1 jan

Press TV – Car bomb hits Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, 10 killed

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian troops chasing militants near Damascus

Terrorists expulsion from Syria, gateway to peace: Webster Tarpley
Danny Makki (Makki’s del som text), co-founder of the Syrian Youth in Britain (SYB), from London,…
Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, historian and journalist from Washington D.C and
Omar Bakri, political analyst from the Lebanese capital city of Beirut.

almanar.com.lb – Ibrahim Mousawi – In Syria: A New Hope of Political Solution

Meanwhile, on the ground, the Syrian government forces have been able to achieve new military breakthroughs. In different provinces in Syria, especially in Homs, and around in the areas the capital Damascus, they inflicted heavy losses on the militant groups.
All estimations do not mirror any possibility for the military opposition to make strategic gains against the government forces, this would put the whole confrontations in a war of attrition mode, which does not give a decisive capability for either parties to make an easy victory. Now , all the parties concerned have a new date to wait, and that is the mid of next month to see what will come out of the new American-Russian talks that will take place in Geneva. Analysts and observers are anticipating tangible results as the military groups may have reached a conclusion their war is not going to lead them anywhere, and as the Syrian leadership is showing more flexibility to help finding a political solution.

Franklin Lamb – Will Syria Go on Offense at The Hague?

Syria, which the US and Israel and their allies are today working to keep off balance and on the defensive diplomatically, should consider immediately filing an application with the International Court of Justice, and use all other available international legal, political and humanitarian tribunals, to directly challenge and boldly confront the US led sanctions campaign against its people. The Syrian Arab Republic, by taking the offensive at the World Court and elsewhere, will help relieve the enormous pressures on its civilians and advance the principles, standards and rules of international law—for the benefit of all mankind.
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