29 nov


Det förekommer motstridiga uppgifter på facebook, dels sägs det att terrorister stängde av internet och dels att det handlar om underhåll av systemet. Mer troligt är resonemanget som förs i artikeln i syrianews.cc som det länkas till i förra uppdateringen. Att det antingen är syriska regringen som stängt av för att på något sätt störa angriparnas operationer, men mest troligt är det Nato-länderna som ligger bakom. Nu gäller det verkligen att se upp för för falsk information! Att man i skydd av informationsmörkret försöker skapa en konstruerad verklighet, att läget för syriska regeringen är mycket sämre än det är i verkligheten, samtidigt som man kanske går in med specialtrupper eller liknande och ”hjälper till”!

Scott Creighton – Big Trouble Brewing in Syria? Obama Meets to Discuss More Action and the Lights Go Out the Next Day

This appears to be a huge development in the forced regime change agenda of the United States and the other NATO countries. Whatever is going to happen, they damn sure wanted it to happen in the dark. This is not how democracy is brought to other nations, this is how imperialism and despotism is forced on them.

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian net attacked by terrorists

Syrian Information Minister Dr. Umran Ahid Al-Zabi said that the country was cut off from the Internet on Thursday due to terrorist acts. According to him, the country’s internet cables and infrastructure have become the objects of attacks by armed insurgents.
The Syrian authorities did not have anything to do with cutting off of internet service stated the minister.


VARNING! Är en offensiv mot Syrien av den typ som det varnats för vid ett par tillfällen tidigare på gång? Internet och mobilförbindelser till Syrien lär ha stängts av. Och igår hade regimtrogen media här i Sverige inslag som ville ge en bild av att ”rebellerna” gjorde framsteg. Det är alltså en operation i samma stil som användes vid den våldsamma attacken mot Tripoli i Libyen i augusti förra året som det varnas för, och som Thierry Meyssan varnade för i juni!

Tony Cartalucci –URGENT : NATO Preparing Psy-Op in Syria , Internet connections & telecom reportedly failing across Syria, right as NATO has finished preparing their proxy ”SNC” and readies for final push

In early summer, NATO had attempted to overwhelm Damascus and Aleppo with a torrent of psychological operations, communication disruptions, foreign terrorists crossing Syria’s borders, and a devastating assassination of top Syrian officials in the heart of Damascus. The idea was to cause panic, division, mass defections and fold the Syrian state when in reality, it was more than able to fight on. Syria called the bluff and here it still stands.
With the Israel-Gaza charade concluded, it was reported that NATO would pivot back toward Syria – and it has. It has handpicked a new proxy-regime to act as the face of the terrorists battling Syrian civilians and soldiers alike within the country, while it has been conducting a concerted and refocused propaganda campaign to paint the Syrian government as once again, ”imminently about to fall.”

english.ruvr.ru Internet cut off in Syria

The internet and mobile phone systems are cut off in Syria, a global traffic monitoring firm said Thursday.
According to the company, 77 Syrian networks have been disabled since 2.26 pm Moscow time.

kremltv-videos.blogspot.de – Kreml.tv refutes Reuters report on Syria

According to our correspondents on the ground, we are able to report that the news by the known agency Reuters is false. Reuters published that the road between the Syrian capital Damascus and the Damascus International Airport is blocked, but this is not true.
This report by Reuters is wrong.
The situation in and around Damascus is tense.
Recently there was another terrorist attack in Qudsaya (Qudsaia – area of al-Wurud).
At the moment, there is no information about victims or damage.

kremltv-videos.blogspot.de – Intensified Clashes near Damascus

In the area of the Syrian village of Harasta, there is a military operation. Harasta is covered in smoke.
In Damascus, there are problems with the internet and difficulties with the cellular communications, so there will probably no live stream from Damascus today.
We are able to forecast that the fighting will increase on this Friday.

syrianews.cc – Internet is down – masterminds are unknown

Various sources report that since today 12 o`clock GMT +1, the Internet and mobile phone network of all Syria were completely shut down. This does not only apply to SANA, the Syrian state news agency.
Indeed, Syrian contacts via Skype are no longer accessible; E-mails do not arrive to the receiver. It is clear that the thing was planned and coordinated
There are two ways of explaining it.
In Pakistan, for example, the government shuts down the mobile network in the cities every now and then in order to prevent mobile / radio controlled explosives from being detonated. Given the terror war against Syria, this could be a measure of the government.
If this is not the case, then it is clear that such an action is sure not manageable by any deserted brigadier general, because in such a case, very different levels would then be involved.
There were reports this morning about some problems at the Damascus airport. There are still some scheduled flights (last night, the Damascus – Moscow flight has arrived on time) but a number of cancellations have been reported.

