10 dec

FN-förhandlaren Brahimi uttrycker vissa förhoppningar om en uppgörelse som kan få slut på våldet i Syrien, efter överläggningar med representanter för USA och Ryssland.
Samtidigt skriver Syrien i ett brev till FN-chefen att man hyser farhågor om att landet ska utsättas för en false flag-operation med hjälp av kemiska vapen.
OCH…! De länder som ger stöd och vapen åt ”rebellerna” undervisar dessa rebeller i hur man hanterar kemiska vapen, i Jordanien och Turkiet!
Enligt – cnn.com – Syria to U.N.: ‘Serious fear’ it will be framed for the use of chemical weapons

On Sunday, the joint United Nations and Arab League envoy on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, said a political solution is still possible even though the situation is ”bad and getting worse.”
Brahimi’s comments came after a meeting with U.S. and Russian diplomats.
He released a statement saying the meeting ”explored avenues to move forward a peaceful process and mobilize greater international action in favour of a political solution to the Syrian crisis.”

Meanwhile, Syria accused the United States of working to frame the country for using chemical weapons, according to Syrian state-run media.
”The U.S. administration has consistently worked over the past year to launch a campaign of allegations on the possibility that Syria could use chemical weapons during the current crisis,” the Foreign Ministry wrote in letters to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency reported.
”What raises concerns about this news circulated by the media is our serious fear that some of the countries backing terrorism and terrorists might provide the armed terrorist groups with chemical weapons and claim that it was the Syrian government that used the weapons,” SANA quoted the letters as saying.

The United States and European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles, according to a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats.
The training is taking place in Jordan and Turkey, and involves how to monitor and secure stockpiles and handle weapons sites and materials, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the issue.
Some of the contractors are in Syria working with the rebels to monitor some of the sites, one of the officials said.

english.ruvr.ru – Ukrainian journalist life threatened in Syria

Syrian militants are threatening to execute journalist Ankhar Kochneva. They are demanding 50 million U.S. dollars for her life. The ultimatum that was signed by the field commanders of the paramilitary wing of the opposition Free Syrian Army expires on December 13th.

Christof Lehmann – Saudi Arabia commits War Crime by Forced Use of Prisoners in Syria Insurgency

An official and classified Saudi Arabian document reveals that the government of Saudi Arabia releases its most dangerous prisoners who are sentenced to death under the condition that they take part in the attempted subversion in Syria. The practice constitutes a serious war crime. Earlier in 2012 PRESS TV and Al Alam journalist Maya Naser was assassinated shortly after he began investigating the same crime being committed by Turkish authorities.

voltairenet.org – New plan to invade Syria

France, the United Kingdom, Israel and Qatar have prepared yet another plan for intervention in Syria. 6000 new jihadists, including 4000 from Lebanon, should be poised to attack the upscale Mezzeh neighborhood south of Damascus, home to many embassies and where several top military and civilian officials reside. An incident involving chemical weapons across the country is set to increase the tension. A traitorous general would then claim to have seized power and call to the West for help, thus providing a pretext for military intervention outside the UN mandate.
Several military coup attempts have been orchestrated by the West during the current year. All have failed and there is nothing to suggest that it will be any different this time.
Time is running out for those states opposed to the Geneva peace plan concluded between the U.S. and Russia, since it should be presented to the Security Council in February, that is just after the endorsement by the U.S. Senate of the new Obama administration. Therefore, during the forthcoming two months, all kinds of coup attempts should be expected.

Intervju med Thierry Meyssan – Thierry Meyssan: ”Syrian terrorists were trained by the KLA in Kosovo”

Geopolitika: What do the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar hope to accomplish by toppling President al-Assad?
Thierry Meyssan: Each member state of the coalition has its own interest in this war and believes it can be satisfied, even though these interests are sometimes contradictory.
At the political level, there is the desire to break the ”Axis of Resistance to Zionism” (Iran-Iraq-Syria-Hezbollah-Palestine). There is also the desire to continue the ”remodeling of the broader Middle East.”
But the most important issues are economic: huge reserves of natural gas have been discovered in the south-eastern Mediterranean. The center of this deposit is near Homs in Syria (more precisely, à Qara).

