20 dec

Press TV’s News Analysis has conducted an interview with Caleb Maupin (Maupins del som text), with the International Action Center in New York. The video also offers the opinions of two additional guests: Sharif Nashashibi, chairman of the Arab Media Watch in London, and James Jatras (Jatras del som text) who is the former US Senate Foreign Policy analyst in Washington.

Enligt Syrian Perspective har de grupper som försökte ta över den palestinska stadsdelen Yarmouk definitivt besegrats. Över 2000(!) krigare ska ha dödats och 600 finns kvar men är avväpnade. I artikeln av Franklin Lamb längre ner i dagens inlägg sägs det att slaget om denna stadsdel var av strategiskt stor betydelse, ”hur det går för Yarmouk är avgörande för hur det går för Damaskus, och hur det går för Damaskus är avgörande för hur det går för Syrien”.

english.al-akhbar.com – Thousands of Palestinians return to Damascus refugee camp

Press TV – Displaced Palestinians return to refugee camp in Damascus

Palestinians have returned to the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus after being driven out of their residences due to intense clashes between Syrian government forces and foreign-sponsored militants.
Local media reported that Palestinian refugees started moving back to their homes on Thursday as rebels withdrew from the camp on the southern outskirts of Damascus.
Armed men pushed into the camp earlier this week and fought pitch battles with Syrian troops. The rebels managed to sweep the camp, triggering deadly skirmishes there.

Franklin Lamb rapporterar från Damaskus, om den svåra situationen för palestinier som tvingats fly när väpnade grupper försökte ta över stadsdelen Yarmouk för några dagar sen. – Rebel Controlled Yarmouk Empties Pending Government Counter-Attack

This is one of the ‘hot-line’ areas of Yarmouk, where on 12/16/12 approximately 400 Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) militia fighters joined by various other salafist jihadists defeated Palestinian “popular committees” fighters supposedly loyal to Ahmed Jabil’s, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-GC (PFLP-GC). There are various unconfirmed estimates of how many ‘General Command’ fighters defected during the fighting to the rebel forces, but the PFLP-GC admits that some did. Also in the camp are some fighters from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and the Popular Front (PFLP).

Nearly 70% (UNWRA puts the figure at 90%) of the 180,000 Yarmouk camp residents in the 2.1 square-kilometer camp area have, as of this morning fled. This figure was provided by, Anwar Raja, politburo member of the ‘General Command” with whom this observer had a three hour meeting during the night of 12/18/2012 inside the north edge of Yarmouk. Any camp resident with a MTN or Syriatel mobile phone got a text message, from the Syrian military to leave the camp for their own safety.

Reports from the camp claim that more than half of the GC’s 1000 fighters, mainly younger ones, defected to the rebels. It is difficult to know the truth, but it is fairly clear that Yarmouk has substantially been emptied and that government forces are surrounding the camp, presumably in preparation for a massive counter-attack and or aerial bombardment.
One statement that Ahmed Jebril, who contrary to a New York Times report, has not fled to Iran or Tartous, made that is probably accurate is that “As Yarmouk goes, so goes Damascus. As Damascus goes, so goes Syria”. Jebril’s aid Anwar Raja said that the camp will be used by the rebels to destroy the airport and to launch their “final assault” into the center of Damascus. They showed this observer fragments of ‘home made’ weapons similar to those collected from around Syria by military intelligence who in late October briefed this observer.

english.ruvr.ru – Russia ready to work with Syria’s opposition – FM

Russia doesn’t recognize Syria’s National Opposition Coalition but is ready to work with it, the country’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.
He added that Russia is now interacting with all representatives of the Syrian opposition and is trying to push them towards a dialogue.
Lavrov believes that there would be no winner in the conflict and urged not to drag Palestinians who appeared to be in Syria at the moment into the conflict.

sana-syria.com – Russia Reiterates Support for Speedy Political Settlement to Syria Crisis

The Chairman of the International Affairs Committee at the Russia State Duma, Alexei Pushkov, said that the United States and the so-called Friends of Syria signed the Geneva statement with one hand and continued to provide arms and funds to armed groups with the other.
In a statement to SANA’s correspondent in Moscow on Wednesday, Pushkov said that the maneuvering of the Friends of Syria group led matters into a dead end due to their insistence to resolve matters through violence and military action and their rejection of political solutions
Pushkov also held the US responsible for hindering dialogue between the government and the opposition by acknowledging the Doha coalition, warning that the western escalation seeks to topple the government in Syria via constant support for the opposition, adding that Russia has information showing that the armed opposition is connected directly to special units in certain countries which provide them with weapons and training

Bra artikel i en indisk tidning, med värdefulla uppgifter, bl.a. om att det redan i april 2011 fanns al-Qaeda-grupper i Syrien. De stoppade ett militärfordon och dödade de 18-20 soldater som färdades i det, genom att skära halsen av dom! Hur skulle den amerikanska eller brittiska eller franska ”regimen” ha agerat om samma händelse inträffat i deras länder? Man citerar också uppgifter från tidningen Foreign Policy i oktober i år om att ca 30 000 islamistkrigare fanns i Syrien – thehindu.com – Looming clouds of destruction

