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Press TV – Bomb blast hits Syria’s Damascus, casualties feared

Två inlägg på kreml-TV med videor – Syria: Video from Harasta – 1 December och Syria, Damascus: Internet is working again

english.ruvr.ru – Moscow intensifying efforts to settle crisis in Syria

Moscow is intensifying efforts to settle the crisis in Syria. President Putin will raise the issue of the Syria settlement during his visit to Turkey on December 3rd. Russia’s stand regarding the deployment of NATO missiles on the Turkish-Syrian border will be made public at the session of the Russia-NATO Council in Brussels on December 4th. Also this week Moscow and the Syrian opposition have coordinated the approaches to the ways to achieve armistice in Syria.
The nuances of the positions on Syria will be discussed during Putin’s visit to Ankara, Russian Presidential Aid Yuri Ushakov said. Moscow’s objective is to prove that its stand on a settlement in Syria, as of today, has great prospects and is the most principled one, he said. Yuri Ushakov believes that the exchange of opinions should iron out the differences between Russia and Turkey and promote mutual understanding.

Tony Cartalucci – Syria’s Internet Outage & the Future of Information Warfare, It’s not that Syria’s government didn’t prepare for war. They perhaps, simply prepared for the wrong kind of war

This week when sweeping outages in Syria’s communication networks were reported, the Western media immediately accused the Syrian government of being behind the move. However, it should be noted that NATO-backed terrorists operating inside of Syria have been openly given advanced communication equipment (also here and here) by Western nations, including the United States, allowing militants to create their own, independent communication networks. This includes radio, satellite, and cell networks, as well as the under-reported existence of ”suitcase Internets” (also here and here).
The reason a communications blackout in Syria would not effect NATO’s primary proxy forces is because any node or bottleneck in Syria controlled by the government has already long since been circumvented, either through independent networks, or satellite links.

Från igår – Bomb blast destroys Press TV cars in Syria

Ännu en video med Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar Al-Jafari från FN igår (det finns en i föregående inlägg)

Egentligen förtjänar inte sådana som Fredrik Malm och Jan Helin att ges någon uppmärksamhet överhuvudtaget, men här är ett exempel på hyckleriet om demokrati och yttrandefrihet! – http://www.8dagar.comCensurpolisen Fredrik Malm (fp) slår till

Fredrik Malm är en oerhört infernalisk folkpartist. Han ligger inte på latsidan.
Nu hade han nosat upp att Syriensolidaritet hade ordnat en diskussion på Socialistiskt forum om folkrätten och Syrienkriget. Vips gick han till angrepp och Aftonbladet ställde villigt upp som medium och ABF kunde inte annat än ducka och inställa arrangemanget, bidragsboeroende som de är.
Fredrik Malm skrev till Aftonbladets Jan Helin som genast tryckte på gillaknappen …

Nedanstående citat ger en bra bild av hur kampanjen mot Syrien redan från början byggde på medialögner. En Reuters-journalist ljuger om vad en sårad armésoldat säger i mars-april 2011. Soldaten säger att de blev beskjutna av någon från demonstrantgruppen, medan ”journalisten” påstår att soldaten säger att en officer skjutit honom för att han vägrat skjuta mot demonstranter! Fredrik Malm, har du sett det här!? från – Syrian Perspective

Arabi Souri has left a new comment on your post ”SECOND POST – NOVEMBER 28, 2012 – FIRST MEETING OF…”:
You know Khaled Oweis who is Reuters bureau head in Damascus is one of the main reasons why the Syrian state decided to expel all foreign media out of Syria to preserve the truth there?
He was detained at the beginning of the events after a report he made from Daraa interviewing an injured soldier and putting words in the fainting soldier’s mouth, soldiers says in weak voice: ‘We were shot at from the side of protesters’, Oweis repeats in higher voice: ‘Your officer shot at you because you refused to shoot at protesters?’ soldier trying to gather his strength: ‘No, the protesters were shooting at us’., Oweis repeats again: ‘So the officer was from the security and not your commander?’ and the interview was aired with Oweis’s voice only on Al Jazeera, Arabiya et al.
Well, Oweis’s bad luck was the presence of none else than the Syrian state TV cameraman who caught the conversation on video and when he saw the twisted version he delivered the tape to the ministry of information and they aired it on Syrian state satellite tv channel comparing both. I think it was in early April 2011, I saw it then. Immediately Oweis was arrested, detained for a couple of days before the entire ‘free’ world carried out a campaign to release the ‘journalist’ and so was done, but he and all the other foreign journalists were released from Syria with him.
He never stopped and you can read from his reports on Reuters, reporting from Amman, Jordan from the language of his reports you see how he takes sides, totally unprofessional journalist and a very bad dirty stain in Reuters history.
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