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Press TV – Syrian officials, opposition to meet in Tehran next week – Inte den västtillsatta ”oppositionen” då utan den verkliga inhemska, får man förmoda, eller?

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says Tehran is to host a meeting between Syrian government and opposition groups next week.
The meeting will bring together representatives of various Syrian ethnicities, political groups, minorities, the opposition, and the state officials, Amir-Abdollahian said on Tuesday.

Press TV – Newly-formed Syrian opposition bloc calls for ‘specialized weapons’

The leader of the newly-formed Syrian opposition bloc, known as the National Coalition, has called on world powers to arm insurgents with ”specialized weapons”

Russia Today – France recognizes Syrian opposition coalition

France is the first of the European countries to fully recognize the Syrian opposition coalition as the ”sole legitimate representative” of the Syrian people. Meanwhile the US calls it “a legitimate representative” but is yet to fully recognize it.

Car bomb hits Damascus suburb, several injured

A car bomb explosion has hit the western Damascus suburb of Ein al-Fijeh, injuring several people, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.
It was not immediately clear how many people were injured in the blast on Tuesday. The news agency only said that the victims were all civilians and that the explosion led to huge material damage.

Den syriska regeringens syn på krisen i Syrien – Syrian Ministry of Information – Official Communiqué – November 2012 – kan laddas ner som pdf – http://nsnbc.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/ministry-of-information-syrian-arab-republic.pdf

The Ministry of Information of the Syrian Arab Republic has issued an official communiqé about the crisis in Syria as it is perceived by the Syrian government.

Ken Stone – Waging an Illegal US-NATO Led War on Syria with the Endorsement of “International Criminal Law”

On November 9, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) conducted an interview with Luis Moreno-Ocampo, former chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC).1 During the interview, Ocampo called for the ICC to prepare an indictment against President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria and for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to issue a warrant for his arrest. The warrant, he added, should be enforced by sending NATO troops, including Canadian forces, to Syria or “bombing to arrest him.”

This is not the first time that Mr. Ocampo has played the role of front man for the US empire. In fact, in every instance during the last nine years when the ICC, under his leadership, became involved with political leaders, the leaders indicted were always African and at odds with the foreign policy goals of the USA.


The only solution to fight terrorism in Syria and prevent its transformation into a pit for the exportation of such terrorism towards its regional surrounding and the West, would be through cooperation with the Syrian national state and the support of its plans to regain full control over all the Syrian territories. This is the approach adopted by Russia and China in their talks with the West in regard to the ways to exit the predicament, and this is the principle that will eventually prevail.

Syria: Clear Evidence of Attacks from Turkey

Turkey’s Erdogan regime is complaining for some days about the fact that units of the Syrian Arab army conduct some anti-terror operations in Syrian villages who are near the border to Turkey, and thereby also houses on the Turkish side of the border are affected, for example, that ricochet shots hit them or that windows do burst due to pressure waves.

What both the Turkish government and NATO boss Rasmussen are concealing is the fact that the attacks emanate from Turkey.
Not only it is the fact that the under the self-designation as “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) operating anti-Syrian terrorists are trained and armed in Turkey, but also their attacks on Syrian towns along the Syrian-Turkish border, which call currently for the Syrian anti-terrorist operations there, are directly carried out from Turkish territory. There is very clear evidence for this.

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Turkish government key player of anti-Syria scenario
The Turkish government has been a key player in the foreign-backed countries’ scenario against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad not only by handing over all its borders to the so called Free Syrian army but also by contributing to the funding, providing of weapons and security to the insurgent groups inside Turkey borders.

The Turkish government has never admitted to having weapons in the camp rather they say the camps are being used for humanitarian reasons, that may be true for a portion of the 120,000 some civilians caught in the cross fire, between Syrian government forces and rebel insurgents, but a large portion of the people living in the camp aren’t even Syrian nationals.

Russia says Syria unrest must be resolved without outside intervention

När jag igår skrev om ”generaler lojala mot Cameron-regimen” så var det ju för att visa på hur västmedierna på sitt sluga och manipulerande sätt beskriver militären i ett land vars ledning deras uppdragsgivare inte upplever som tillräckligt underdåniga, som Syrien (ett annat exempel, varför talar man inte om Assad-administrationen och Obama-regimen?). Inte kunde jag tro att generaler i Storbritannien som INTE är trogna Cameron-regimen så öppet och så snart skulle göra sig hörda!
english.ruvr.ru – Cameron: “Invade Syria!” / General: “You and whose army?”

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Prime Minister David Cameron is on collision course with his own military commanders over war-torn Syria.
He had ordered chiefs to draw up a raft of military options – including establishing “safe zones” to protect civilians. But he faces a major battle because top brass are dead set against the idea.
A military source said: “When one Brigadier heard the news Cameron wanted an armed solution his
response was, ‘you and whose Army?’”
The source added: “They don’t want to get embroiled in another war when they’re already stretched beyond capacity.”
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond and Foreign Secretary William Hague are also thought to oppose military intervention.
They say Syria is a totally different prospect to Libya because Bashar al-Assad has formidable armed forces and backing.
But Mr Cameron – fresh back from a tour of Syrian refugee camps – is desperate to end the bloodshed.
General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff, admitted yesterday it “was not impossible” troops would be sent.

Intervju med Christoph Hörstel, från syrianews.cc

Question: Would the war have lasted for so long without the foreign support? So which interests have the Western countries, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in the continuation of the struggle?
Christoph Hörstel: Of course, we are at a turning point. I do say it again, those armed clashes there would have never happened without the foreign interference. That’s not a question in my view and from my information base. Also anybody, who has taken note of this information, is in no position to deny it.
We have to say it very clearly, that it lasts so long is due to the massive attack situation from the outside, and involved are mainly, in first place Turkey, but also in particular Saudi Arabia and Qatar; Qatar, especially, is deeper involved than Saudi Arabia.
This kind of an open support with weapons, with money, with teams and also the logistical support from Libya with Fighters that have been used there to overthrow the regime of Gaddafi is like a traveling circus of collapse and destruction of a state. That’s something grotesque. It is done by abroad and the question is, why is it even continued?

The problem with this is that all of this takes place without that Syria, or Iran, or Russia, do not use it in regard that all the Western populations are more than war weary, that the people in the West are sick of these things, of such large-scale wholesale operations and the artificial murdering of people without a real revolution in the background, and would like nothing better than to stand up against their governments.
But they lack, however, a lot of background information and there is a lack of support for it. It becomes less and less clear why Damascus, Tehran and Moscow does not do more to support the resistant population here, and I am simply talking about majorities here, to support them in their efforts against war. That would be easy and cheap, much cheaper than any of their military efforts.
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