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Christof Lehmann – The Dynamics of the Crisis in Syria. Conflict Versus Conflict Resolution. (Part 4)

Tony Cartalucci – As Israel-Gaza Charade Concludes, West Pivots Back to Syria, As predicted, Israel accepts humiliating ceasefire to bolster partners in Syrian subversion – Egypt, Turkey, & Qatar

english.ruvr.ru – Russia and Turkey call for joint efforts to solve Syria crisis

Russia and Turkey have called for coordinating joint efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria.
This was reported at Russia’s Foreign Ministry after consultations in Ankara between special presidential envoy for the Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov and First Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkey Feridun Sinirliog(lu.

sana.sy – Russia: No Military Choice to Crisis in Syria, we Advise Ankara to Utilize Influence on Opposition to Start Internal Dialogue without Parade

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich stressed that the military choice does not solve the crisis in Syria, calling the Turkish Government ” to utilize its influence on the Syrian opposition with no parade in order to speed up the commencement of an internal Syrian dialogue without directing the situation to a dangerous route.
Russia Today Channel quoted Ukashevic as saying in a press conference on Thursday in comment on the request proposed by the Turkish government to deploy patriot missiles, ” it is obvious that such moves do not increase optimism …despite that, acts of all foreign players should be coordinated..let us not rush.”

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, said that a delegation of the opposition National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria will visit Moscow on November 28th and 29th.
In a statement to Russia Today Channel, Bogdanov said that the delegation will pay the visit in response to an official invitation by the Russian side to discuss the latest developments regarding the crisis in Syria.
He added that the table of the talks is open to all opposition forces with on exclusions.
According to Russia Today Channel, the delegation is to meet the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and his deputy, Mikhail Bogdanov.

Nato-missiler i Turkiet vid gränsen mot Syrien, och rapporter om stora mängder lego-krigare som kommer in från den turkiska sidan. Är det tecken på försök att få till nya gränsoroligheter som kan leda till krav på någon sorts skyddade zoner? Från facebook-grupp

Turkish media / Hundreds of members of FSA crossed into Syria’s Ras al-Ain town from the Turkish border on Thursday amid clashes between the opposition forces and Kurds there, a news report said.
Up to 400 members of FSA gathered on the Turkish side of the border in the morning. They apparently discussed combat strategy and then crossed into Ras al-Ain in groups of 10-20 armed men, private broadcaster NTV in the Turkish town of Ceylanpinar reported.
Ras al-Ain, a mixed Arab and Kurdish town near Turkish border. Days after the Syrian forces withdrew, clashes erupted between the FSA armed groups and Kurds. Clashes between FSA and Kurdish forces were continuing in the town on Thursday.
Fleeing residents said the fighting was between insurgents of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Kurds affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

och citatet nedan kommer från samma grupp.

Turkey / A Turkish teacher was injured when stray bullets from Syria landed in a schoolyard in the Turkish border town of Ceylanpinar on Thursday. This news came after reports of Turkish media that more than 400 members of FSA gangs entered from Turkish Ceylanpinar town into Syrian Ras al-Ain town and clashes continue between FSA and Kurds. This news confirms once again that Erdogan is responsible for the deaths and injury of Turkish citizens.

friendsofsyria.wordpress.com – Future MP, Rebel Groups Prepare for Attacking Syrian Border Posts

Well informed sources in the Northern Lebanese region, Akkar, revealed that Syrian armed groups intensified their presence in the region.
In details, a significant increase had been noticed in the numbers of armed groups all along the Akkari villages and towns, especially in the border towns and villages of Wadi Khaled passing by central al-Dreb to reach the coastal villages.
Meanwhile, the sources confirmed that these armed groups are preparing for a military action against Syrian army border positions. They are likely to target one of the three border crossings: Boqaia, Abboudia, or al-Arida.
Another option for the militants is to attack the strategic Syrian military posts that overlooks the Lebanese territories.

Morris pratar med någon som heter Mete.
Mete gives us a better understanding of Turkey’s ruling party the AKP. For Turkey its Business As Usual Whether talking to Gaza or to Israel. Syria seems to be facing two fronts: Turkey and Israel.

slut på uppdateringen _________________

Russia Today – NATO confirms receiving Turkey’s Patriot missile request

NATO has confirmed that it received a request from Ankara to deploy Patriot missiles on Turkish territory. The coalition said it would process the appeal soon.
“I have received Turkey’s request for NATO to deploy Patriot missiles. Allies will discuss this without delay,”
NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said via his Twitter account.
”The situation along the Syrian-Turkish border is of great concern,” Rasmussen said earlier at a meeting with the European Union’s foreign and defense ministers. ”We have all plans in place to defend and protect Turkey if needed.”

english.ruvr.ru –Russia worried over militarization of Turkish-Syrian border – även på sana.sy

The Russian Foreign Ministry has voiced concern over the militarization of the Turkish-Syrian border.
Deputy minister Sergei Ryabkov, at a press conference in Brussels on Thursday, condemned attempts to influence the situation by muscle-flexing and military means, and reiterated Moscow’s call for a political solution to the internal conflict in Syria.
Earlier, Turkey asked NATO to deploy Patriots anti-aircraft systems on its border with Syria.

presstv.ir – Russia warns Turkey against deploying missiles along Syrian border

Russia Today – Syria presents list of ‘liquidated’ foreign mercenaries to the UN

Damascus has delivered to the UN a list of 143 ”liquidated” foreign mercenaries alleged to have been “involved in terrorist activities,” TASS reports. According to a letter signed by Bashar Jaafari, the Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN, the dead foreigners came from around 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Chad. The list also includes the names of Chechens and Palestinians who fought with the opposition. The list has been offered to the Security Council as evidence of foreign mercenary presence in the conflict.

voltairenet.org – Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline back on track

Work on the construction of the new Iran-Iraq-Syria gas line was resumed on 19 November 2012.
The pipeline, with a length of 1500 km, will supply Damascus with gas from the Assaluyeh refinery in Iran. It will later be extended across the Mediterranean to Europe. The final cost of this investment will amount to $ 10 billion.
The project, concluded on 25 June 2011, had been frozen because of the war in Syria. It started up again following the reelection of President Barack Obama and the resumption of the secret US-Iran negotiations.

Najmuddin A Shaikh – Syria the Bleeding and Spreading Wound (III)

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