25 okt

Det är så här den syriska regeringen sagt om den vapenvila som Brahimi föreslagit – Syria announces Eid ceasefire, reserves right to respond attacks

Syria’s General Command of Army has announced nationwide truce for Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holidays, though warning that it ‘reserves right’ to respond if insurgents don’t respect the ceasefire.
The General Command said on Thursday it would also respond to ”terrorist groups trying to reinforce their positions by arming themselves and getting reinforcements” as well as neighboring countries facilitating the smuggling of fighters across borders during that period.

Orthodox Priest Kidnapped and Executed by US-NATO Sponsored Rebels

The body of the greek orthodox priest Fr. Fadi Jamil Haddad, pastor of the church of St. Elias in Qatana, was found today in the Jaramana neighborhood (north of Damascus) not far from the place where he was kidnapped, on October 19, by unidentified armed group

US involved in supplying air defense systems to Syrian insurgents – Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry, while not directly blaming the United States for supplying the Syrian insurgency, strongly suggested that it was involved in the logistics of the supplies.
­”True, the United States is not supplying portable anti-aircraft rockets to Syrian militants,” remarked ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich in comments that appeared on the Foreign Ministry’s website on Thursday. “But it is no secret that Washington is well-informed about the supplies of various types of weapons to illegal militant formations now operating in Syria,” he noted.
No country has confirmed the delivery of man-portable air defense systems to Syrian insurgents, but Russia is insisting on an explanation, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin told reporters in New York earlier.
”We had spoken to those who might have made such deliveries,” Churkin said. “They assured us they were (not responsible) for these activities.”

sana.sy – 60,000 Electrical Detonators, Weapons Seized in Homs

Authorities on Wednesday evening seized 60,000 electrical detonators hidden inside spare tires of a truck in Hassia area in Homs.
An official source told SANA reporter that the truck was coming from al-Jarajir village in Damascus Countryside and heading towards Manbij city in Aleppo.
The source pointed out that the detonators are used in making explosive devices.

sana.sy – Syria Demands That UNSC, UN General Secretariat and UNHRC Condemn Crimes of Terrorist Groups and Hold Them to Account

The Ministry stressed in its letters that the armed terrorist groups and their supporters are continuing the shedding of the Syrian blood in contradiction with all human values and at a by now known timing ahead of sessions held by the UNSC to discuss the situation in Syria.
Highlighting in this context the massacre committed earlier on the day in the city of Douma in Damascus Countryside, the Ministry clarified that an armed terrorist group known as ‘Liwa al-Islam’, which is led by a salafi leader called Zahran Alloush, committed ”a horrible massacre” in which Syria lost 25 martyrs, including children, women and elderly people.

Turkey Seeking to Set up Military Training Camp for Syrian Rebels in Yemen

The Turkish government asked Yemen to set up a military base for training Syrian terrorists and rebels, sources close to the Ankara government revealed on Wednesday.
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