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presstv.ir – Three explosions hit Damascus suburb of Qudsaya, killing 10

At least ten Syrian civilians have been killed after three explosions hit al-Worod neighborhood in the western Damascus suburb of Qudsaya, SANA reports.
Scores of others were also injured in the explosions caused by two booby trapped vehicles and an explosive device on Tuesday. Some of the injured are reported to be in critical condition.

presstv.ir – Russian FM says Syria insurgents have 50 Stinger missiles

”Those who are supplying arms to the opposition are delivering systems that are not intended for defense. There is confirmed information that on Syrian territory there are over 50 Stingers,” Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted Lavrov as saying.

Syria Pledges No Use of Chemical Weapons – Russia

The Syrian authorities have assured Moscow that there will be no use of chemical weapons against rebel forces, Russia’s foreign minister said on Tuesday.
“I rule out the use by the [Syrian] regime of chemical weapons,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists. “We have received the appropriate assurances.”
Lavrov said Russia had also asked Syria to make a similar pledge to Western powers.

Walter Sebastian and Jay Lee Walker – Syrian groups meet in Qatar which is supporting terrorism, sectarianism and sedition against Syria

Therefore, in Doha you have many Syrian opposition groups happily visiting a nation which is funding so much carnage against Syria. Also, from a distance you have America, France and the United Kingdom meddling. Maybe, these Syrian opposition groups really believe that these forces helped the people of Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq? If so, then once more they must have their eyes closed because the reality is more terrorism, failed nation states, sectarianism and decreasing rights for women.
It is known that people like Riad Seif and others are being groomed by America and other nations, depending on the respective individual. Once more it is outside meddling which is intent on dictating to Syrians.
If the government of Bashar al-Assad falls, it will fall because so many nations have supported terrorism, sectarianism, sedition and other brutal methods. Clearly, the carnage in Syria belongs to outside nations and terrorist organizations which care nothing about this nation. The mass media can re-write events like usual but clearly the Assad government continues to survive because of internal factors. Despite this, the nations of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are still funding and enabling terrorists, mercenaries, covert operatives and the flow of arms to enter Syria.
Instead of Syrian opposition groups dealing with nations which are supporting the destruction of Syria; they should focus on internal mechanisms outside of wanton violence and sectarianism. Indeed, the people of Syria need protecting from the axis of evil in Ankara, Doha and Riyadh…

Bill Van Auken – US-backed Syrian “Rebels” in Disarray

Lizzie Phelan – Mohamad Rafea, the martyr for Syria’s unity

slut på uppdateringen ____________

US changing scheme to topple Assad: Hisham Jaber

Russia pushes for a return of UN observers to Syria

Russia stands for a return of UN observers to Syria, and in greater numbers.
This came in a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov following his talks with his Jordanian counterpart, Nasser Judeh, in Amman earlier today.
The bloodshed in Syria should be ended to save people’s lives, Lavrov said. He added that Russia would never share the idea of that Bashar al-Assad should step down, or reconsider the Geneva agreements of June 30th .

Reshuffle of Syria opposition will not fix US failures: Analyst, interview with James Jatras, former US Senate foreign policy advisor, Washington

I do not think that this so-called broadening or shaking up these groups in a bag and dumping them out in a somewhat different formation will change this failure from what it has been up till now

Mohyeddin Sajedi – Syrian National Council removal: US coup d’état in Syrian opposition

Brother of Syria’s parliament speaker killed near Damascus

Syrian rebels assassinated Mohammed Osama Laham in Damascus neighbourhood Midan on Monday night.

Från igår – Violence at high level in Damascus

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