4 nov


Stephen Gowans – Will Damascus Survive Washington’s Latest Attempt to Impose a Puppet Government on Syria?

For weeks now, Robert Ford, the former US ambassador to Syria, has been putting together a plan to anoint a new US-approved government-in-the-wings. The initiative is known as the “Riad Seif plan” (7) named after a wealthy Damascus businessman and former Syrian parliamentarian who has long played an active role in the opposition to the Asad government.

We needn’t tarry long on debunking the naive belief that Washington’s intervention in Syrian affairs has the slightest connection to promoting democracy. If democracy promotion motivated US foreign policy, absolutist monarchies with execrable records of human rights abridgements and violent repression of popular uprisings against their dictatorial rule would not make up the bulk of the United States’ Arab allies. The last thing the wealthy investors, bankers and corporate heavyweights who make up the US ruling class want is democracy, either at home or aboard. They want its polar opposite—plutocracy, rule by people of wealth in the interests of piling up more wealth through the exploitation of the labor of other people and the land, resources and markets of other countries.

Weakening Iran, Syria’s ally, may be one of Washington’s objectives in trying to orchestrate Asad’s ouster, but not because Iran may acquire nuclear power status and therefore threaten Israel (which it could hardly do anyway considering that it’s severely outclassed militarily (14)), but because, like Syria, it zealously safeguards its economic territory from the US plutocracy’s designs, allowing the state to dominate its economy and protect its domestic enterprises, land and resources from outside domination. The real reason the US plutocracy wants to topple the Syrian and Iranian governments is because they’re bad for the plutocracy’s business interests. Democracy, existential threats to Israel, and nuclear non-proliferation, have nothing to do with it.

Gowans nämner inget om det som jag tror är det mest sannolika syftet med den nya sammansättningen av den opposition som USA ger sitt godkännande och som man förväntas presentera under ett möte i Doha de närmaste dagarna. Att utse representanter som USA/väst kan kontrollera bättre vid de förhandlingar om ett slut på striderna i Syrien som Thierry Meyssan pratar om i artikeln som det länkas till i inlägget 1 nov nedan. Men, Moufid Jaber i videon längst ner i dagens inlägg låter som att han läst Meyssan, eller hört samma uppgifter från annat håll!

See, in order for the truce to actually take place or to be effective there must be an international agreement. It is not something that can be decided on a national level. There must be guarantees on part of Russia for instance, on those backing the Syrian government that they would pressure the Syrian government into abiding by the ceasefire and also should happen on the part of the US and the parties that are supporting the armed resistance in Syria.

france24.com – Extortion, sectarianism rife in northern Syria

Webster Tarpley – Erdogan folly was being conned by Obama

En känd skådespelare i Syrien som tydligt visat sitt stöd (här i ett videoklipp från januari 2012) för landets ledning har mördats av väpnade gäng! – Terrorists Assassinate Actor Mohammad Rafei in Damascus, BASP Member in Raqqa

slut på uppdateringen __________

presstv.ir – Insurgents kill 30 Syrian civilians in Idlib

Foreign-backed insurgents have killed at least 30 Syrian civilians in Harem area in the northwestern province of Idlib.

sana.sy – Terrorist Blast near Federation of Trade Unions, Injuring Eleven Persons, Causing Huge Material Damage

presstv.ir – Insurgents occupy homes in Aleppo for sniper attacks on Syrian forces

The foreign-sponsored insurgents in Syria use the homes of ordinary people in the flashpoint city of Aleppo to carry out sniper attacks on Syrian security forces, Press TV reports.
The insurgents force the residents out of their homes and use the seized houses to target the Syrian soldiers.

Artikeln ovan, om att de väpnade gängen belägrar vanliga människors lägenheter och därifrån skjuter mot armésoldater, borde mannen från Beirut i videon nedan, Jihad Markada, och andra med samma uppfattning titta närmare på innan han pratar om att armén skjuter mot civila!

War on Syria: A New Plan?
”US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that the Syrian National Council ”can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition” and a new opposition should be formed.
This is as the UN Human Rights body has reacted to the video of posted on the web that shows insurgents in Syria executing soldiers, saying the video probably shows ”war crimes.” On Thursday, video footage circulated the web showing foreign-backed insurgents killing Syrian soldiers execution-style at a checkpoint in the crisis-hit country. The insurgents beat about 10 soldiers before executing them with automatic rifles.
So why would the US now be concerned about this when they have been supporting these extremists in the first place?
Press TV’s News Analysis has conducted an interview with Danny Makki, the co-founder of the Syrian Youth in Britain, from London, Richard Becker of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, from San Francisco, and Jihad Markada, a political commentator from Beirut to further discuss the issue.”

sana.sy – Syrian Students and Communities Abroad Are Mainstay of Confrontation

The Syrian students in those countries expressed rejection of all forms of foreign interference in the internal affairs of their homeland and their support to the reforms commenced by the Syrian leadership.

Middle East Today från Press TV, 2 nov.

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