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Är en uppgörelse på gång mellan USA och Ryssland om förhandlingar om ett slut på striderna? 2 källor som menar det!!
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Syria : Russian – American agreement to form a substitute for the SNC
November 12, 2012
Al-Hayat Newspaper in London revealed that Washington and Moscow have settled on an agreement to find a political solution in Syria.
The newspaper quoted a Syrian source saying, “The solution has three main points that aim to approving the entry of Peace forces in Syria”.
The Russian American agreement included forming a substitute for the Syrian National Council (SNC) and negotiate with the Syrian regime, under no conditions of toppling the Syrian government.

Mohyeddin Sajedi – Uncertainty looms large over Syria future

However, the US mistakes go on. Informed sources in Qatar have said that the Doha Accord would not have been adopted had the US not exerted pressure and Qatar had not threatened to divulge sleaze by some members of Syrian National Council. In other words, the US pressures have converged divergent segments in the Syrian opposition. If one day this pressure is relieved, divergence between opposition groups would mean nothing but a new civil war in Syria

The more interesting point is that the Syrian National Coalition does not even provide enough guarantees to its own members. During the Doha meeting, former leader of Syrian National Council Abdelbasset Syeda admitted that he had attended under pressure by some governments to bow to negotiation with the Syrian government. After the formation of the coalition, an upset opposition leader was quoted as saying that Moscow and Washington have agreed on the following three points:
– Deployment of peacekeeping forces in Syria as suggested by Brahimi
– Appointment of a new leadership for the opposition as happened in Qatar
– Agreeing to talk with the Syrian government without any guarantee for the removal or resignation of al-Assad

english.ruvr.ru – Russia turns down Syrian opposition ‘s ultimatum

Moscow considers unacceptable all ultimatums of the armed Syrian opposition concerning Russia’s position on Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich has announced.
In his statement posted on the Russian Foreign Ministry website on Monday, the diplomat stresses that the future of Syria should not depend on those who stake on the use of force and terrorism.
An ultimatum of the so-called Military Council of the Free Syrian Army of Damascus and Its Environs was circulated on Sunday. It demands that all foreign diplomatic missions and the staff of foreign companies should leave Syria within 72 hours.

http://www.almanar.com.lb4000 FSA Militiamen Attack Damascus: Minorities, Palestinians Among Them

The upsurge of violence in Syria since the last week seems more and more to be an attempt to surround the Syrian capital from different axes. Three days later, it proved to be a failure.
However, by bombed-car attacks, explosives and shelling on certain neighborhoods of the capital and its province, it mercilessly claimed the lives of dozens of women and children.

To explain what was going on, the Syrian Al-Watan newspaper mentioned that a security source stated that Security Forces confronted an attack against the Syrian capital waged by 4000 men.
”The armed groups tried to take control of a number of the neighborhoods in Damascus from different directions, such as Kfar Sousa, Al-Yarmouk Camp, Tadamon, and Joubar, reaching Harasta,” the newspaper stated.
According to this source, every group is formed of 100 or 150 militiamen. Last Tuesday, the Syrian army killed 120 militants.

Från facebook, fler avrättningar av utvalda personer…

Syria, Homs / An armed terrorist group on Monday assassinated Head of Hasya Industrial Zone in Homs, Khaled Saad Izz Eddin, and engineer Yousef Tlas along with their driver. A source in the province told that the terrorists opened fire on Izz Eddin’s car near Qadesh Gas Station on Homs-Damascus road.

Press TV’s News Analysis program has conducted an interview with Isa Chaer, a member of the Syrian Social Club from London, Michael Burns, political and military analyst from New York and Jihad Mouracadeh, political analyst from Beirut.

slut på uppdateringen _____________

Vad betyder de här nya hotfulla uttalandena om direkt militär inblandning i Syrien från generaler lojala mot Cameron-regimen i Storbritannien? Och vad är det för ondskefulla planer man har eftersom man tror att situationen i Syrien kommer att bli värre i vinter?
Varför är den nya av USA tillsatta oppositionsorganisationen så noga att påpeka att man inte vill förhandla med regeringen?

Britain could intervene in Syria within months – top UK general

The UK’s most senior general said on a BBC interview Sunday that Britain had in place contingency plans for a “very limited” response in the case of a worsening humanitarian situation in Syria within the next few months.
The admission from Chief of the Defense Staff General Sir David Richards is the most serious warning yet that Britain is preparing for some kind of military involvement in Syria.
It seems that British policy has now shifted from trying to support and organize the disparate rebel groups to considering full-blown military action.
“The situation this winter I think may deteriorate and may well provoke calls to intervene in a limited way,” General Richards told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Russia says Syrian opposition should seek dialogue

Russia said a new Syrian opposition coalition, formed at the weekend to oust President Bashar al-Assad, should seek an end to the Syrian crisis through negotiation and reject outside interference.
The Foreign Ministry said Russia’s ”main criterion … remains the readiness of such alliances to act on the platform of a peaceful resolution of the conflict by Syrians themselves, without external interference, through dialogue and negotiations.”

Another implication in favor of Britain’s consideration of tough actions, aimed at preventing the crisis in Syria from spilling into neighboring areas, is the fact that Britain’s PM David Cameron has repeatedly called for an end to the 2011 European Union trade embargo that would make it possible to send weapons directly to the Syrian opposition forces.

Terroristerna som med stöd från utländska regimer härjar i Syrien utser utvalda personer som ger regeringen sitt stöd, som mål för avrättning!

FULL INTERVIEW: This is why they killed Syrian-Palestinian actor Mohamad Rafea

presstv.ir – UK, US plot Syrian Kurds revolt

The report said the new moves by Washington and London follow the Syrian army’s victories over the foreign-sponsored insurgents in Syria, adding that the plot aims to “open a new front against [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad.”
The conspiracy led by the UK spy agency, MI6, and the US intelligence officials has become possible through Iraqi Kurd leaders who have acted as go-betweens, the report adds.
London and Washington have promised financial and military support to the Syrian Kurds if they agree to fight the Syrian army.

Japan har tydligen fått påtryckningar från ondskans axelmakter att hysa ett anti-Syrienmöte – Delegates from 60 countries expected at Tokyo Syria conference

The Japanese government says around 150 delegates from some 60 countries are expected to attend an international conference in Tokyo this month aimed at pressuring the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
It will bring together senior government officials from “Friends of Syria Group” countries supporting the Syrian opposition and seeking to ratchet up pressure on the Assad regime, a foreign ministry official said.

Turks in Antakya discontent with presence of Syria insurgents

Residents of Turkey’s southern city of Antakya near the Syrian border have expressed anger at the government for allowing the insurgents in Syria to freely travel in the city, Press TV reports.
The Antakya residents demanded that Ankara take necessary measures to deal with the issue of the presence of the insurgents in the city, located in Hatay province.
“Among the Syrian refugees living in Turkey there are terrorists too. They are mostly here to get weapons. We love Syrians and wish the conflict to come to an end soon,” an Antakya resident told Press TV.
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