This threat has not developed suddenly. Indeed the U.S. has been fully aware of the presence of al-Qaeda in the so-called Free Syrian Army since April 20, 2011 when Jihadis captured a truck (or Armoured Personnel Carrier) near Dera’a, and killed all the 18 or 20 soldiers it was carrying not by shooting them but by cutting their throats in the approved Islamic manner. A few days later, the U.S. ambassador in Syria, Robert Ford, called some of his colleagues in Damascus, including the Indian ambassador, and told them that al-Qaeda had arrived in Syria.
April 20, however, was only the beginning. All through the summer and autumn of 2011, and throughout 2012, videos posted by the rebels themselves showed that the armed opposition in Syria has been sliding inexorably into the hands of radical Islamists. Thousands of foreign fighters have poured into Syria from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and places as far apart as Pakistan and Chechnya. Syrian television broadcast interviews with numerous young men captured in Homs and elsewhere, who gave graphic descriptions of how they had been recruited by al-Qaeda to fight for Islam against a heretical regime in Syria. The rebels themselves have posted YouTube videos showing them executing captured Syrian soldiers and civilians in the approved manner.
But the Obama administration has steadfastly chosen to believe that the jihadis make up only ‘a tiny fraction’ of the Free Syrian Army, and has continued to provide FSA with logistical support, that is, satellite-based information about Syrian troop and VIP movements, and look the other way while Qatar and Saudi Arabia have provided it with guns and mounted pick-up trucks, mortars and RPGs.
This make-believe game had to end, and it did so when a Libyan ship docked in a Turkish port in September 2012 with 400 tons of weapons for the rebels in Syria. This shipment contained SA-7 portable anti-aircraft missiles and Rocket Propelled Grenades. When interviewed, the captain of the ship admitted that he belonged to an organisation that reported directly to the Libyan government. As if that was not disturbing enough, on October 10, the New York Times reported that most of the weapons that had been supplied by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had gone to hard line Islamist groups in Syria.

english.ruvr.ru – ‘Brilliant’ work by US Administration turns Syria into yet another terror hotspot – Pushkov

Like Iraq and Libya, Syria has been turned into yet another crazy hotspot of terror attacks and kidnappings, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee Alexei Pushkov wrote on his Twitter blog on Thursday.
He described the situation in Syria as the result of “brilliant” work by the US Administration and especially Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

sana-syria.com – Joint Military Units form the Russian Navy to Conduct Drills near Syrian Coast

An official at the Russian General Staff announced on Wednesday that joint units from the North Sea, the Baltic and the Black Sea Fleets will conduct military drills near the Syrian coast by the end of December.
The source added that naval units from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea Fleets headed to the Eastern Mediterranean where a group of warships from the Black Sea Fleet are positioned.
The source added that the warships will train on military operations near the Syrian coast, indicating that the Black Sea Fleet warships are ready to leave to the Mediterranean.

Press TV – 2,000 foreign troops to be deployed to Turkey-Syria border: Report

Nearly 2,000 foreign troops are expected to be deployed along Turkey’s border with Syria to operate the surface-to-air Patriot missile batteries, a report says.
The Turkish daily Today’s Zaman on Tuesday reported that the troops will be from the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. The three NATO members have agreed to send the missiles to the border region.

larouche.se – Amerikanska kongressledamöter mot krig

På onsdagen (19.12) samlades makthavare och experter i Washington, D.C. för att stoppa president Obama från att militärt gå in i Syrien. Förutom den vid det här laget namnkunnige republikanske krigsmotståndaren och kongressledamoten Walter Jones återfanns nu även Obamas partikamrat ledamoten Charles Rangel, veteraner från militär och underrättelsetjänst samt representanter från amerikanska LaRoucherörelsens organ Executive Intelligence Review.
Jones inledde med ett brev han, Rangel och fyra andra kongressledamöter skrivit till Obama, där de betonar Kongressens lagliga ensamrätt att starta krig, i Syrien lika mycket som någon annanstans. De nämner även, att presidentens tal om ”kemiska vapen” i Syrien ödesdigert påminner om tongångarna innan irakkriget. Under presskonferensen underströk Jones ånyo, att en omedelbar riksrättsprocess måste inledas om Obama sätter sig över Konstitutionen.

Press TV – Turkey surrenders to Western imperialism on Syria: Ralph Schoenman

syrianews.cc – Tunisian man explains why he has left Syria after joining the ”jihad”

Från facebook-grupp om situationen angående mat och olja för uppvärmning

1) Bread – Syria before freedom had complete food sufficiency, one pack of bread of 8 loaves was SYP 15 ($0.30, 1/5th of neighboring countries’), now it’s SYP 150 ($3) if you can find & have to wait few hours to get one.
2) Cooking gas cylinder – was SYP 250 available everywhere, now if you can find it for 1,500 you’re more than lucky.
3) Trees in Syria have wept its green out crying for those who planted it, cared for it for years, being slaughtered in the name of freedom.
4) Mazot, heating oil, sufficient at SYP 25/ Liter before sanctions, now almost impossible to find at more than SYP 100/ Liter.

En annan facebookgrupp skrev idag att Iran nu skickar 5000 ton mjöl till Syrien.

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