18 nov

english.ruvr.ru – Representatives of Syria’s various political forces meet in Tehran

The first round of talks between Syria’s various political forces opened in Tehran on Sunday.
Taking part are 130 delegates from a number of Syrian political parties, both loyal to the current regime and opposition ones, and representatives of tribal and religious communities.

Pakistan to host trilateral meeting on Syria

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says the third trilateral meeting between the Islamic Republic, Egypt and Turkey on Syria will be held in Pakistan.
Salehi said on Sunday that the third meeting between the foreign ministers of Turkey, Egypt and Iran will be held on the sidelines of the summit of the Group of Eight Developing Countries (D8) in Islamabad.

Intervju med journalisten Neil Clark på Russia Today – ‘The West wants to install a puppet regime in Syria’

RT: If Western states begin official arms supplies, wouldn’t nations that back the Syrian government have the right to do the same?
NC: Oh, absolutely, but this hypocrisy has been absolutely glaring. We had [British Foreign Secretary]William Hague, and then we had French leaders and the Americans claiming that Iran is backing Syria.
. . .
… They want to impose by force a puppet government, and what would happen is a Libya mark two. If Assad is toppled, we would have more chaos in Syria, more death and destruction, but the west doesn’t really care about that, it doesn’t care about what is happening in Libya at the moment. What it cares about is a new government in Damascus which would privatize the entire economy and cut links with Iran and Hezbollah and allow the move against Iran to take place, because it is all about paving the way for war against Iran.
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