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Russia Today – At least 15 people dead and dozens wounded in car bomb blast in Homs, Syria

english.ruvr.ru – What implications could have Patriot missile deployment on Turkish-Syrian border?, Gennady Yevstafyev, independent analyst and retired Lieutenant General of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, about possible implication of Patriot missile deployment on Turkish-Syrian border.

Well, it is very difficult to predict what is going to happen. But in my personal opinion the Syrian tragedy is entering the final stage and now we are at the crossroads. Either we, I mean the international community, make a deal and we will find a peaceful solution or there will be further bloodshed and foreign intervention, and the growth of terrorist groups, and invasion into the Syrian territory. And in the long run the dismantlement of Syria as a unitary state.
So, Turkey which started to play this game I think made a principal strategic mistake. Instead of making deal and keeping its prestige and influence in the area it has chosen to play the game of a leader of Islamic forces and it has come to Sunni pressure and decided that it would be better served if Syria is dismantled, dismembered – and it is playing this game.

They are not of a long range, they are intercepting within the range of 60 to 150 miles, not more than that. And they are not a very sophisticated weapon. But the problem is – after you station this you make people believe this is nothing dangerous and then you substitute this with the more sophisticated and more effective weapons as a part of modernization of armed forces.
I can’t understand why there is such a concentration of antimissile defense in the area of the ME. You have fantastic forces located in Israel. You have plans to locate them in Bulgaria, Romania. You are planning to locate something in Poland. Then, you are now trying to involve Turkey in the system. So, what is the final purpose of this? Because it is very hard to believe that Syria is presenting a threat or military risk from this point of view.

doldanyheter.wordpress.com – Syrien: strider pågår vid utkanten av Damaskus

I Syrien just nu pågår en hård kamp för huvudstaden Damaskus.
Syriens armé strider hårt mot ”oppositionen” söder och öster om Damaskus, som är omringad av ca 40 000 rebeller. Detta för att kunna återställa ”säkerhetszon” i området med radie 5-8 km från Syriens huvudstad.

Libanesisk rörelse Al-Manar (liknande Hizbollah) meddelar att rebellernas attack mot Damaskus har misslyckats tack vare hjälp till Syriens armé från den ryska underrättelsetjänsten, som har ”bidragit till nederlag”. Armén informerades om rebellernas planer 3 dagar innan den planerade operationen.
Brittiska källor som Al-Manar kännetecknar som ”pålitlig” och ”välinformerad” sa att attacken skulle börja på lördag morgon.
Planen har utvecklats av Turkiet i samarbete med CIA och inkluderade en samtidig attack på den internationella flygplatsen i Damaskus samt militära flygfält och Mezza och Sayyed Zainab.
Dessa planer omintetgjordes av ett förebyggande anfall.

syrianews.cc – The Syrian Arab army continues its operations against the NATO groups

The Syrian Arab army continues its operations against the NATO groups in Aleppo and Damascus. The collapse of telecommunications and the Internet should be partly due to attacks of these groups among others in the Syrian city of Douma (about 10 km North-East of Damascus).
As already mentioned several times, this tactic corresponds to the requirements of the U.S. Army for the “unconventional warfare” and was already applied in Damascus and Aleppo. Armed gangs, which were trained, equipped and financed in Turkey, were smuggled across the borders to Syria and were labeled as Syrians (“FSA / defectors”).
Their task was to perform attacks on leading Syrian representatives, Syrian transmitters and journalists, telecommunications, radar and military installations. We remember the gruesome images like when the “freedom fighters’’ threw postal workers off the roof.

Syria: Kreml TV from Darayya, Damascus

We continue our online reporting from the front lines in Syria. This time from the suburb of Damascus – Darayya.

Together with the Syrian army soldiers, we are at the front line. You can watch all of this with your own eyes!

Bilder från Damaskus, denna helgen verkar det som, från friendsofsyria.wordpress.com – The Side of Damascus that You Won’t See

nyhetsbanken.se – Irak fördömer inblandning i Syrien

Iraks premiärminister Nouri al-Maleki förvånar än en gång världen genom att som förmodad ”USA-marionett” gå emot Washington. Han kritiserar de länder som beväpnar de syriska rebeller som kämpar mot president Bashar al-Assads regering.
”Jag uppmanar dem att inte stödja oppositionen i Syrien genom avancerade vapen, som nu även börjat strömma till Irak,” sa al-Maleki på en presskonferens idag lördag.
Premiärministern tillade att Irak har åtagit sig att ”respektera den irakiska konstitutionen som förbjuder att vapen passerar över irakiskt territorium”.
Han avvisade samtidigt krav från USA på inspektera alla iranska plan på väg till Syrien och förklarade att detta var omöjligt.

Mer om de nya bevisen för de libanesiska politikernas inblandning i fientligheterna mot Syrien – Hariri and Sakr Caught Red-Handed

The exploits of Future MP Okab Sakr have not been limited to providing arms to Syrian opposition fighters. The recordings obtained by Al-Akhbar have also shed light on his pivotal role in closely following up on military operations in Syria, even personally leading military operations rooms spread throughout Turkey and Lebanon.

