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Interview with Alaa Ebrahim, journalist & political analyst.

‘US wants puppet regime in Syria’

Analysis: Election over, U.S. cautiously mulls Syria options

sana.sy – Terrorists Rob Three SARC Trucks on Damascus-Aleppo Road

An armed terrorist group on Wednesday robbed three trucks for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) loaded with 15 tons of humanitarian aid on Damascus-Aleppo Road.
The trucks were loaded with food, goods and medical aid and were heading to Aleppo and Idleb.

Syria: With Anastasia Popova through the wild Kurdistan

Al-Qamishli, from where Anastasia Popova and the Vesti-Team have reported on Sunday, is located about 100 kilometres east of the Turkish border town Ceylanpinar or the Syrian town Ras Al Ain, where attacks by the Syrian air force with about 2-3 injured on the Turkish side were reported the day before yesterday and yesterday.
In the report it is said that apparently the day before these incidents in this area, “a full regiment” of “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) fighters were pushed back by the Kurds while attempting to cross the border.
Therefore, the Kurds must be in the control of Ras Al Ain, as in the entire area from there to the east.

* Mikdad: Opposition Which Doesn’t Grow in the Homeland Is Mere Externally-made Structure Used to Discredit and Destroy the Homeland
* Medvedev: Peace Won’t Prevail in Syria as long as Western Countries Continue Supplying Arms to Gunmen
* Terrorists Detonate Explosive Device in Mazzeh in Damascus, Causing Fire but No Human Casualties
* The Army Clashes with Terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra in Deir Ezzor The Army Targets Terrorist Gatherings Kills Dangerous Terrorists in Several Areas

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Damascus slams opposition meeting in Qatar as ”declaration of war”

Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Muqdad has said that the recent meeting of the Syrian opposition in Qatar amounted to ”declaration of war.”

A prominent political analyst tells Press TV that the upcoming Tehran Meeting provides a good opportunity for the National Opposition inside Syria to negotiate with the government.
Press TV has talked with Hamid Reza Emadi, political commentator from the Iranian capital city of Tehran, and Alaa Ebrahim, journalist and political Analyst from Damascus, to shed more light on the issue at hand.

Från Press TV om samma som videon i förra inlägget handlade om – Turkey camps, training hub for Syria insurgents: Turkish party

Sonmez said many people living in the camps, where Turkey says refugees from Syria receive humanitarian aid, are foreigners who come to fight against the Syrian government.
“There are Moroccans, Libyans, Tunisians and Africans all coming from our own airport. They go to the camp and fight in Syria. They are all making money. For every five Alavis they kill, they make 5,000 Syrian Lira,” Sonmez added.
He further said that there are also Americans, Israelis and Mexicans in the camps.
Press TV’s producer got in contact with one of the former Syrian generals who have joined the insurgents. The general admitted that there are weapons in the camps.

Video från Russia Today – CrossTalk: Syrian Reshuffle, The Syrian opposition has reached a new unity deal. How representative is this new body and how will it change the course of the civil war? Many months of crisis and Assad is still going strong — is he staying after all? Is the new Syrian opposition merely a puppet of the West? And as this conflict continues, what is Russia’s role? CrossTalking with Rim Turkmani, Roy Gutman and Josef Olmert.

moonofalabama.org – Syria: The New Coalition For Further Destruction

Last week the Syrian National Council elected a Christian, George Sabra, as its leader to somewhat disguise that it is still under control of the Muslim Brotherhood.
[T]he Brotherhood secured 23 seats out of 41 seats for the general secretariat of the Syrian National Council.
The new SNC leader called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict – not:
”We need only one thing to support our right to survive and to protect ourselves: We need weapons, we need weapons,” Sabra told reporters after the vote.

A some point Israel and the U.S. may fear that more destruction would lead to too much chaos. At that point they may stop their support for the insurgency. let it die on the battlefield and negotiate with Assad.

Tony Cartalucci – West Conjures Fake ”Syrian” Government, Smokescreen meant to cover open-backing of foreign Al Qaeda terrorists inside Syria, while panicking & disrupting Syrian unity

Human rights watchdogs urge Syria’s opposition coalition to stop rebel violence

International human rights organizations have called on Syria’s newly formed opposition coalition to put an end to human rights violations carried out by rebels in the war-torn country and punish those guilty of these crimes, Iran’s Al Ayam TV channel has said on its website.
A statement by Human Rights Watch has urged to send a clear message to rebel fighters that they must abide by the human rights laws and rules of modern warfare and punish militants who fail to do so.
Amnesty International, another human rights watchdog, has joined in the call to stop violence carried out by Syrian militant groupings.
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