slut på uppdateringen ____________

Press TV – Three policemen killed in Syria bombing

Three policemen have been killed and several others wounded in a bomb attack carried out in southwestern Syria.
Local sources said the attack was carried out near the house of a leading member of Syria’s ruling Baath party in the al-Sahari neighborhood of the southern city of Dara’a on Thursday.

http://www.syrianews.ccTeam of Vesti.ru in the Syrian city of Daraya

The “injury” of Anastasia Popova is no real injury, of course, unless a fall on the nose while running under sniper fire counts as such. Daraya is or was embattled.
From there, the south of Damascus was under constant attack by RPGs in the last days (a 82 mm RPG has a range of up to 3 kilometres). Marat Musin (ANNA-News) has reported several times live from Harasta in the past week, including yesterday.
There, the bandits has since then been expelled, and the Vesti.ru team drove to the place whereto they have disappeared. The reports from Damascus and the environment are relatively worrying.

Press TV – US to deepen Syria intervention by arming militants: Officials

The Obama administration is considering a deeper intervention in Syria, including direct supply of arms to militants and planting CIA and NATO intelligence agents in the country, in efforts to overthrow the Damascus government.
The most urgent decision, expected to come next week, is the deployment of NATO surface-to-air missiles in Turkey, supposedly to shield the neighboring country from what US officials are increasingly publicizing as ‘incoming Syrian missiles,’ US daily The New York Times reports Thursday, quoting “officials involved in the discussions.”
According to the report, while there is a broader debate within the Obama administration on “how heavily America should intervene in another Middle Eastern conflict,” no decision has yet been taken. However, following Obama’s reelection, the White House is “more willing to take risks” on a bolder intervention.

Real Syria Updates –Kidnappers of Journalist Anhar Kochneva Force Her to Confess She’s a Spy
syrianews.cc – Syria: New Video of kidnapped Journalist Anhar Kochneva

After over 45 days of her kidnapping by Al Qaeda FSA terrorists near the city of Homs, central Syria, the kidnappers release another video of the kidnapped prominent Ukrainian Journalist Anhar Kochneva forcing her as it seems to state that she was a spy and was working for the military as a translator, and that she contributed in the battles.

Finian Cunningham – What do they want from Syria?

The terrorist war on Syria, which the Western media trumpet as a “pro-democracy uprising”, is aimed at precisely the opposite of pluralist coexistence. What the terrorists want is to tear the tolerant soul out of the country and plunge its people into an internecine, hate-filled sectarian bloodbath.

Syria is witnessing the worst of all possible criminal assaults – the evolution and amalgamation of Western state terrorism fuelled with the petrodollars of mindless Arab despots.

washingtonpost.com – Officials: Syrian rebels’ arsenal includes up to 40 antiaircraft missile systems

At least some of the missiles were supplied by Qatar, which has provided most of the weapons smuggled to Syria’s rebels across the Turkish border, according to two Middle Eastern intelligence officials briefed on the matter. The officials, along with others interviewed, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information.

Från platsen där bilbomber dödade 44 personer igår – Multiple bomb attacks kill scores in Syria
A series of bomb attacks kill at least 44 civilians and injure over 80 others in a suburb of the Syrian capital. Large parts of the Damascus countryside are witnessing increasing violence as the Syrian army continues to battle foreign-backed insurgents.

Iran doubles Syria peace talks effort amid raging violence
The Syrian opposition based within the country is accusing Turkey of allowing foreign mercenaries access through its territory into Syria, to cause more violence. The group also warned Western and Arab states against meddling in Syrian affairs by backing certain rebel factions. Turkey, France, Britain and Persian Gulf Monarchies have given their full endorsement for a foreign-based opposition coalition, pledging them more support from abroad in their fight against the government. As the international community remains divided as to how to end the Syrian crisis, a key regional player Iran is looking to play a greater role in resolving the conflict.

  1. #1 av DNy på 30 november, 2012 - 02:54

    Enligt källor som jag betraktar som trovärdiga har internet i Syrien stängdes ner av myndigheterna, vilket är inte förbjudet då landet befinner sig under interventionen av rebeller, som får stöd av väst och gulfstaterna. Blockering av internet kan bero på preventiva åtgärder från statens sida.

    • #2 av Stan på 30 november, 2012 - 09:36

      OK, det är i så fall positiva nyheter, att regeringssidan har initiativet. Och det verkar lite konstigt om väst skulle dra igång nåt stort nu, innan de fått upp Nato-missilerna vid gränsen mot Turkiet.


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