31 dec

nz.week.com – Syrian troops arrest 4 Turkish fighter pilots in Aleppo – english.ruvr.ru – 4 Turkish jet-fighter pilots arrested in Syria

Syrian troops arrested four Turkish fighter pilots near a military airport in the northern province of Aleppo, a pro-government daily said Monday.
The guarding troops of the Koerc military airport arrested four Turkish officers who were trying to sneak into the airport with an armed group, al-Watan said, giving no further details about the fate of the Turkish pilots but saying that the incident came to explicitly implicate Turkey.

english.ruvr.ru – Syria’s govt troops repel attack near Jordan

Syria’s forces loyal to President Bashar Assad have repelled a rebel invasion attempt near the border with Jordan eliminating several militants.
Border police also managed to seize a large pile of weapons, some of them Israeli-made, designated for the Free Syrian Army in the southern Syrian city of Daraa.

Press TV – Syria will respond to any initiative to solve crisis through talks: PM

Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Halqi says Damascus will respond to any initiative meant to resolve the turmoil in Syria through dialogue.
“The government is working to support the national reconciliation project and will respond to any regional or international initiative that would solve the current crisis through dialogue and peaceful means and prevent foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs,” Halqi said on Monday.

Press TV – Militants blow up gas pipeline in eastern Syria

Militants fighting against the Syrian government have reportedly blown up a section of a gas pipeline in eastern Syria.
The Monday explosion, which was carried out near the city of Deir el-Zour in the oil-rich eastern region of Syria, resulted in the loss of some 1.5 million cubic meters of natural gas.
Syrian officials say the targeted oil field fed electricity plants and a fertilizer factory in the region.
The militants in Syria have repeatedly attacked the country’s oil infrastructure. Last week, the militants said they had seized the al-Tanak oil field also located in eastern Syria.

Ismail Salami – Syria swings between hell and dialogue

What roles Turkey play in Syria’s insurgency?
The US and its allies have been campaigning against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in their new outlets since the unrest began in the country. The United States and Israel have tried to use Turkish Prime Minister Recep Teyyeb Erdogan as a tool to keep the Syrian government away from Hezbollah and Iran. Refugee camps in Turkey have turned into training centers by groups such as al-Qaeda and people who are not Syrian refugees by no means.
In this edition of INFocus we set out an investigative mission in Turkey to uncover its pivotal role in Syria’s insurgency. We will also describe how foreign countries such as America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya are sending weapons into the country.

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