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Kan det vara så att pratet om kemiska vapen och hoten om anfall och amerikanska krigsfartyg vid Syriens kust och påståenden om att de väpnade gängen har framgångar, är ägnat att ge USA/väst en möjlighet att komma fram till en överenskommelse med Ryssland som kan få slut på våldet i Syrien, utan att det ska se ut som ett förnedrande nederlag för USA med allierade?

nytimes.com – Clinton Addresses Syria With Russian Counterpart

Diplomatic efforts to end Syria’s civil war moved forward Thursday with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton joining Russia’s foreign minister and the U.N. peace envoy to the Arab country for extraordinary three-way talks that suggested Washington and Moscow might finally unite behind a strategy as the Assad regime weakens.

On the sidelines of a human rights conference, Clinton gathered with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and mediator Lakhdar Brahimi to look for a strategy the international community could rally around to end Syria’s 21-month civil war. The former Cold War foes have fought bitterly over how to address the conflict, but Clinton stressed before the meeting that they shared a common goal.
”We have been trying hard to work with Russia to try to stop the bloodshed in Syria and start a political transition for a post-Assad Syrian future,” Clinton told reporters in Dublin.

8dagar.com – Vem förbereder giftkrig?

President Obama har sagt att USA kan intervenera militärt om Syrien tillgriper kemiska vapen i sin krigföring mot upprorsmännen, som till stor del är utländska legosoldater.
Det är detsamma som att utfästa en belöning till de rebellstyrkor som först kan göra troligt att giftgas kommit till användning – vilket naturligtvis måste vara Assads fel.
I en video på YouTube hävdar Den fria syriska armén att den förbereder kemiska vapen. Sekvensen visar en person klädd i mask som gasar två kaniner i ett laboratorium.

Från facebook – och Press TV – Chemical Weapons, West excuse for war on Syria: Official – och swedish.ruvr.ru – Ramaskri kring kemiska vapen i Syrien – svepskäl för ingrepp

Foreign minister Faisal Madqaq alleged that the US and its European allies are spreading rumors about Syria preparing to use chemical weapons in order to justify an invasion.
”Syria stresses again, for the tenth, the hundredth time, that if we had such weapons, they would not be used against its people. We would not commit suicide,” said Maqdad.
Madqaq instead alleged that the US and its European allies may have actually given chemical weapons to ”terrorist organizations in Syria, in order to claim later that Syria is the one that used these weapons.”
For information: If you want to know where FSA gangs can get chemical weapons for provocation, just find reports from Libya in 2011.

Syria’s military is preparing to use chemical weapons against rebels, and is awaiting final orders from President Assad according to un-named US officials quoted in the American media. Washington says THAT would be all the reason it needs to intervene in the conflict. And as RT’s Middle East correspondent Paula Slier reports, the timing of these unsubstantiated WMD revelations may not be coincidence.
Also, RT talks to Dr. Ali Mohamad, the editor in chief of the Syria Tribune online magazine.

Paul Joseph Watson, infowars.com – Drudge Chides Obama Over “Hysterical” Syria WMD Rhetoric

Matt Drudge chided President Obama over his increasingly “hysterical” rhetoric regarding the supposed WMD threat posed by Syria in a tweet that harked back to Colin Powell’s infamous UN appearance which relied on fabricated evidence to justify the invasion of Iraq.
Obama playing up ‘WMD’ threat in Syria is bold and hysterical. Who will go to UN to show ‘evidence’ this time? Maybe one of the Rices…

The sudden deluge of hysteria suggesting, “The Syrian military is prepared to use chemical weapons against its own people and is awaiting final orders from President Bashar Assad,” is based entirely on dubious claims by anonymous “US officials”.
Indeed, the only evidence that suggests chemical weapons may be in preparation for use in Syria comes from a video which apparently shows US-backed Syrian rebels testing chemical weapons on rabbits in a lab while bragging about how they will deploy them to kill pro-Assad Allawites.

Press TV – US aircraft carrier arrives off Syria coast: Report – strategic-culture.org – Thousands of American troops near Syrian shore on USS Eisenhower

American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower has reportedly arrived near the Syrian coastal waters in the Mediterranean Sea in stormy weather, raising concerns about a potential US bid for military intervention in Syria.

nyhetsbanken.se – USA svartlistar syriska terrorister

Från Nato hörs just nu mycket doublespeak, orwellska dubbla budskap.
Å ena sidan antyds alltmer att Syriens Assad skulle ha laddat sina bomber med giftgaser, och i den händelse något sådant skulle komma till användning har president Obama sagt att en öppen militär intervention är motiverad.
Uppgifterna är helt ounderbyggda. Det är ett försök att kopiera mediataktiken som ledde fram till invasionen av Irak. Då hänvisade Bush och Blair lögnaktigt till att Irak skulle ha massförintelsevapen och gasattacker mot kurder i Halabja spelade sin roll.
I och med att Obama kopplat ”löftet” om intervention till gaskrig finns ett starkt incitament hos terrorgrupper att organisera någon form av gasprovokation.
Emellertid tycks det också finnas en mer realistisk fraktion i State Department, som inser att USA:s allians med terrorgrupper som al Qaida i Syrien är en belastning.
Enligt Daily Telegraph förbereder sig USA och andra västländer för att lägga till en syrisk jihadist-grupp till en lista över förbjudna terroristorganisationer. Det amerikanska utrikesdepartementet planerar att lägga Jabhat al-Nusra, Nusrafronten, till sin lista över utländska terroristgrupper.

Självmordsattacker och bilbomber har dödat eller lemlästat hundratals civila. En ledande medlem av Nusrafronten berättade för Daily Telegraph förra veckan att gruppen använde självmordsbombningar och halshuggningar. Målet är att skapa en islamisk stat, inte bara i Syrien, utan i hela arabvärlden.

Intervju med Diana Johnstone – Sanctions are a form of warfare used by the U.S. and allies

Q: What’s your perspective on the NATO’s plans for going into war with Syria and the role Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are playing in the fomentation of unrest in the country? …
Diana Johnstone: Clearly there are divisions in Washington about getting involved in new wars. There are leading politicians who want war, and high ranking military officers who are against it. The politicians decide, but they have to pay attention to what the military consider possible. So far, the United States prefers to let Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey do the dirty work in Syria, with help from the CIA. This at least weakens Iran’s ally and is thus part of the undeclared war against Iran. I cannot predict the course of a policy which seems to me completely irrational. The world should be grateful to Russia for its statesmanlike efforts to stop the drift toward World War III.

Elena Gromova – French Colonisers Have Not Accepted The Loss Of Their Colony

History stutters: the new leader of the Syrian National Coalition, knighted by the West, is none other than the grand-son of one of the chief collaborators of the French occupation of Syria in the 20s. Formerly, the French colonial power resorted to religious leaders to teach submission to the people under its domination; today it relies on clerics to overthrow the secular regime of the Syrian Arab Republic.
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