15 dec

A political analyst tells Press TV that Syrian opposition forces have no chance to overcome Syrian army and the United States sooner or later will come to this conclusion too. The comments came after Russia once again reiterated its stance on Syria, highlighting that there is no alternative to a political solution to resolve the unrest in the Arab state. Press TV has conducted an interview with Vyachestav Matuzov, political analyst from Moscow
Intervjun som text – US, opposition bent on using force in Syria

english.ruvr.ru – Russia, the West – different approaches to Syrian problem

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with representatives of the Syrian opposition in Moscow. During this meeting, Mr. Lavrov confirmed that Russia is ready to help the warring sides in Syria hold talks.
On the same day, a summit of the European Union supported that part of the Syrian opposition that is categorically against any talks with President Bashar Assad. Moreover, the summit’s participants practically openly gave it to understand that the EU itself does not want to hold any talks with President Assad.
The delegation that visited Moscow consisted of representatives of the so-called National Front for Changes and Liberation of Syria. Although this organization is opposed to President Assad, it is categorically against any violence and stands for peaceful talks between the president and the opposition. Moreover, it insists that the sooner this dialogue starts, the better.
The National Front fully backs the decisions of an international conference in Geneva, which took place on July 30, on how to solve the Syrian conflict.
However, it looks like now, the EU and the US are not going to follow the decisions of the Geneva conference. Some time ago, France recognized the National Coalition of Syrian opposition forces as the legitimate authorities of Syria. Later, the US did the same.
“I assess this step of the West as a serious obstacle for the implementation of the decisions of the Geneva conference,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says. “At that conference, Russia, China, the US, the EU and Arab countries worked out a peaceful scenario for solving the Syrian conflict. Now, this scenario is under a threat.”
“In fact, I was bewildered to learn that President Obama has recognized the coalition of the Syrian opposition as Syria’s legitimate authorities,” Mr. Lavrov continued. “This is obviously against the decisions of the Geneva conference. This position of the US can hardly be constructive for a dialogue between the incumbent regime and the opposition in Syria to start.”

kyivpost.com – US calling for release of Ukrainian journalist abducted by Syrian rebels

Washington is following the events around Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva abducted by rebels in Syria and calling for the release of the woman, U.S. Department of State Spokesman Patrick Ventrell has said.

John Robles – Western backed Free Syrian Army has crossed the line

For all of the cowboy diplomacy of the West and their macho bravado and military might the men hiding in their comfortable bunkers and command rooms and expensive suburban homes are slippery creatures who fight their battles by proxy and use pretexts designed and carried out in secret. They will therefore provide material and financial support to terrorist organizations such as the Free Syrian Army when it is expedient, but will they back away from their proxies now that they have stated “Let not a single Russian, Ukrainian or Iranian come out of Syria alive”?
The US Government has officially recognized an umbrella group of mainly foreign terrorist organizations, as the official representative of the Syrian people, and almost immediately the main US surrogate threatens to execute a Ukrainian woman journalist. IF you had doubts before, have no doubt now, these are not “freedom fighters” they are coward criminals. Who would execute a woman? Not even any self-respecting Muslim terrorist extremist would stoop so low.
The journalist who was kidnapped, Anhar Kochneva has been stationed in Syria for years and has been instrumental in getting the true picture out of Syria on many occasions, one reason why she is obviously a target for the West and its surrogates as they continue their information war to justify an invasion.


President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff on Friday stressed Brazil’s total support to the Russian stances on the crisis in Syria. After her meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Rousseff welcomed the efforts exerted by Moscow to solve the crisis in Syria.
”We Believe that the stances of Russia on the developments in the Middle East and particularly on the events in Syria are constructive. We share Russia the fears of military escalation in Syria,” she said.
In November the Brazilian government said that it will not recognize the Syrian opposition coalition formed in Doha.

Lebanon-Syria: Resistant Youth Forum kicks off in Banyas

The Resistant Youth Forum, organized by Banyas Youth Group, kicked off on Saturday in the city of Banyas, with the participation of political and media figures and representatives of Syrian and Lebanese political parties.
Participants in the forum said that what is happening in Syria is a conspiracy seeking to destroy the Syrian state because it’s a strong state that supports resistance, stressing that the conspirators and terrorists will fail in their goals and will not be able to undermine human dignity as their game is nearly over and Syria’s victory is almost at hand.
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