10 nov


Mer tal och spekulationer om att någon sorts uppgörelse med de som står bakom fientligheterna mot Syrien kan vara att vänta. Under tiden fortsätter ohyggligheterna, bilbomber och sanslöst dödande.

Syria crisis: Geneva meeting versus Doha meeting
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi in the Egyptian capital city Cairo where he stressed on a Russian-backed plan world powers agreed upon back in June in Geneva. Lavrov stressed the need to ”convince the Syrian parties to cease fire and sit down for negotiations in accordance with the Geneva agreement.

The President of the Arab Lawyers Association, Sabah says Western effort to create a revolution from outside have failed.

Russia Today – New SNC leader wants international aid without conditions, FSA says Assad ‘doomed’

The newly elected leader of the Syrian National Council (SNC) said that the international community should aid the opposition with no preconditions. Meanwhile, a representative of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) told RT that Assad is ‘doomed.’
George Sabra, who was elected the SNC’s new leader on Friday night, said he is disappointed that their foreign backers have not provided the opposition with the hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and weapons it desperately needs.

english.farsnews.com – Lebanese Report: Clinton, Petraeus Victims of US Failure in Syria

The report was released while Clinton has said she would not serve in a second administration of US President Barack Obama and Petraeus declared his resignation on Friday.
The US failure in Syria and its need to an approach to get out of the Syrian crisis which is becoming another quagmire for Washington’s hawkish foreign policy, similar to Iraq and Afghanistan, is due to the tragic results of the Syrian crisis on the US policy, the Arabic Al-Sharq al-Jadid news agency reported on Saturday.
Clinton and Petraeus were leading the unrests against the Syrian government over the last two years, the report said, and added Clinton led the political and diplomatic front at the UN, united hostile countries against Syria and set up many regional and international gatherings to fuel terrorism and killings and provided backups for rebel groups in Syria.
Petraeus, a senior Pentagon general, devised the strategy of fighting against the Syrian government after the US failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, set up operation rooms and sent officers to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to mobilize intelligence systems of these countries, the report said.

presstv.ir – Qatar, Israel discuss plans to assassinate Syrian president: Report

A Lebanese newspaper has disclosed that Qatar and Israel have held a secret meeting to review plans to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


slut på uppdateringen __________

Press TV talar om många civila som dödats av en bilbomb, medan Voice of Russia säger dussintals säkerhetstrupper.
presstv.ir – Several Syrian civilians killed in Dara’a car bomb blasts
english.ruvr.ru – Car bombs kill Syrian security forces in Deraa

Press TV på besök vid en gränsövergång mellan Turkiet och Syrien som kontrolleras av ”rebeller” – Insurgents smuggle arms into Syria through Turkey

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