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Syriens FN-ambassadör igår – Mr. Bashar Ja’afari Security Council Media 29.11.2012 – English and Arabic

Christof Lehmann – Terrorists target Syrian Internet, Telephones and Journalists

Syrians in Syria as well as abroad became seriously concerned when all telephone and internet connections were disconnected at 12 o’clock CET. The websites of the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA and other Syrian media have been targeted for months but the sudden and total blackout was unprecedented and caused widespread speculation.
According to some sources the blackout could have been an initiative by the Syrian government acting on concerns that some explosive devices might be triggered by cell phones or internet. Others speculated that NATO had begun implementing a plan to substitute Syrian radio and TV with false news in preparation of a coup. Plans for such initiative had been discussed in relation to the two failed attempts to conquer the city of Aleppo as the seat of a foreign backed transitional government.
According to a nsnbc contact who arrived in Turkey from Syria today the explanation for the blackout was that terrorists had managed to sever the main internet and mobile phone towers cables, effectively rendering most of Syria without internet and cell phone connection.

english.ruvr.ru – Internet, mobile communications cut off in some districts of Damascus

The Internet and mobile communications are non-operating in some districts of the Syrian capital, as well as in the environs of Damascus.
The opposition puts the blame on the Syrian government, while the authorities insist that rebels are responsible for the situation. The Syrian Information Ministry claims that it is rebel fighters who have impaired the equipment.
Bitter fighting for the road to Damascus airport erupted in the vicinity of the capital city yesterday. All flights were cancelled for some time. By now, the Syrian Army is said to have regained control over the highway.

doldanyheter.wordpress.com – USA förser syriska rebeller med allt nödvändigt för en säker kommunikation

Enligt Victoria Nuland (talesman för det amerikanska utrikesdepartementet) har USA försett syriska rebeller med ca 2000 kommunikationsenheter, vilket borde ”lösa deras problem” när Internet i Syrien är avstängd. (Reuters)
Rebellerna fick datorer och telefoner som fungerar trots problem med mobilt nät och inaktiverad tillgång till Internet. Dessutom fick rebellerna en säker anslutning fri från avlyssningen. Amerikanerna försörjde syriska rebeller med kommunikationslösningar i förväg. När exakt levererades dessa enheter är oklart.

Telegrafist tror att internet i Syrien stängdes ner verkligen av syriska myndigheter, detta för att tvinga rebeller att använda satellitkommunikation, vilken är lättare att spåra. Rebellerna inte har möjligheter och resurser för att blockera Internet och mobil kommunikation i landet, och även om man antar att de kunde göra det med stöd av USA, verkar det ändå ganska osannolikt.

friendsofsyria.wordpress.com – Another Western Backed Terrorist Massacre War Crime

Another horrific massacre caught on camera..

english.ruvr.ru – Russia concerned over Syrian opposition possessing mobile air-defence missile systems

Russia is concerned over the fact that the Syrian opposition has mobile air-defence missile systems which arrived there from Libya, Head of the Kremlin Administration Sergei Ivanov said in Vienna.
Where they will find themselves later and whose civilian plane will be shot down by them is unknown.
This is dangerous and very serious, Ivanov stressed, adding that Russia was not supplying offensive arms to Syria.
“We are supplying it with non-destabilizing types of weapons in compliance with the earlier signed contracts so that Syria would be able to defend itself from an outside threat”, Ivanov said.
He also paid attention to the fact that any embargo on arms supplies to Syria is non-existent at the moment.

Bevis på att libanesiska politiker är inblandade i att förse de väpnade gängen i Syrien med vapen – english.al-akhbar.com – Exclusive: Inside Future Movement’s Syria Arms Trade

Al-Akhbar has obtained recordings of Future Movement MP Okab Sakr organizing weapons transfers to the armed Syrian opposition at the behest of Future leader Saad Hariri.
The phone call is the first hard evidence of the role Sakr and his backers in Future were playing in providing arms and logistical support to the Syrian rebels.

Tony Cartalucci – McCain, Lévy Openly Conspire Against World Peace, Against the will of the international community, in open defiance of their own contrived international law, American and French warmongers openly plot the destruction of Syria

A recent event held by the Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy Initiative, featured a ”conversation” with Senator John McCain and self-proclaimed ”philosopher” Bernard-Henri Lévy. Both men played a pivotal role in arranging and promoting the arming, funding, and diplomatic recognition of terrorists in Libya who have now overrun much of the country, committed wide scale atrocities, and have left a US Ambassador dead and a US consulate burnt to the ground. Despite this, they now openly seek to repeat their ”success” in Syria.

Brahimi briefs UNSC on Syria

Internetradio på engelska om Syrien med Eric Draister – Stop Imperialism – Episode 50

Video på Press TV – Syrian opposition representatives in Moscow

slut på uppdateringen __________________

Internet-tillgänglighet tycks finnas i alla fall till vis del nu i Syrien, och någon riktig klarhet i vad som låg bakom det plötsliga nedsläckadet igår har inte kommit fram.

friendsofsyria.wordpress.com – Luckily our Friends in Syria Do Still Have Internet

presstv.ir – Bomb explosion rips through Press TV vehicles in Syria

A car bomb attack has ripped through six vehicles belonging to Press TV and al-Alam television networks in the Syrian capital Damascus, security sources report.
Syrian security guards said on Friday that the bomb explosion occurred near Press TV’s office in Damascus after a man was caught on camera sticking something to a car.
According to reports, he escaped the scene of the attack minutes before the blast.
However, the bomb attack did not cause any casualties.

presstv.ir – Jordan foils bid by militant group to smuggle arms into Syria

Jordanian security forces have thwarted an attempt by a group of militants to smuggle weapons into neighboring Syria, which is gripped by an ongoing unrest.

presstv.ir –Syrian militants enlisting 14-year-olds: Human Rights Watchhrw.org

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) has criticized foreign-backed militants in Syria for enlisting young boys to serve as fighters, guards and lookouts in clashes against government forces.
”Children as young as 14 have served in at least three opposition brigades, transporting weapons and supplies and acting as lookouts,” the New York-based international non-governmental organization said on Thursday.

english.farsnews.com – Persian Gulf Arab States Send Thousands of Convicts to Syria to Help Rebels

The Iraqi media disclosed on Wednesday that Persian Gulf Arab states have released and sent 3,800 of their death convicts to Syria to join the armed campaign against President Bashar a-Assad’s government.
So far, a number of 3800 prisoners who were waiting for capital punishment in some Persian Gulf Arab states, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, have been released and dispatched to Syria to join the armed revolt against the government of President Bashar al-Assad,” Director of Iraq’s al-Nakheel News Agency Mohammad Ali al-Hakim told FNA on Wednesday.

Eric Draitser på Press TV – Washington after Libya-like puppet in Syria: Analyst

Does the ”sole representative of the Syrian people” really represent Syrians?

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