17 nov

Iran, Russia firmly oppose foreign intervention in Syria: Iranian official

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia and Oceania Abbas Araqchi says Iran and Russia share a common stance on the ongoing developments in Syria, stressing that the two states firmly oppose foreign intervention in the Arab country.
“The stances of Iran and Russia regarding the ongoing developments in Syria have not changed and the two countries have full coordination in their approach to the Syrian events,” Araqchi said in Moscow on Friday.

Finian Cunningham – France leads neocolonial carve-up of Syria

Massacres, car bombings, executions, kidnappings – every form of terror has been deployed against Syrian civilians by foreign mercenaries supported by France, Britain, the US, Turkey, Israel and the Persian Gulf Arab dictatorships of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Western media spin this criminality as a noble uprising or a civil war when in reality it is a covert war of aggression fomented by France, Britain, Washington and their regional proxies.
What gives these foreign powers the right to subvert a sovereign government is nothing but their own arrogant presumption. As the former colonial power in this part of the Middle East, France seems to be particularly laden with this arrogant self-righteousness.

Motvallsbloggen – Medias älsklingar, syriska “frihetskämpar” i högform

Enligt en facebook-grupp, som citerar en tysk tidning som fått uppgiften från en turkisk tidning. Även i – dailystar.com.lb Turkey to ask NATO for missiles on Syria border: report

Some 170 German soldiers are set to be deployed to Turkey as part of an expected Turkish request to deploy NATO Patriot missiles along its border with Syria, according to German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, daily Hürriyet reported.
Turkey is expected to ask for the Patriots on Nov. 19, after which the soldiers will be deployed, the daily reported.
The deployment will not come under the alliance’s Article 5, which binds all members to come to the defense of an ally that is attacked by an external power, the daily said, noting that the mobilization and provision of missiles is designed to protect Turkey from rocket and jet attacks along the border.
The German government has reportedly agreed to participate in such an operation, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported, adding that Berlin did not see the matter as an intervention into Syria’s affairs.

från facebook

FSA armed gangs fired a mortar shell on the Damascus’ suburb of Jaramana Saturday evening, killing eight people and injuring many others, witnesses and the al-Ekhbaria TV said.
The TV said that the mortar had been followed with the launching of a hand-made missile on the same area by the armed groups.
Meanwhile, Sham FM radio said the shell struck a passenger bus at the entrance of Jaramana.
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