Last June, Sergey Lavrov brokered a peace plan in Geneva. It was postponed unilaterally by the United States, but should ultimately be implemented by Barack Obama during his second term. It provides for the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force, mainly composed of CSTO troops. In addition, it allows the continuation in power of Bashar al-Assad if the Syrian people decide through the ballot box.

Syrian political activist Yazan Abdallah shared with RT information that jihadist groups inside Syria might use chemical weapons to conduct ”ethnic cleansing” against certain sectarian groups.
Videon som text – ‘Patriot missiles in Turkey will tighten rebel grip on Syrian north’

Webster Tarpley om läget i Syrien, och lite om ekonomin i USA.

Russia Today – True danger from Syrian chemical weapons is if militants acquire them – Russian FM

The biggest threat surrounding Syria’s chemical weapons is their “probable acquisition by militants,” Lavrov said.
“According to our information, and this information we pass to our US colleagues, and European colleagues, [the Syrian] government does not have such intentions and cannot have, because this is all very serious,” the minister said on Sunday.
Russia took seriously the rumors surrounding Syria’s chemical weapons and sought clarity from the Syrian government, and is passing on this information to other nations, Lavrov explained.
“It is not the first time when reports, that can be called rumors or leak, suggesting Syrian government moves reserves of chemical weapon from places where it is being storage to different locations and prepares to use it, emerge,” he said.

German Newspaper: USA is pressuring NATO to carry out Dirty War in Syria

During a dinner for NATO foreign ministers on Tuesday evening NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen talked about the situation in Syria and about the conflict with Iran over the street of Hormuz in a way that one participant characterized as “beating the drums of war”.
As multiple sources confirmed to the Süddeutsche Zeitung Rasmussen said with regards to the situation in Syria and the western dependency on the oil supply through the street of Hormuz that NATO must not “bury its head in the sand”.
As was clear to everyone at the table what he meant: NATO should prepare for a military intervention in Syria. Politically this would be a radical change of NATO’s current course which excluded any intervention in Syria.
Rasmussen was supported by the foreign minister from Turkey and Great Britain as well as the American Hillary Clinton.

sana-syria.com – Follow-up Committee of Tehran National Dialogue Conference Calls for Finding Peaceful Solution to Crisis in Syria

Member of People’s Assembly, Faisal Azouz, expressed hope that this meeting will complete what was started at Tehran Conference ”based on the participation of all parties and not excluding any political force that rejects violence.”
He called for making this conference the starting point to launch an expanded dialogue that includes all the Syrians to rescue Syria.

infowars.com – Video: Syrian Rebels Make Child Behead Prisoner

Intervju med syrier boende i Frankrike – vice.com – Not All Syrians Side With the Rebels

Don’t you think Syrian people only wanted to follow the path of countries like Tunisia or Libya?
Mustapha: Apart from the Muslim brothers, most of the rebels are not even from Syria. I come from Aleppo, so let’s take my city as an example. The German weekly newspaper Die Welt published a note by the BND – the German secret service – estimating that 95 percent of the rebels occupying the city came from Turkish rear bases where Islam fighters from all over the world gather before going to war.

I see. In terms of brutality, though, don’t you think the government is going way too far?
Khaled: Again, this is misinformation. Let’s look at the Houla massacre of last May, for instance. Out of 108 killed, 39 were close family members to an elected representative of the Ba’ath party, including his brother, his sister-in-law and their kids. Twenty others were trying to protect them and the remaining 50 were part of the attacking forces. The media then said that 108 people were killed by governmental forces and published terrifying pictures to emphasise the situation. It’s ridiculous.
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