20 nov

syria-updates.blogspot.se – Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Target a Transportable Medical Crew in Damascus

In its latest terrorist attacks and crime against humanity, a group of Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA terrorists have targeted a transportable medical bus in the center of Damascus in a crowded residential neighborhood.
One citizen martyred and a number of civilians injured in this heinous attack in an initial toll.

Christof Lehmann – National Dialog in Syria continues making Progress

While mainstream media in the USA, Western Europe and the Gulf-Arab Nations continue their attempt to sell a revamp of the failed National Council of Syria as Syrian Opposition, the genuine national dialog toward political, social and legal reform and progress in Syria is making steady progress, underpinning that a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria is not only possible, but that the sole obstacle for peace, reconciliation and further reform is the continued, illegal foreign support of the political and militant subversion under the guise of a Syrian Opposition, freedom, democracy and human rights.

The conference, with participation from the Syrian government, opposition parties, religious leaders, representatives of clans, special interests and grassroots movements, youth organizations and more represents a vibrant and genuine democratic discourse and openness toward genuine reform which is not only unseen but highly unlikely to be tolerated in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt. In fact it is highly unlikely that this kind of genuine democratic discourse could even take place in the very nation which brands itself as the beacon for freedom and democracy; the USA, whose government has ordered several million rounds of prohibited large-caliber, hollow point bullets to be used against US citizens in case of civil unrest.

Enligt –facebook-grupp – och sana.sy – och en.rian.ru

Russia and the United States have not agreed on a mutual position over the situation in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday, Nov 20, after talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Cambodia, RIA Novosti reported.
“There is no common line yet,” Lavrov said.

Uppgiften i ett inlägg jag länkade till igår, att EU liksom tidigare bl.a. Frankrike och Turkiet ger den nyskapade oppositionsgruppen legitimitet som representant för Syrien, verkar inte vara riktig.
english.ruvr.ru – EU does not recognize Syrian opposition as ”sole legitimate representative of Syrian people”

The European Union does not recognize the Syrian opposition as ”the only legitimate representative of the people of Syria”. This was stated by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton.
Thus, she refuted earlier information about the new status of the opposition coalition.
”We have chosen a wording that all EU countries had compromised on, recognizing the Syrian opposition as ”legitimate representatives of the aspirations of the Syrian people”.

Tony Cartalucci – West Savages Gaza – Slowly Burns Syria

As the US-Israeli-Saudi co-conspirators of Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, and others rack up anti-Israeli rhetorical points during the latest Israeli-Gaza conflict, they continue quietly collaborating with both the West and Israel against Syria. As the West attempts to prop up their newly reconstituted ”opposition council” while galvanizing Qatari-Saudi-Egyptian backed sectarian extremists with over-the-top Israeli provocations, the stage is set for a final push against Syria.
Turkey’s attempts to deploy Patriot missile batteries along the Turkish-Syrian border fulfills yet another objective articulated in the Doha-based US Brookings-Saban Center policy paper, ”Assessing Options for Regime Change (.pdf)” – to carve out a northern ”safe haven” from which NATO-backed terrorists can operate – and provide a protected seat of power for the West’s newly re-contrived ”opposition council.”
But while the West continues to posture and manipulate regional perceptions, Western aggression is already reaching its operational limits – and while it could embark upon a wider, more overt military confrontation with Syria, should both the Syrian people and Syria’s allies remain committed to the defense of the nation’s sovereignty, not only will this aggression fail, it will create momentum that will roll the West and its extraterritorial interests back significantly, if not entirely. Unity is still Syria’s only option.
  1. #1 av Lömsky måste bort på 20 november, 2012 - 19:38

    Det är dags att förinta siarel och dess lakejer. Världfreden står på spel. Det är antigen världen eller terroriststaten israel. Välj du!

    • #2 av folke11 på 21 november, 2012 - 23:39

      Det är väl tveksamt om det är OK att uttrycka sig så där. Ja jag vet, att om det finns någon regim som förtjänar kritik så är det den som har makten i Israel. Och jag vet också att det så fort någon kritik riktas mot Israel, så kommer vissa genast dragandes med det gamla tröttsamma missbruket av ordet anti-semitism osv.
      Men prova med namnet på vilket annat land som helst i din mening, t.ex. ”det är dags att förinta USA och dess lakejer”. Förinta vadå? Hela landet? Helt onödigt att uttrycka sig så.
      Har du själv något förslag på alternativt uttryckssätt?

  2. #3 av Marcus på 21 november, 2012 - 16:49

    Israels medborgare tycks oöverträffat begåvade att välja och tillsätta fullkomligt galna ledare…
    Quotable Quotes From the Chosen Ones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TFnowRN0fg


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