16 nov

sana.sy – Putin: Russia Rejects Chaos in Syria

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that there are sides that want chaos in Syria, adding that Russia rejects that because Syria is near to Russia’s borders.
In a press conference with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Putin stressed that the events in Syria could evolve to chaos as was the way in Libya.

Christof Lehmann intervjuas i en iransk tidning – China will force peaceful solution to Syrian crisis on West: German pundit

I am confident that China will back Russia at playing a more confident, assertive and responsible role in the Middle East and Syria by supporting Russian initiatives for the deployment of Russian, Armenian and other UN peace keeping forces to Syria in the first or second quarter of 2013.
I am also rather confident that China will give the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and other important European governments economic incentives to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

When NATO abused UNSC Resolution 1973 (2011) on Libya to become a belligerent party and to bring about regime change in Libya both Russia and China became concerned that the same strategy would be attempted to bring about regime change in Syria. When the two highest ranking NATO commanders prior to NATO’s 25th Summit in Chicago in 2012 wrote that NATO’s intervention in Libya was “a teachable moment and model for future interventions” it became clear for Russia and China that they could not risk that NATO would also abuse a soft veto to initiate an aggression against Syria.
Another important feature in the Russian and Chinese approach to the conflict is that they oppose NATO’s condescending and neo-colonialist approach to national sovereignty. According to the provisions of the Treaty of Westphalia and the Charter of the United Nations it is not allowed to interfere into the internal affairs of sovereign nations. However, constructs such as humanitarian intervention and a responsibility to protect violate both the provisions of the Treaty of Westphalia and the UN Charter. Their adoption was and remains highly controversial and both Russia and China are realizing that NATO will continue to abuse them unless they are opposed at the Security Council.

swedish.ruvr.ru – ”Syriska konflikten får enbart lösas i samspel med Ryssland”

I Riyadh har det hållits en omgång av den strategiska dialogen mellan Ryssland och Gulfstaternas samarbetsråd. Några dagar före mötet inträffade en rad märkliga händelser. Syriens oppositionella skapade på kongressen i Doha en nationalkoalition. En rad arabländer, däribland Saudiarabien, har redan uttryckt sitt stöd för denna organisation.
Dagen innan blev Frankrike EU:s första land som erkände Syriens nationella oppositionskoalition.
Moskva bedömer överenskommelserna i Doha på ett positivt sätt men anser att en enad oppositionskoalition ännu håller på att danas, uppgav Sergej Lavrov efter förhandlingarna i Riyadh.
Det är bara enstaka grupper närvarande vid mötet i Doha som har enats. En räcka framstående oppositionella stod över mötet i Doha på grund av meningsskiljaktigheter angående sätt att lösa krisen. Meningsskiljaktigheterna berör framför allt möjligheterna för intrång från utlandet. Vi förespråkar oppositionens enighet och träffar syriska oppositionella i Moskva och alla städer, där den är representerad. Samtidigt förfäktar vi enighet bland de oppositionella på basis av deras beredskap för dialog.
Enligt Lavrov får man i dagsläget inte tala om sådan beredskap, inte ens i skenet av överenskommelser uppnådda i Doha. I överenskommelserna heter det att oppositionens enighet skedde med regimens ”kompromisslösa” avsättning och avskaffande av statens nuvarande institutioner som huvudmål. Detta tillvägagångssätt leder dock enbart till kaos, underströk den ryske ministern.

english.ruvr.ru – “All we want is to stop the conflict as soon and as peacefully as possible” – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

“It is too early to say that as a result of the Doha meeting, a coalition of all opposition forces in Syria will be formed,” Mr. Lavrov continues. “The main Syrian opposition forces were not represented at this meeting. Representatives of these forces didn’t go there because they have serious disagreements on how to settle the conflict in the country. Mainly, these disagreements concern the desirability of introducing foreign forces in Syria.”
“Russia stands for unification of all Syrian opposition forces,” Mr. Lavrov says. “We try to meet with representatives of various forces in Syria, either in Moscow or anywhere else.”
“Unfortunately, it is too early to say that all the opposition forces in Syria are ready for a dialogue, and the Doha meeting showed that. Judging by the documents adopted at this meeting, it looks like the only thing that all the Syrian opposition forces really agree on is that Bashar Assad’s regime should be overthrown.”

swedish.ruvr.ru – EU häver inte embargo på vapenleveranser till Syrien

sana.sy – Al-Jaafari : UNSC Required Now More Than Ever to Shoulder its Responsibilities to Combat Terrorism in Syria

Syria’s Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the terrorist acts in Syria have escalated recently and the extremist terrorist groups continue their criminal practices using bloody methods though carrying out suicide car bomb attacks or explosive belts, not to mention planting explosive devices to destroy vital facilities and infrastructure.
Al-Jaafari was speaking at the UN Security Council’s public session held on Wednesday to hear chairmen of the sub-committees for combating terrorism.

Boris Dolgov – New Phase of Syrian Crisis

Den tyska journalisten Manuel Ochsenreiter på Russia Today

Tongångar man inte är van vid från Amnesty, kan det också vara ett tecken på att väst är inne på att avsluta fientligheterna mot Syrien? För den här gången. presstv.ir – Amnesty Intl. slams UK indifference towards terrorists’ crimes in Syria

British activists’ group Amnesty International has condemned armed insurgents in Syria for a growing number of serious abuses, potential war crimes and endangering civilians.
Amnesty International, a UK based organization that deals with human rights, stressed that insurgents in Syria, responsible for human rights abuses have not been condemned by British Foreign Secretary William Hague.
UK Syria campaign manager for Amnesty International Kristyan Benedict said, “William Hague must insist on practical actions not just fine words to prevent opposition abuses. We need to see proper accountability, with any fighters accused of abuses detained and proper investigations mounted.” She added, “As we’ve seen in Libya, where militias are largely out of control, a failure to curb abuses from opposition forces can sow the seeds of future disaster.”

sabinachiaburu.wordpress.com – Why Syria?

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