27 nov

Hur ska man kunna tro annat än att Turkiet/Nato har ondsinta planer på att på något sätt provocera Syrien i och med att man sätter upp dessa Nato-missiler på gränsen mellan länderna. Ingen kan tro på att det finns någon anledning för Turkiet att oroa sig för ett oprovocerat angrepp från Syrien –Patriot missiles on Syria-Turkey border under NATO command – Rasmussen

Turkey’s announcement to partner with the deployment of NATO missiles is widely seen as the beginning of NATO’s active engagement against Syria and the step toward an illegal no fly zone.
Press TV has interviewed Hisham Tillawi, the host of Current Issues TV and Radio from Louisiana, about this latest development in Syria.

syria-updates.blogspot.se – Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Destroy Ancient Statues in a Museum in Syria

Syrian Perspective

The amount of outright lying in the Western press is remarkable. Major news sources like the NYT, WP, BBC, AP, Reuters and the like, are part of a scheme to hide the unwanted news that the terrorist-mercenaries are losing every battle. With the adeptness of Hollywood schlockmeisters, these news outlets narrate one victory after another, sometimes after their heroes have been annihilated and sometimes when no ”victory” ever occurred. Reporting always from any place but the actual location of the event, they quote non-existent sources in an effort to portray Syria’s army and air force as the villain while showing pictures of the Islamist creeps brandishing weapons or praying. These photos, amazingly, have redounded to the benefit of the Syrian government, as many readers have started to note that the appearance of the killers is Islamist.
Radi Tanyos reports to me from Aleppo that 62 battles have taken place yesterday in Aleppo Governorate with the army victorious in each one. It is clear, Radi says, that the ”mercenaries” are instructed not to hold territory, ”only keep the army moving to tire it”. This strategy is not working. Radi says the Syrian army’s morale is high because it is clear that ”we are fighting a battle of destiny.” He also says that every soldier one meets has a vendetta issue with deserters. The deserter is now viewed by the largely secular army as tools of Americans, Zionists and Wahhabists. The word ”Wahhabist” now means ”Shaytan” or ”the Devil”.

från facebook

Large number of FSA members from different areas of Damascus countryside have entered in Daraya (Damascus countryside) and were surrounded by Syrian army. Now army is conducting the military operation to clean the city from FSA armed gangs. Syrian soldiers captured Libyan mercenary, who is the head of FSA military operations in Daraya.

Syria names 142 foreign insurgents killed in clashes with army

The Syrian government has presented more documents proving the involvement of foreign militants in the country’s months-long crisis.
Syrian newspaper Al Watan published on Tuesday the names of 142 militants from 18 countries, who were killed while fighting against Syrian forces.

thelocal.se – Muslim Swedes told to join Syrian war effort

Swedish security service Säpo has expressed concerns that Swedes fighting in Syria may commit war crimes after a militant group’s recent YouTube recruitment video called on Swedes to join the war effort in Syria

Scott Creighton – New Anti-Syrian Cluster Bomb Propaganda Same as the Old Anti-Syrian Cluster Bomb Propaganda in Syria and Libya and Sudan (props are the same as well)

There is a new version of the old line of propaganda being run up the flag pole about the out of control government of Syria using cluster bombs to kill 10 Syrian kids in a park.

In the end, this is just more laughable marketing from the kinds of people who are willing to debase themselves in anyway possible for a paycheck. Spinning up lies in order to justify NATO coming in with real, new cluster bombs to drop on the civilian population is just another way to make a living so they can enjoy the finer things in life. It just is the way of the world I suppose.
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