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8dagar.com – Kalla fötter

Men flera tecken tyder på att USA verkligen håller på att få kalla fötter. Hillary Clinton åker inte till Qatar-alliansens möte i Marrakesch förebärande magsjuka. New York Times skriver idag:
”Situationen i Syrien är synnerligen komplicerad, och president Obamas försiktiga motstånd mot militär intervention är rätt strategi. Som vi sett i Iran och Afghanistan är USA:s förmåga att påverka förloppet och resultatet av en väpnad konflikt, även efter att ha skickat ut tiotusentals soldater, avgjort begränsad.”
Tidningen förespråkar därför en förhandlingslösning för att ”begränsa blodsutgjutelsen”.
Läs också Glenn ER Robinbson i ”Foreign Policy” på samma tema.
En strimma av hopp, men antagligen är det naivt att tro att förnuftet för ovanlighets skull har segrat.

Syrian Perspective menar att påståenden om att ”rebeller” intagit en militärbas i närheten av Aleppo inte stämmer.

Från artikeln i Foreign Policy som det talas om i citatet ovan – Don’t Let the Syrian Rebels Win

What, then? It is not fashionable to say so, but a negotiated outcome remains the best solution to end the killing and prevent the worst elements from either side ruling Syria. An outright opposition victory would likely produce a momentary air of euphoria before the steep decline toward autocracy and darkness begin.

english.ruvr.ru – Russia urges Syrian opposition to unite on a constructive basis

Commenting on an upcoming meeting of the so-called Friends of Syria in Morocco, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that the Syrian opposition’s refusal to engage in talks with the government would hamper the search for a solution to the crisis.

english.ruvr.ru – Kiev demands freedom for kidnapped journalist – syrianews.cc – FSA Ultimatum about Anhar Kochneva

Ukraine has called on the Syrian authorities to take decisive steps to free Ankhar Kochneva, a Ukrainian journalist kidnapped in Syria on October 10.
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Dikusarov said Kiev expected more tangible results from regime’s action to secure a safe release of the Ukrainian.
“Ukraine demands an immediate release of Ankhar Kochneva and will take action to get the issue of violence against a civilian into international discussion,” Mr. Dikusarov said.
Ukraine hopes this act of rebel violence will be harshly condemned and punished by the international community, he added.

Press TV – US, Britain to assist militants in Syria: Report – vilket väl i klartext betyder att man ska sluta att låtsas som att man inte gör det – Secret Meeting in London: Plotting to Wage War on Syria without UN Authorization

The United States and Britain have decided to provide military assistance to the militants fighting the Syrian government, a report says.
A Monday report by the Independent said the head of the British Armed Forces, General Sir David Richards, held a secret meeting in London a few weeks ago with military officials from France, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates as well as an American general.

It further claimed that the US, Britain, and France have ‘pledged not to perform ground operation or deploy forces in Syria,’ but their training camps will reportedly be set up in Turkey where they can train militants near the Syrian border.
The countries also believe that any military action against Syria should be carried out without the authorization of the United Nations due to likely opposition on the part of China and Russia, who will likely refuse to back a resolution against Assad’s government.
Recent reports also showed that the US is planning to provide logistical assistance and sophisticated weapons for the militants fighting the Syrian government.
The reports said a wide range of modern weapons would be sent to Syria through Washington’s regional allies, such as Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Video 9 min – Syria News 11.12.2012
Syrian Network of Human Rights: condemn the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against children, warn against bringing up a generation accustomed to violance and terrorism, we call on UNICEF to condemn these crimes,
* Al-Kindi Hospital and External Road of Aleppo Airport Cleared from Terrorists
* Four Snipers Killed in Aqraba, Damascus Countryside
* Turkish and Foreign Terrorists Killed in Bustan al-Basha, Aleppo
* Popular March in al-Maadi in Aleppo Demands Expulsion of Terrorist Groups
* Churkin: Opposition Fighters in Syria Use Anti-aircraft Missiles Smuggled from Libya
* Political Crisis in Egypt Turns to a Military Crisis with Economic Repercussions

Press TV – Paris confirms presence of aircraft carrier in waters outside Syria

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told BFMTV on Tuesday that although French Marines are onboard the vessel, it does not mean that France is preparing for a military intervention in Syria.
He, however, justified the presence of the French aircraft carrier in waters just outside Syria as part of Paris’ policy to maintain military readiness in the face of any threat.
The French minister also said that the vessel is not conducting a military exercise in the region.
USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group and at least five British warships, which are also carrying a large marine force, are also in the region.

Syrian National Coalition an attempt to grab power for West: Analyst, Press TV has interviewed Mr. James Corbett, Editor of Corbettreport.comvideo

Press TV: The recognition of the so-called Syrian National Coalition as the sole representative of the Syria opposition by Germany goes in stark contrast of the slogans of democracy that they’re perpetrating because this is the recognition of a foreign-backed and a foreign formed opposition group, which was done on foreign land.
Where is the will of the Syrian people here?
Corbett: Well that’s a very excellent question and I think it goes to the very heart of the issue.
What we saw earlier in this debacle was the Syrian National Council, which was touted as being the voice of the opposition in Syria, but of course that was a fraud from the beginning and eventually they had to abandon their support of that because they realized that it had no international legitimacy.
So basically they are trying to build up this new Syrian National Coalition that isn’t anything other than an international attempt to grab power.

Press TV – Ankara facing deadlock over Syria crisis: Opposition

The leader of Turkey’s opposition Nationalist Movement Party has criticized the government for its policy on the situation in neighboring Syria.

Ismail Salami – “Military Voyeurism” or Invasion of Syria? French Special Forces Team Up with Foreign Backed Terrorists

As part of the sinister plan for Syria at work, French military agents have recently held face-to-face meetings with the foreign-backed militants inside the country in a bid to “assess the situation on the ground.”
A report carried by French paper Le Figaro on Friday indicates that “Their main task was to know who controls the battlegrounds around Damascus.”
It seems that a West-orchestrated plan to invade the country is under way and that they are teaming up and gearing up for united military action against the country.
The report adds that the meetings were held last month with the full knowledge of the French government and that the French government wants to know the “operational capacity of each group” and their “political colors.”

Fabricating WMD “Evidence”: Israeli Covert Operation inside Syria to “Track Chemical Arsenal”

Om den groteska video (det ursprungliga youtube-klippet har tagits bort, ett nytt finns som man måste logga in för att se) som visar en minderårig som uppmanas hugga huvudet av en fånge, som jag länkade till igår. Och som man inte nödvändigtvis behöver titta på, men som man kan skicka en länk till, till t.ex. alla i den svenska regeringen och riksdagen, vilka av någon outgrundlig anledning till varje pris tycks vilja klamra sig fast vid bilden av att problemen i Syrien beror på en grym diktator!
8dagar.com – Barn lär sig halshugga Assadanhängare – syrianews.cc – Spiegel Online changed, yet once again, the truth to propaganda

Italian report about minorities

A documentary about the situation of Christians and other minorities in Syria and the risk of extremism that is imported and strengthened from other countries especially from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya Afghanistan and others.

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