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Press TV – Russia once again calls for political solution to end crisis in Syria english.al-akhbar.com – Russia: opposition stance on Assad a ”dead-end” – english.ruvr.ru – 2013: crunch in Syria?

Russian foreign minister has highlighted that there is still a chance of coming up with a political solution to resolve the ongoing crisis in Syria.
”The confrontation is escalating. But we agree the chance for a political solution remains,” Sergei Lavrov said after talks with UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi on Saturday.
The top diplomat further noted that he was ”surprised” when the opposition’s National Coalition rejected Moscow’s offer for talks.
Lavrov went on to say that nothing can be done to convince Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Real Syria Updates – Jaafari: Syria reserves the right to claim compensation for the damage left by the gunmen in Aleppo

The UN Syrian ambassador Bashar Jaafari said in a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations that the Syrian Federation of Chambers of Industry as the representative of economic activities in Aleppo ‘reserves the right to use all international bodies for compensation material and moral of countries that support the armed opposition to the transfer of such compensation for all employees in the city of Aleppo who have been affected. He added that ‘because of the terrorist operations carried out by armed groups in Syria, the significant damage caused to the city of Aleppo at all levels including the humanitarian, economic and cultural exceeded all expectations’. He stated that ‘this is especially true with regard to the cultural and heritage aspects of the city, which was the repository of human cultural heritage for more than seven thousand years.’

Real Syria Updates – Weapons Shipment Seized in Wadi Khaled Area in Lebanon

news.antiwar.com –Syrian Army: Rebels Massacred Civilians in Hama Province

Amin Hoteit, Lebanese political analyst, expert in military strategy and brigadier general in the reservesSyria: What are the true intentions of the United States?

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, member of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organizationsom text

Christof Lehmann – The Dynamics of the Crisis in Syria. Conflict Versus Conflict Resolution. (Part 5)

With 2013 approaching, the crisis in Syria is about to enter its second year. Feasible solutions to the crisis seem more far removed than ever after a recent Russia – E.U. Summit in Bruxelles failed to enter into a constructive dialog about the primary causes. The influx of fundamentalist Salafist or Wahabist fighters which have been streaming to Syria since the failure of two major Free Syrian Army assaults on Aleppo in June and July 2012 made it increasingly difficult to build a coherent and credible Syrian political and military opposition among the proponents of regime-change. The international anti Syrian alliance has difficulties in identifying a political or military opposition that could be used as an argument for regime change.

After the discovery of the Pars gas-field in 2007, Iran, Russia, Iraq, Syria formed a cartel to build the 10 billion USD Pars pipeline which traverses all of the above mentioned countries and which is planned to end at the Syrian Mediterranean Coast. The Pars pipeline is currently completed to the outskirts of Damascus, Syria.
Notice also that 2007 was the year when the global economic crisis set in. 2007 was the year when Saudi Arabia declared that the investment of the future is an investment in gas, not oil.
2007 was the year when Qatar sent 10 billion USD to the Freedom and Justice Party of Turkey´s Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan. The money was earmarked for boosting the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood in preparation of a war on Syria.
Never before has the value of the Petro Dollar been as critically challenged as it is today and the USA, together with the UK, literally fighting for the survival of the Dollar and their Dollar based economies.

För några dagar sen gick regimkontrollerade västmedier ut med stora rubriker om att syriskt flyg skulle ha bombat en brödkö utanför ett bageri i Halfaya med ca 60 människor dödade som följd, se inläggen 23 dec och 24 dec nedan. Och igår igen upprepade Nato’s propagandaminister Cecilia Uddén detta som en händelse som självklart ägt rum. Förutom videon från platsen som jag länkat till tidigare, som knappast övertygar som bevis, har inte mycket framkommit. Det är så det brukar gå till, man går ut stort med rubriker som de flesta sväljer som en bekräftelse på den bild man fått sig påtvingad sen länge, att det senare framkommer uppgifter som motsäger bilden ”råkar” man glömma att meddela. Det är definitivt inte journalistik såna som Uddén sysslar med, det är krigspropaganda. Det minsta man kunde begära är ju att de tillåter kommentarer så att man kunde kräva att de försvarar och förklarar sina påståenden, när de nu har fräckheten att missbruka det som är menat att ska vara fri, skattefinansierad media!
Den bild som ges i citatet nedan om händelsen låter sannolik, strider mellan väpnade grupper och syriska armén ägde rum i staden, med ca 50 dödade varav 7 civila som kommit i vägen för striderna. Detta har sedan använts för att skapa en föreställning om att dessa människor dödats av flyg i en brödkö. Se t.ex. videon med en man som lägger ett bröd i en blodpöl!

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Halfaya Massacre: Big Terrorist Ruse
Dec 28, 2012 |Nidal Hmedeh – Paris
The Salafist armed militiamen had once again played a huge ruse on the massacre committed in Halfaya, Hama’s Countryside, accentuating that it was nothing but a fabrication. Similar events occurred when ”al-Jazeera” Channel’s reporter in Homs Palestinian Khaled Abu Salah used techniques to fabricate artillery sound effects and massacres. Several areas witnessed massacres committed by the militiamen on the evening of every Arab League and UN Security Council meeting on Syria or the UN envoy visit to Damascus.
Moreover, in Halfaya, the same policy was adopted by these militiamen and their regional and international advocators, since the fake massacre occurred on the evening of UN envoy al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi’s visit to Damascus.
In this context, sources in the Syrian opposition abroad iterated to ”al-Ahed” news website what ”al-Haqiqa” website – managed by Syrian opposer Nizar Nayouf – had mentioned about the huge ruse the armed terrorists plotted in Halfaya, indicating that, ”the area does not even have a bakery.”
The sources explained what had happened, stating that the battle took place between the Arab Syrian Army and the Salafist militiamen,” adding, ”The Syrian Army was able to annihilate 43 armed gunmen, while 7 civilians who happened to be in the area were killed.”
”13 corpses were not identified, indicating that they are foreign militiamen, since corpses that could not be identified in a small village strikes as an odd matter,” the sources further elaborated, adding that, ”An Aleppo militiaman was identified because he was Syrian, while other names were blackened out because they are non-Syrian.”
Al-Ahed News website was able to acquire the names of the 50 killed men from the Syrian opposition sources, excluding the 13 foreigners killed. All corpses were males, raising questions on why there were not any children or women around the ”bakery” during a bread crisis.
Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by moqawama.org
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