23 okt

US seeks Afghanistan, Soviet -type war in Syria’, Interview with Ali Al-Ahmed, director, IGA, from Chicago

Press TV: As Lakhdar Brahimi travels around for peace, why isn’t the focus on those countries that are fueling this insurgency and waging this proxy war?
Al-Ahmed: Lakhdar Brahimi and Kofi Annan before him really have no power to enforce or to speak impartially because they are appointed by an institution that is itself is supporting the insurgency.
You are really talking about people who do not count. Their statement only counts for media purposes. But in reality, they have no place, they have no influence.
The reality is you have international intelligence services that are involved heavily – the Saudis, the Qataris, the Americans, the Turks, and others – in this situation. These are the people who make a difference, not Lakhdar Brahimi or the United Nations.
Press TV: With so much evidence and even open admission by the rebels themselves, we’re not going to see these countries involved being called to question on the international arena even though they’re violating international law by directly working toward regime change in Syria?
Al-Ahmed: Well, you will not hear that. It was shocking that the Syrian government did not bring this up openly and clearly with exception of a few times in the United Nations.
I think this is something that is really a situation where there is a lot of talk but nobody is addressing the real issue which is the involvement of several countries in fomenting the conflict within Syria, and leading to the death and injury of thousands of people. It’s an unfortunate situation but we are seeing international hypocrisy at work here.

Det som Al-Ahmed efterfrågar och som man kan hålla med om, att det talas klarspråk om vem det är som ligger bakom de väpnade gängen och terroristerna i Syrien fick vi dock prov på tidigare idag. Jag reagerade på en ny ton och mer klarspråk. Kanske har att göra med att Syrien just lämnat en lista till FN med 108 exempel på utlänningar bland de som strider mot regeringen.

sana.sy – Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Calls for Dealing Seriously with the French Role in Hindering Halt of Terrorism in Syria

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry called on the international community, particularly the Security Council, to deal with complete seriousness with the French role which is hindering the halting of violence and terrorism in Syria and encouraging terrorists to carry on with their massacres against the innocent civilians, including the terrorist attacks, the latest of which took place last Sunday in Bab Touma Square in Damascus claiming the lives of 13 Syrian citizens, mostly women and children.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry emphasized that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic has tried to be calm while confronting this French interference in its internal affairs.
This interference, the Ministry said, ”was represented in daily repeated statements by the French Presidency and Foreign Ministry that carried nothing but hatred, lying and falsification regarding the events taking place in the Syrian arena.”

Syria and Iran: Exposing the Lies and Disinformation – Från mötet om Iran och Syrien i New York den 20:e okt. Flera talare bl.a. Lizzy Phelan, Ramsey Clark inleder.

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