The first batch of recordings contained enough evidence to establish the involvement of former prime minister Saad Hariri and Future Movement MP Okab Sakr in the ongoing bloody conflict in Syria. As Al-Akhbar revealed earlier this week, Sakr and Hariri have not only been providing weapons and logistical support to the armed Syrian opposition; they have also been directing military operations remotely, and allegedly using the Syrian civil war to pursue their own interests with little or no thought for the collateral damage.


presstv.ir – 15 killed, 24 injured in Homs car bombing – en.rian.ru – Blast Kills 15 in Syria’s Homs

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian troops hammer rebel positions near Damascus (men man har ”Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” som källa till sina uppgifter, samma man som har matat västmedierna med sin ensidiga propaganda de senaste snart 2 åren)

slut på uppdateringen ____________

english.ruvr.ru – Syria airport road reopens as fights continue

Fighting continues in Syria between army and militants to seize control over an area of 8 km to the south-east of Damascus.
The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) says that ‘hundreds of militants and mercenaries have been killed outside the city’.
The army has regained control over the road which links Damascus and the international airport, al-Watan news agency reports.
It means that foreign airliners can resume flights to Syria. Fights continue in the oil and gas rich province of Deir ez-Zor on the Iraqi border.
On Saturday the army ousted militants from the Omar oil field.
Currently, an operation is taking place led by the Syrian government forces to regain control of Bustan Al Basha district in Aleppo, where the opposition’s headquarters had been destroyed.

Christof Lehmann – NATO Terror in Damascus failed to secure Damascus Airport

Several units of predominantly foreign terrorists initiated an attack on the civilian airport of Damascus. The attack was initiated when several rockets were fired into the airport. Some of the missiles hit the main runway, causing intermediate closure of the airport. Egyptair and Emirates cancelled all flights to and out of Damascus and it is so far uncertain if or when the airlines continue operating out of Damascus.
Terrorists and Syrian military forces engaged in heavy battles in the Harran al-Awamid district near the airport as well as in Babila and Hijaira, south of Damascus. Terrorist units succeeded at blocking the main roads to and from the airport but were dispelled by the Syrian military. The primary objective of the coordinated attacks was most likely to secure the airport of Damascus. Another objective may have been to secure an area close enough to the airport for being able to deploy the SAM-7 and Stiner Missiles that have been distributed to the insurgents via Turkey, and which have been delived by the post-coup government of Libya.

There is cause to assume that NATO Special Operations Groups are involved in attempts to organize a coordinated attack on Damascus. There is also good reason to assume that the internet, telephone, and to some extend media blackout will be used for disseminating disinformation with the aim to destabilize the Syrian government.

kreml-TV, video från 29 nov – Syria – Panorama of the Fights in Douma and Harasta

In the middle of the day on Thursday, all of Syria has lost its internet and mobile communication.
At this time I have tried in vain to upload a broadcast. The huge column of black smoke over Harasta, the series of explosions in Douma, and the computer has stubbornly refused to go online.
For more than two days, Syria was completely disconnected from the global network (internet).
During this time, an attempt to take the highway to the Damascus International airport by the militalts was repulsed and the ”rebels” have suffered substantial losses.

syrianews.cc – A Big Battle Looming in Damaskus?

A prominent opposition person, closely associated with the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), estimates that the number of fighters that have entered the Damascus district is close to 40,000, they have a huge arsenal of weapons and ammunition, and they are battle ready for an extended period as they have secure supply lines despite the aerial bombing, and this will likely allow a different outcome for the second battle of Damascus.

The circular clearly hints to a scenario of a huge ambush that the Syrian Government is possibly preparing for the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) by pretending that it is has been overwhelmed and is retreating only to turn around later and strike devastatingly.

New video footage has surfaced online showing foreign-backed insurgents in Syria killing 10 unarmed Syrian prisoners.
Press TV has conducted an interview with Eric Draitser, founder of stopimperialism.com
intervjun som text

dailystar.com.lb – Syria Jihadis slay captives in video – Press TV – Video shows insurgents executing unarmed Syrian prisoners videon som det talas om

New footage posted on the Internet appears to have been filmed by a Syrian rebel who points the camera along the barrel of his gun as he executes 10 unarmed prisoners.
The grisly video, posted on YouTube Thursday, shows 10 men wearing T-shirts and camouflage trousers lying face down next to a building and a lookout tower. Even before the shooting, two of the men are not moving and one has blood coming from his torso.

Om turerna kring en annan massaker, den i Houla i maj. Hur man genast går ut i medierna och ger en bild av att regeringstrupper ligger bakom, och sen försöker dölja rapporter som motsäger detta –
Ronda Hauben – US-NATO Sponsored Crimes against Humanity in Syria. Coverup by UN Human Rights Council, Why is the UNSMIS Houla Report Missing?

Video med Morris som intervjuar Lebanese Girl om det som nämndes i inlägget 30 nov nedan, bevis på att libanesiska politiker är inblandande i att förse de väpnade gängen i Syrien med vapen.

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