistication and skilled professionalism one could scarcely expect from the disorganized, fragmented ragtag militias, described by Western media as so pathetic they were in dire need of massive assistance. Within one week, The New York Times acknowledged extensive al-Qaeda terrorist actions within Syria .
Although the June 21 New York Times article had said that CIA officers were in Turkey, “in part to help keep weapons out of the fighters allied with Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups,” they seem to have accomplished exactly the opposite, with a drastic improvement in terrorist operations successfully targeting and slaughtering top Syrian government officials, and the vast increase of Al-Qaeda strength and terrorist activity following close upon the CIA officers’ clandestine visit to Turkey.

Video 43 min av ett ryskt TV-team, många groteska bilder från en grotesk verklighet – Russian channel Rossiya 24: Seven months of reporting from Syria – den sidan finns tydligen inte kvar, videon FINNS HÄR

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