19 dec

Fortsatta strider i den palestinska stadsdelen Yarmouk, enligt Syrian Perspective. Syriska armén ska ha omringat området och terroristerna kan inte fly därifrån. Många, om inte de flesta, boende i området har begett sig till andra platser tillfälligt.
almanar.com.lb – Clashes Continue in Syria’s Yarmouk Camp

Syrian daily al-Watan quoted residents in the camp as saying the “clashes were taking place, in Thalatheen street and the neighborhoods of Taqaddom and Oroubah, netween the armed groups and the Palestinian popular committees.”
The residents added that all during yesterday they were hearing sounds of powerful explosions in the camp.
Witnesses said that the Syrian army has brought forward reinforcement outside the camp, and was preventing anyone from entering in order to save the lives of people.
Meanwhile, Tens of thousands of the residents have fled the 2.1 square-kilometer camp.
”Our conservative estimate would be that at least 50 per cent of the people living in the Yarmouk suburb have left or are leaving, taking refuge in other parts of Damascus, UNRWA schools and facilities or leaving altogether,” Sami Mshasha, a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), said.

Press TV – MI6-trained militants fuel unrest in Syria: Hisham Jaber, Interview with Hisham Jaber, retired Lebanese Army General

A political analyst tells Press TV that from the very beginning Britain was among the first Western countries that intervened in Syria and provided weapons and intelligence services to the insurgents.
The comments came after the UK government said it seeks a “diplomatic solution” to resolve the unrest in Syria, amid continuing support by certain Western states for the militants in Syria.

Press TV: It is not just the UK but other Western countries that are playing the same tune. They claim they want a diplomatic solution but on the other hand they continue to support the armed opposition and the militants. What will be the repercussion of this influx of arms and military logistics for the region and for the Western countries ?
Jaber: Yes from the beginning and for almost twenty months Britain was among the first Western countries who head intervention in Syria and provided weapons and intelligence services to the insurgents against the regime in Syria.

‘Western colonial powers bent on destructing Syria’, an interview with Kamel Wazne, political commentator. Som text

Press TV – Taliban militants use Turkey to infiltrate into Syria: Turkish lawmaker

The leader of the Turkish Democratic Party says 10,000 Taliban militants have been using a camp in Turkey to infiltrate into Syria via the two countries’ common border.

almanar.com.lb – Quartet Meeting Tackles Syria Crisis in Beirut

At the invitation of Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi, envoys of Russia, China and Syria met at Iran’s embassy in Beirut Friday to discuss the latest developments in Syria.
The four ambassadors underlined that armed conflicts in Syria – supported by a number of alien countries against Syria – have had no results except destruction and massacres, thus they should be stopped immediately.

Venezuela skickar 600 000 fat olja till Syrien

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