9 dec

english.ruvr.ru – Brahimi holds ‘constructive’ talks with U.S. and Russia on Syria crisis

International mediator Lakhdar Brahimi said after talks with senior U.S. and Russian officials on Sunday that they had agreed it was still possible to find a political solution to the deepening crisis in Syria.
”The meeting was constructive and held in a spirit of cooperation. It explored avenues to move forward a peaceful process and mobilise greater international action in favour of a political solution to the Syrian crisis,” Brahimi said in a statement issued at the end of all-day talks in Geneva.

english.ruvr.ru – Damascus smoldering war zone

Syrian government troops continue to heavily engage rebels in southern and northeastern Damascus and some of the city’s outlying suburbs.
In the south, security forces have successfully flushed out Islamist radicals from several strategic neighbourhoods. In the northeast, thick black smoke can be seen rising into the sky.
According to the Al-Watan news service, the recent battle east of Syria’s second city Aleppo cost the rebels about a thousand lives.

english.ruvr.ru – Military intervention in Syria ‘possible’ – Russian experts

Expert on the Middle East, Viktor Nadein-Rayevsky, told the Voice of Russia that the intervention could be staged in a way to look like the opposition’s offensive with foreign mercenaries taking part in the operation.
There is also a risk that Turkey and some other countries bordering Syria could get involved in the conflict, the expert said, citing Ankara`s plans to deploy Patriot missiles on its border.
“Constructive negotiations is the only way to settle the crisis”, he said.

english.ruvr.ru – Obama is under increasing pressure on Syria, Dmitry Trenin, the Director of Carnegie Moscow Center, about situation in Syria and position of US, Russia on this issue

I believe that the US is coming closer and closer to the resolution of the Syrian issue, either through diplomatic channels by forging an accord with Russia on transition away from Assad to the opposition or, if that fails, by the means of military force.

Russia will not allow Libyan scenario in Syria: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has expressed Moscow’s strong opposition to repetition of the Libyan scenario in the conflict-stricken Syria, stressing that the Kremlin will not allow such a thing happen again.
“We’ll not allow the Libyan experience to be reproduced in Syria. Unfortunately our Western partners have departed from the Geneva accords and are seeking the departure of [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad,” RIA Novosti news agency quoted Lavrov as saying on Sunday.

doldanyheter.wordpress.com – Ryssland kommer inte att tillåta en upprepning av det libyska scenariot i Syrien

world.time.com – If You Thought Benghazi Was Bad, Watch Syria

Which brings us to Syria. Qatar, for one, has made no bones about its intention to continue arming Syrian rebels until Bashar Assad and his regime fall. The evidence so far is anecdotal, but I’ve heard enough of it to believe that much of the Qatari aid is going to factions of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood – and probably also militant Syrian Salafis. With Syria’s stocks of chemical weapons potentially in play, the regional threat from armed and empowered Salafis is greater in Syria than in Libya.
Now that we’ve violated the iron law of covert action — that when there’s no oversight, money and weapons end up in the wrong hands — it’s time to change course. I’d recommend sitting down with all the players in the region, including Iran, to figure out how to cauterize the mess. And in case I haven’t made my point, blindly dumping more arms into the Middle East isn’t going to solve anything.

West seeks prolonged armed conflict in Syria: Analyst, Interview with Isa Chaer, member of the Syrian Social Club

Press TV: Do you think by these rumors that are coming out of the West, that basically they are trying to up the ante as for as pressure on Damascus and even trying to perhaps force the Moscow’s hand into changing its perspective?
Chaer: Absolutely that is their positions because they are working with the oppositions all the time and the West see that prolonging this conflict would be of benefit to their interests in the region.
I do not see the West is working towards a peaceful resolve to this conflict. On the contrary they are working towards prolonging it and towards trying to create what is known as a safe haven where their interest would be promoted.
In terms of putting pressures on the government and putting pressure on the Russians, they have tried this in the past and they keep on trying this but we have to look at the element, the media element of the West.
The West knows very, very clearly that putting boots on the ground and I have heard it today from the former Defense Secretary Malcolm Rifkind that the West knows any boots on the ground, any creation of safe havens, any further arming of the militant groups, groups that knows their affiliations with terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda would be detrimental to the interest of the West and countries like the UK, US and France and Germany.
So in reality they know very well that this is not to their interest but they are playing the role of the media excitement to try and put some kind of pressure on Russia and on the Syrian government …

Syria: Syrian Rebels Tied to Al Qaeda Play Key Role in War: NYT

  1. #1 av Kerstin på 10 december, 2012 - 03:13

    Vill bara tacka dig för den jätteinsats du gör för att balansera medias propaganda.

    • #2 av Stan på 10 december, 2012 - 16:56

      Tack själv! Frågan är om en svängning från västs sida verkligen är på gång. Det är ju svårt att tänka sig, men kanske inte uteslutet heller. Västmedierna tycks ha en lite annan ton nu än tidigare.


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