16 dec

Bäst att avvakta tills uppgifter från trovärdigare källor kommer om vad som hänt i det palestinska flyktinglägret i Damaskus, som USA/Nato/västs propagandamedier rapporterar om med rubriker som – Regimens stridsflyg bombade flera städer i Syrien.
Sannolikt har stora mängder legokrigare vällt in.

moonofalabama.org ger sin bild av läget i Syrien – Syria: Insurgents On The Run?

The recent second attempt of foreign terrorists and Syrian insurgents to advance on Damascus failed catastrophically just like the first one in July did. The defeat last summer was followed by big insurgency losses as the Syrian army launched a counterattack in Rif Dimash. It seems likely that the recent second battle around Damascus is now being followed up on with a similar campaign. The recent defeat in Damascus came despite intensified training for the insurgents by British, American and Jordanian special forces and despite new weapons delivered from the Gulf dictatorships.

Michel Chossudovsky – Military Escalation, Dangerous Crossroads: Russia-US Confrontation in Syria?

In recent developments, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is threatening to execute a Ukrainian journalist (see photo Below) and has also announced that they will “kill Russians and Ukrainians nationals” in Syria.
The Free Syria Army (FSA) are the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance. Without Western support they would not be able to confront Syrian government forces.
The decision to threaten and target Russian nationals did not emanate from the “opposition” rebel forces, but directly from Washington.
These threats constitute a deliberate act of provocation against the Russian government which is providing military support to Syria. “Opposition” forces in consultation with US-NATO are now threatening Russia, which is an ally of Syria.
We are at a dangerous crossroads: while Patriot missiles are installed in Turkey, Russian Iskander missiles are deployed in Syria.
French, British, Turkish and Qatari special forces are involved in the recruitment and training of FSA rebels, which are in large part mercenaries. The FSA is now targeting Russian citizens in Syria on the orders of Washington, leading to a potential breakdown in international diplomacy.
Moscow considers these threats as “akin to a declaration of war” stating that “the armed insurgents in Syria [supported by the West] have been emboldened to a point that they have stepped into an area where they are beyond the law.”
Is the threat directed against Russian nationals in Syria the prelude towards a broader process of confrontation between US-NATO and Russia?

S. S. Salim – Western fascists and regional Islamic resistance

… lets face it, Syria is truly the last battleground for those who seek to be left alone in peace (Muslims, as well as the rest of the world, including the great powers of Russia and China) and those fascists parties who seek to maintain their uncontested control of the entire world (the west, led by three actual axis of evils states; United States, United Kingdom and France.

… a point of importance here– why not make a deal with the latter, the Jihadists: this strategy has greater promises than completely fighting these forces, since by turning them to supporting the existing status quo in return for a list of post-war ‘to be agreed conditions’ such as base, funds etc, then the war has more chance to change in projection and prediction.

The final question is, how long can the great rising powers of the east, Russia and China, continue to ‘play nice’ while the western fascists states approach the problem pro-actively, very energetically pro-active?

To sum up, this modern 21st century Spanish Civil War been waged in Syria will not only define the future of Islamic World but rather of that of the rest of the world (Africa is slowly been re-colonized with justifications for ”fighting local global-terrorists”, one intervention follows another; Somalia,Libya, Mali etc).
The Critical Questions are: will the axis of evil (western fascists of UK, US & France) again be allowed to easily and progressively put the entire world under their imperial control, or will the axis of resistance (China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah etc) stand up and say this is where you have to halt now? The answers to these two critical questions will truly define our future of either Total Fascism with almost zero resistance outlook or tolerable one of a Confined Fascism encircled with great many Painful Resistance across the world?

Enligt en facebook-grupp har Iran gett 20 fullt utrustade ambulanser som gåva åt Syrien .

syrianfreepress.wordpress.com – Syrian Engineering Army Corps defused car bomb with 1000 kilograms of explosives (video)

With the cooperation of the residents of an area in the suburbs of Damascus, a Unit of the Engineering Army Corps of has defused a car bomb stuffed with 1000 kilograms of explosives, and that was parked near the popular market.

Syrian News 16 dec. video

Al-Moallem Stresses to Amos: US, EU Sanctions on Syria Responsible for Syrians’ Sufferings.
– Bogdanov: Washington Turned away from Geneva Statement, Fanfare on Change in Russian Stance Is Deliberate
– Antioch: Journalists denounce practices of terrorists supported by Erdogan along Syrian- Turkish borders
– Salehi: What Western Countries and Some Regional Countries are Doing in Syria Violates All Humane Conventions and Values
– Army Responds to Terrorists’ Gunfire from Lebanese Territories on Border Checkpoints in Homs

‘US-led NATO arming death squads in Syria: Webster Tarpley

En talesperson för utrikesministeriet i Ukraina ska ha sagt att journalisten Anhar Kochneva lever. Hon kidnappades för många veckor sen av väpnade grupper i Syrien, och de hade hotat att döda henne i fredags om de inte fick de 50 miljoner dollar som de krävt – från facebookgruppen Free Anhar – som angav den här källan

Latest news on Anhar: The speaker of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Alexander Dikusarov UNN said in a comment that the Ukrainian journalist Ankhara Kochneva held in captivity in Syria – alive and well.
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