23 dec

Uppgifterna idag i mediernaRussia Today – om att syriskt stridsflyg ska ha bombat ett bageri i Hama med tiotals dödade som följd, får man som vanligt förutsätta är en ordentlig förvrängning av skeendena. T.ex. så är det den gamla vanliga mannen i Storbritannien, som kallar sig Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, som anges som källa.
En icke regeringsfientlig syrisk blogg skrev att de väpnade gängen gått till en offensiv mot Hama, att de slagits tillbaka av syriska armén och många legokrigare dödats. Det kan ha varit så att de sk ”rebellerna” avfyrat en granat in i en brödkö, vilket man genast skyllt syriskt stridsflyg för, för att skapa en historia åt medierna. En raket från flygplan som gått fel är kanske ett tänkbart scenario. Fast det brukar mest vara NATO-bomber i Afghanistan och Libyen som går fel och av ”misstag” bombar barn och bröllop, sen ber de stackars ansvariga militärledarna, som ju bara ville väl, om ursäkt så är den saken glömd.

Real Syria Updates – Syria: 75 insurgents killed in Hama

The militias of Free Army have attacked Sheizar, al-Zalakiat and Abu Obaida towns of Hama countryside, on the ”Battle of Liberating Hama”.The armed attacks were foiled by the Syrian Army, where the militants used thermal rocket, light and medium weapons

US and its regional allies arming Syria militants, interview with Ala’a Ebrahim, freelance journalist

Ebrahim: Well everyone is saying that a political settlement is approaching. Everyone is saying that we are at the door steps of a new political settlement to the Syrian crisis but if we take a look at the field developments whether inside Syria or outside Syria we will see that this might not be completely true.
Russia hasn’t changed its stance, the United States of America hasn’t changed its stance, foreign-backed insurgents are still launching attacks against government forces, they are trying to enforce their control over areas inside Syria and many people say that this might be an indication of an upcoming settlement because the insurgents are trying to prove that they have control over certain areas in case that a settlement is reached. They managed to freeze at these lines and establish that they have control over certain areas inside Syria.
Everyone is saying it but I think it is a long shot right now.

Press TV: We have reports, I want to know if you can confirm it or not that the insurgents have used chemical weapons on Syrian troops?
Ebrahim: Well I’ll tell you something. The original report came from Russia Today which quoted a field commander who was inside Dara’a speaking to other field commanders inside Dara’a.
They told me that there has been several cases where soldiers died from mysterious reasons, they cannot confirm now the exact cause of death but some of them are speculating that it might be a chemical component of some sort but it is too early now before we see Forensics reports, before a military investigation is carried out to say that how those soldiers were killed.

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian opposition surrenders

Swarms of Syrian militants are surrendering to the government troops around Damascus, local media reports. Over the last 72 hours regular army units delivered powerful blows on the militants in several places to the south-east of Damascus and put them to flight.

Press TV – Syrian troops find tunnels full of weapons near Damascus

Press TV – Syria air defense no nonsense: Russian commander

“Syria’s air defense system is a no-nonsense force. As a result, no one has ever used serious air combat power against it,” said Russia’s Ground Forces Air Defense commander Major General Alexander Leonov in a Saturday radio interview.
Leonov also stated that the militants in Syria have focused on the Syrian air defense system as a prime target.

Press TV – Syria militants film new chemical test, threaten to poison water supply

Anti-government militants in Syria have released new footage, threatening to use chemical weapons against Syrian civilians on a sectarian basis.

Iraq stops militants from smuggling arms into Syria

The Iraqi army says it has thwarted efforts by militants to smuggle weapons into Syria as well as an attempt by men from different nationalities to infiltrate the neighboring country.
“We have confiscated many weapons terrorists intended to dispatch to so called ‘Free Syrian Army’ in order to aggravate the situation in Syria. We have seized a great number of Kalashnikovs”, Lieutenant Colonel Sadeq Rissan said.
Meanwhile, Iraq’s head of the 15th border security Brigade, Colonel Saleh Jalu Mur’i said the army has “arrested infiltrators from different nationalities on the Iraqi and the Syrian side of the border in addition to heavy weapons”.

nyhetsbanken.se – USA trappar ner kring Syrien

voltairenet.org – Syria: Apocalypse Cancelled

The situation around Syria has been eased the last days. The Americans are withdrawing the USS Eisenhower and USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Groups from the Eastern Mediterranean. President Obama expects this step would ‘ease the tension in the region’.
What kind of tension has happened to be a matter of sudden concern of the US Administration after 22 months of direct interference into Syrian affairs? Let’s make a brief outlook on the preceding events.
NATO’s decisionto deploy Patriot missile systems on Turkey-Syria border early December is being rushed. The justification of the deployment by alleged defense of Turkish territory against bomb shells and mines occasionally coming from Syria was ridiculous. The Patriot system is not capable for such protection. It is designed to withstand aviation and has a limited capability to bring down tactical missiles as well. So the Patriots in Turkey can fight Syrian MIG aircrafts only. But this scenario is impossible in case Turkey does not invade Syria.
At the same time US strike groups arrivedto the Eastern Mediterranean indicating NATO preparation for a potential ground intervention.
In response Russia has strengthened its fleet in the area. A Russian strike group headed by the heavy cruiser ‘Moskva’ will be joined by several warships (cruisers, landing ship tanks and destroyers) from the Russian Baltic and Northern Fleets scheduled to arrive to the Eastern Mediterranean next week.

‘Syrians expect more help from Russia’, interview with Ala’a Ebrahim, freelance journalist and political commentator

Palestinians return to Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus

UN being used to further Western agenda in Middle East
Uttalandet som sägs komma från en FN-tjänsteman –

Adama Dieng — Ban Ki-moon’s Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide — issued a statement expressing fear that groups loyal to the Syrian government ”could be subject to large scale reprisal attacks.”
Dieng failed to address the foreign-backed insurgent groups that he feared would carry out the attacks — however — instead saying that any such attacks would be the ”price for crimes committed by the Syrian government.”

är något alldeles oerhört! Dåd utförda av de väpnade gängen mot grupper lojala till syriens ledning, får ses som det pris som får betalas för brott begångna av den syriska regeringen! Herr Dieng måste veta att allt fler inser att Syrien är under attack från utlandsstödda legokrigare. Han måste ha bra betalt för att kunna förnedra sig genom ett sånt uttalande.

I första halvan berättar en man hur han försetts med mobiltelefon och avlönats och jobbat åt de som ligger bakom destabiliseringskampanjen mot Syrien, med att ge falsk information åt medierna. Andra halvan från Russia Today om journalister som hoppat av Al-Jazeera i protest mot deras tydliga medverkan i kampanjen mot Syrien.

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